Written by Michael Lam

Work of Michael Lam

40 pages (Paperback), published by unknown publisher
No illustrations.
Language: Chinese

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Michael Lam (Foreword) 2
Michael Lam 一切,从魔术开始。 (Everything begins with magic) 4
Michael Lam 偶遇魔术 (Stumbling upon magic) 8
Michael Lam 下马威 (Show It Off) Extension on the "springing cards behind the back" gag, cards apparently spring down and back up again 10
Michael Lam USD 变牌法 (USD Change) Color change as card is rubbed with thumbVariations 12
Unknown Lateral Palm Steal Stealing bottom card into Lateral PalmRelated to 12
Michael Lam USD 移形换影 (USD 2-Card-Monte) Two card transpositionInspired by 14
Michael Lam "实战"魔术有感 (Real Magic with feelings) 15
Michael Lam 极限催眠 (Ultimate Hypnotism) Four cards selected and lost. Packet of four random cards shown to each person, shown not to contain any of their cards. Packet then changes to all four selections 18
Derek Dingle No Lap Switch 19
Michael Lam 草泥马机率 (WTF Possibility) Tantalizer with deck in new deck order as finaleInspired by 21
Michael Lam 水和油《最终章》(Water & Oil Finale) Deck separates into two colors as finale for Oil and Water (red cards oil, black cards water), so red cards are on top of black cards. When the black cards are placed on top, the colors visually transpose, leaving the red cards on top 24
Michael Lam 表演现场 (Live Performance) 27
Michael Lam 第一滴血。。。 (The first drop of blood...) 28
Michael Lam 超感官力 (Supernatural Sense) Juan Tamariz Four of a Kind effect with Si Stebbins 30
Larry Jennings Larreverse 31
Michael Lam 超感官力 (Supernatural Sense) Jazz Version Impromptu way of doing Juan Tamariz's Four of a Kind 33
Michael Lam 交流 (Sessioning) 34
Michael Lam 如何变"好"魔术? (How do you perform "good" magic?) 36