Written by Joseph Ovette

Work of Joseph Ovette

32 pages (Stapled), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Thomas M. Libonati.
Language: English

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Unknown The Great Ovette biography, added in reprint 3
Joseph Ovette A Novel Opening Number doves and rabbit produced from two bowls on two tables, with handkerchiefs 4
Joseph Ovette The Waterless Tube water in can changes to ribbon streamers, then baby chicken appear 6
Joseph Ovette Magic Bunny Rings three wooden rings are stacked and covered with a tray, rabbit appears 9
Joseph Ovette The Oriental Bead Rack Abacus to force a color, two rows 10
Joseph Ovette The Oriental Tube confetti in tube changes to a rabbit 12
Joseph Ovette Stack of Fish Bowls production, three bowls on small table under cover of handkerchief 14
Joseph Ovette Bunny Production Box 16
Joseph Ovette The Traveling Silks silks travel from one paper bag to another held by spectator 17
Joseph Ovette On Again Off Again silks tied on ribbon, named color falls on floor, then all vanish from a tube and are produced again, as a climax all knotted silks fall 20
Joseph Ovette Bird and Cage bird vanishes from newspaper and appears in cage in previously empty box, flip over box variation 23
Joseph Ovette The Vanishing Lamp lamp on table, with assistant 25
Joseph Ovette Bird and Cage Illusion transposition of two different colored birds, frames and cages, using bags and silks 27
Joseph Ovette Candle and Fan candle under silk changes into fan, which vanished in performer's hands 29