Written by Jon Racherbaumer

Work of Jon Racherbaumer

30 pages (Stapled), published by Magic Limited
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jon Racherbaumer A Few Remarks 1
Frederick Braue Counting On Triumph wrong card used to count to selectionAlso published here 3
Jon Racherbaumer Challenging Triumph Inspired by 5
Piet Forton Four Aces Go to Court four card change, one visibly with snap-over changeRelated to 6
Jon Racherbaumer Pointing Up A Departure card vanishes in sandwich, reappears reversed in deckAlso published here 7
Edward Marlo A Spectator Unwittingly Cuts to the Aces Also published here
  • 37th solution in The New Tops (March 1965)
Edward Marlo Almost Like Gaffed Cards Inspired by
  • Marlo's "K.B.V. Aces" (MUM, December 1959)
Also published here
Robert Walker, Jon Racherbaumer Fisting the Aces 11
Jon Racherbaumer, Edward Marlo Talismanic Card In Wallet with Himber wallet, duplicateRelated to 12
Unknown Overhand Hindu Shuffle Force 13
Jon Racherbaumer The Stabbing Myth spectator stabs card between two selections 14
Unknown Center Vernon Transfer credit information 14
Unknown Stabbing Display cutting at crimp, not at inserted cardRelated to 15
Edward Marlo Marlo's Dunbury Delusion Also published here
  • MUM, 1950s
David Solomon, Jon Racherbaumer Solomon's Turn to Touch the Aces 16
Jon Racherbaumer Technicolor Oil & Water with general comments on the plot 18
Jon Racherbaumer Macho Matcho card placed on table, matches freely named card from other deck, roughed red-blue menetekel, red-blue double backerInspired by 22
Edward Marlo Think Universal with thought-of cards, rough-smooth red-blue Menetekel DeckAlso published here 23
Edward Marlo Open Card to Balloon Related to 24
Edward Marlo Marlo's Think Touch Turn 25
Edward Marlo Marlo's Choice Transposition chosen Ace transposes with selection 27
Edward Marlo Peek Force Handling method to pick up the break 27
Edward Marlo Forcing one of four Related to 27
Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer Signo-Transpo front and back signed card jumps from packet to packet, rough-smoothInspired by 29