Written by Stephen Minch, Tommy Wonder

Work of Tommy Wonder

342 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Kelly Lyles.
Language: English

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Eugene Burger Introduction vii
Tommy Wonder Prologue: The Encounter 1
Tommy Wonder Sit or Stand? 7
Tommy Wonder The Essence of Close-up - Be Interested in Your Audience
- The Terror of Comedy
- Inspiring Communication
Tommy Wonder A Table-Worker's Table Related to 16
Tommy Wonder Facing the Music - The Different Solutions
-- Working the Right Tables at the Right Time
-- Uncluttered Plots
-- Words Complement Actions
- When the Problem Persists
-- Voice Training
-- Electronic Amplification
-- Silent Close-up Magic
- Extreme Cases
Tommy Wonder Fifty Percent Lighter lighter to matchbox 26
Tommy Wonder Secondhand Drama 32
Tommy Wonder The Saving of a Cigarette 35
Tommy Wonder Amateurs vs. Pro - Time
- Audiences
Tommy Wonder Splitting the Profit splitting dollar bill in 2 that become 1 againRelated to 46
Tommy Wonder Approaching the Table - An Introduction
-- "Some Magic"
-- "Do You Like Magic Enough..."
-- An Uncomfortable Question
-- Monte Carlo
-- "Is This a Convenient Moment..."
- The Introduction
Tommy Wonder Toss and Turn one handed toss paddle move 59
Tommy Wonder Our Big Happy Family 61
Tommy Wonder Clear Through single sequenceRelated to 65
Tommy Wonder The Sensitivity of the Audience - The Blanket
- More About the Blanket
Tommy Wonder Through the Eye of the Needle more threads get in the eye of the needle than seemingly possible 72
Tommy Wonder When We Are Not Amused 76
Tommy Wonder, Paul LePaul, Edward Victor Winged Signatures "cards through newspaper" done with signed business cards and close-up mat, card to envelope climax 80
Tommy Wonder And Now a Brief Message four messages on all sides of two small slates appear, two flapsRelated to 86
Tommy Wonder Cups and Balls: A Private History - A Two-Cup Routine with Three Cups
- Loads
- Loading Techniques
Tommy Wonder, Bob Stencel Chop-Cup Load loading technique 94
Tommy Wonder, Peter Kane A Three-Cup Load loading sequence 98
Tommy Wonder Keep on Polishing - Impure Imagination
- Calculating
- The Hurdle of Reality
- Honing and Polishing
Tommy Wonder The Two-Cup Routine - Phase One: The Opening
- Phase Two: The Permeable Cups
- Phase Three: Twin Ascension
- Phase Four: Air Transport
- Phase Five: Sshuwit! Sshuwit!
- Phase Six: Two in the Hand, One in the Bush
- Phase Seven: No Room at the Inn
Tommy Wonder Applause 135
Tommy Wonder Recalcitrant box reappears around deck and changes place with cards
- Phase One: The Vanish of the Case
- Phase Two: The Case Returns
- Phase Three: The Transposition
- Phase Four: The Case Comes Back Again!
Tommy Wonder A Digression on Attitude 139
Tommy Wonder Conflict and Emotion - No Guarantee 151
Tommy Wonder The Snail's Progress static fan gets smaller visually and disappears 154
Tommy Wonder Colors Three and Through ring and rope routine, with color changing ring
- Phase One: The Ring Goes On
- Phase Two: The Ring Comes Off
- Phase Three: On Again
- Phase Four: From Orange to Blue
- Phase Five: From Blue to White
- Phase Six: Off Once More
- Phase Seven: One More Time
Tommy Wonder Commercial - What is "Commercial"? 174
Tommy Wonder Perpetual Motion continuous production 177
Tommy Wonder A Sequence with Balls shells & gaffs, multiplying, color changes
- Phase One: From Red to White
- Phase Two: A Midair Multiplication
- Phase Three: The Red Ball Makes an Appearance
- Phase Four: Red to White Repeated
- Phase Five: Vanish, Reproduction and...
Tommy Wonder The Big One giant ball production as climax 184
Tommy Wonder Shaking Them Off 187
Tommy Wonder Now That Was a Great Magician! - Location
- Conditions
- Confidence
- Costuming
Tommy Wonder The Tails Topit construction 197
Tommy Wonder The Belly Servante construction of body servante 200
Tommy Wonder Force and Its Disguise 203
Tommy Wonder On the Pendulum Holdout 206
Tommy Wonder The Frozen Lock addition to the Jack Miller Holdout 212
Tommy Wonder Utility Devices 218
Tommy Wonder High Roads and Long on creating magic 223
Tommy Wonder The Well-Tempered Birdcage very detailed description of contruction of cage and cloths
- The Cage-locking Mechanism
- Attachment
Tommy Wonder The Express Pull very detailed description of improved sleeve pull (e.g. for bird cage)
- The Sleeve Tunnel
- The Cord-stop
- The Reel Housing
- The Reel Strap
- The Cover Cuff
- Momentum Discovered
- After the Vanish
Tommy Wonder The Single-Action - Double-Action Pulley System - Sleeve Management 250
Tommy Wonder Thoughts in Mid-Air essay on the Zombie
- Presentation
- What is Levitation?
- The Routine
- The Acting
- The Test
- There's Nothing Wrong with Zombie
Tommy Wonder Animating a Zombie 260
Tommy Wonder A Recipe for Art - The Emperor's New Clothes Will Protect You 265
Tommy Wonder The Watch in Nest of Boxes "A Quest for Ideal"
- Method One
- Method Two
- Method Three
Related to 267
Tommy Wonder Too Perfect? - The Watch in Nest of Boxes
- Going On or Going Back
Tommy Wonder Epilogue: Impact - The Difference Between Belief and Conviction
- What is Needed for Conviction?
-- Hard Evidence
-- Softer Evidence
-- Soft Evidence
- Conclusion
- Unknown Ground
- The Wave of Conviction
- Another Tool
- Watch Out for the Wave
- Open or Covered