Written by Jerry Mentzer

Work of Jerry Mentzer

58 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Jerry Mentzer Introduction 1
Unknown Spectator finds your Card spectator deals cards and again in two piles, suit and value of top cards combine to performer's selection, re-deal forceRelated to 5
Unknown Two Card Reverse spectator and performer each chose selection from half the deck, they end up reversed, Rosini's Double Reverse 7
Unknown The Leaders 8
Unknown Comedy Five of Clubs Seven of Clubs cut off so that only five pips show 12
Unknown Ten-Twenty Force 13
Unknown Card Mix Up mixed face-up/face-down in bunches without riffle shuffle, at the end the card named by performer is only reversed card 14
Unknown Card in the Pocket - Version One palmed out and removed from pocket 17
Unknown Card in the Pocket - Version Two dummy card in pocket 18
Jerry Mentzer Locators and Tricks with Locator chapter intro 19
Unknown Bottom Card Locator simple key card location 21
Unknown Top and Bottom Card Locator two keys and the spectator can shuffle briefly 22
Unknown Betcha circus card trick 24
Unknown Think Stop key card 25
Jerry Mentzer Prearranged Decks chapter intro 29
Unknown Eight Kings 31
Unknown Si Stebbins 31
Unknown Pick a Card simple card divination with stack 33
Unknown Pick Several simple card divination with stack, several cards as a block from one spot 33
Unknown Other Uses - Prearranged Decks - Lie Detector
- Think Stop
- Gossiping Queen (whispering)
Unknown Mental Divination tear in top of case allows glimpse of bottom card of cased deckAlso published here 34
Unknown Ace - Two - Three 39
Unknown Spread Switch transfer second deal type 41
Unknown Stunning Production card penetrates case when cased deck is slapped out of hand, case with slit 44
Unknown The Burglars - First Version 47
Unknown Braue Addition Switch Handling with deck on table 48
Unknown The Burglars - Second Version 48
Unknown The Twenty One Card Trick 50
Unknown Card through Handkerchief 52
Unknown Pantomime Puzzler card in tpacket chosen, cards shown one by one, it vanished, reappears reversed in packetRelated to 57