Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of Ron Wilson

160 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

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Johnny Thompson Foreword 9
John Booth The Scot's Life short introduction on Ron Wilson 10
Richard Kaufman Introduction - A Conversation with Ron Wilson interview, with details on opening tables with the color changing knife, Ultramental, The Chinese Sticks, The Multiplying Bottles 11
Ron Wilson The Vanishing Servante servante with elastic, between legs, hanging on backRelated toAlso published here 13
Ron Wilson The Highland Hop signed red selection travels into other half with black cardsVariationsAlso published here
  • "The Highland Hop" in "Genii" May, 1968
Ron Wilson Swing Cut Unload while doing a swing cut, cards are loaded secretly on cards on tableRelated toVariations 22
Ron Wilson First Magic Shows Dante, Goldin... 24
Ron Wilson Way Out of this World spectator shuffles, mistakes are predicted 25
Ron Wilson Red/Black Shuffles spectator riffle and overhand shuffles the cards, the deck ends up almost separated in red and black 25
Ron Wilson Ali Bey Story 28
Ron Wilson To Pay the Price performer switches cards with spectators, yet is left with royal flush, uses four jokersRelated to
  • "The Talisman" No. 47, 1971.
Ron Wilson Silent Act and Color Changing Silk performing the color changing silk on black and white TV 30
Ron Wilson Memphis Marvel cards are shuffled face up into face down, spectator selects three cards and puts them in pocket, he selects one and performer divines the card, next card is predictedAlso published here
  • "Genii" July, 1969.
Ron Wilson Muhammed Ali Story 34
Ron Wilson Riffle-Up Lift riffled with left thumb, developed in the forties 34
Ron Wilson The Color-Changing Silk close-up and stage versionAlso published here 37
Ron Wilson Working in Harrah's Casino in Lake Tahoe performing for one person only 49
Ron Wilson Miracle Micro-Macro seatedAlso published here 50
Ron Wilson Surprise Guest Story on meeting Jonathan Winters at the party of Jacqueline Getty 57
Ron Wilson Whispering Queen with shuffled deck variations 58
Ron Wilson On Cary Grant 60
Ron Wilson The Scot's Card in Wallet in sealed envelope, variation of LePaul Wallet 61
Ron Wilson Just Look at a Card thought card from face up ribbon spread is divined 69
Ron Wilson A Vanishing Deck from case, case is tornAlso published here 72
Ron Wilson Teaching Card Tricks to Lindsay Wagner and playing a part in "The Bionic Woman" 77
Ron Wilson The Uncanny Chop Cup with cardboard coffee cup, glass and handkerchief, drink appears as final load 78
Ron Wilson On Robert Lansing and Slydini, Mike Skinner, Dai Vernon 85
Ron Wilson Second Sight spectator spreads deck in his hand, choses card with different colored backVariationsAlso published here 86
Ron Wilson On Don Sutherland and performing the linking rings on a cruise ship 88
Ron Wilson Hoy's Legacy with five people 89
Ron Wilson A Hand to Remember memory presentation, card named of unseen handRelated to
  • "Genii" July, 1972 for different version by Ron Wilson
Also published here
Unknown Deck Switch with sportjacket, vest and Topit 92
Ron Wilson Psychic Bandleader piano player divines selected tunes, two methodsAlso published here 95
Ron Wilson On Steve Freeman and Don Wayne 96
Ron Wilson Confabulous! with LePaul walletVariations 99
Ron Wilson Al Koran's Ring Flight clever handling 104
Ron Wilson On Johnny Carson and Dick Cavett performing for them at the Castle 108
Ron Wilson Technicolor Ring Flight ring transforms into key 109
Ron Wilson On being "Off Camera" working for the show "Search" with Hugh O'Brian 110
Ron Wilson The Finger Rings that Link three rings, with a pencil 111
Ron Wilson Flight of the Phoenix finger ring appears around borrowed bill in nest of boxesAlso published here
  • in "Genii" April, 1977
Ron Wilson Corner Switch 123
Ron Wilson On Performing for Tom Snyder 127
Ron Wilson Double Restoration Rope with a loopRelated toAlso published here 128
Ron Wilson T.A.R.C.P. The Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper 130
Ron Wilson On Slydini 134
Ron Wilson Slow-Motion Newspaper Tear Related to 135
Ron Wilson On his First Show 158
Ron Wilson On John Ramsay 159