Written by Gary Ouellet

Work of Meir Yedid

136 pages (Hardcover), published by Camirand Academy of Magic
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Guy Camirand Publisher's Foreword 9
Meir Yedid Preface 11
Gary Ouellet The Magic of Meir Yedid about the content of the book 14
Meir Yedid Compucard card apparently computer, selection is foundRelated to 21
Meir Yedid The Card Control convincing control variation 22
Meir Yedid The Meir Mix also as transfer cutVariations 27
Meir Yedid The Meir Glimpse while doing the Meir Mix 33
Meir Yedid The Card Sorter packets are pushed through deck several times 34
Unknown Returning the Card to the Bottom double undercut 44
Meir Yedid, Paul LePaul There It Is Variation double card and unload, as a changeInspired by 48
Meir Yedid Slingshot Snap Out bottom card shoots outAlso published here 51
Meir Yedid The Invisible Poker Hand invisible poker hand is dealt, which suddenly appears, with Slingshot Snap OutRelated toAlso published here 60
Meir Yedid Flight of the Card shooting card over spectator's head with Slingshot Snap Out 65
Meir Yedid Center Snap card pops out from middle of the deck 66
Meir Yedid Make it Snappy! four reversed Aces lost in the deck, four times deck is cut and an Ace flies out, uses Slingshot Snap Out 68
Meir Yedid Free & Unlimited Cardage of Pasteboards loading card under object with Slingshot Snap Out 71
Meir Yedid Birds of a Feather three Aces turn into cards with same value as selection, except Ace with same suit, selection found reversed in the deck 74
Meir Yedid Culling Four Cards while going through the deck to remove Aces 74
Edward Marlo ATFUS 76
Frederick Braue Double Cut Reverse 81
Meir Yedid Signa-Fusion signed back and signed front of two cards 86
Meir Yedid The Top Change 87
Dai Vernon One Hand Slip Force 90
Meir Yedid The Pendulum Control - control to the bottom
- to lap a card
Gary Ouellet, Meir Yedid, Guy Camirand, Paul Belanger Fused Thoughts ideas for Signa-Fusion 97
Meir Yedid Royal Takeover three selected cards turn out to be Aces, they change into Royal Flush 100
Meir Yedid Perpetual Force Variation see Zarrow's Christ Force handlingInspired by 100
Vincent Sabatino Clean Radical Change Inspired by 104
Meir Yedid Calculated Miracle card to plastic wallet of pocket calculator 110
Meir Yedid The Pressure Fan Cop 111
Meir Yedid Ghostwriter performer writes on invisible typewriter, sound can be heard, paper with message appears 116
Joe Safuto, Meir Yedid The Travelling Thumb thumb penetrates table, with ring as proof 124
John Bentz Thumb Switch ring is switched on other thumb 125
Joe Safuto, Meir Yedid Thumb Through the Table glass through table, then thumb through table, seen in reversed glass on table 128
Meir Yedid Glass Through the Table Inspired by 129