Written by Roberto Giobbi

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314 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Barbara Giobbi-Ebnöther.
Language: English

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Roberto Giobbi Thanks! xliii
Richard Vollmer Foreword xlix
Roberto Giobbi Force Techniques, Part 3 Introduction 791
Edward Marlo The Under-the-Table Force Related to 793
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Unknown The Ribbon Spread Force bold 793
L'Homme Masqué, Unknown The Toss Force Related to
  • "Magic without Apparatus", p. 86
Unknown The Peek Force 796
Unknown The Cut Force spectator cuts into break 796
Tom Sellers, Vanni Bossi, Edward Marlo, Davide Costi The Credit-Card Force piece of card stuck on credit cardRelated to 797
Fred G. Taylor The Curious Count with credit informationRelated to 799
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Unknown The Packet Force 799
Francis Carlyle The Mishmash Force makes use of a double-faced card (SBS) 801
George G. Kaplan Forcing under a Handkerchief Also published here 802
John Bannon The Bottom Bluff Force Also published here 803
Unknown The Dribble Force 804
Roberto Giobbi A Question of Sex unknown card marked on back is found by spectatorInspired by 805
Vanni Bossi The Card in the Wallet Related to 807
Roberto Giobbi Card Switches Introduction 809
Paul Curry The Curry Turnover Change Variations 811
Dai Vernon The Simple Turnover Switch Related to 813
Stanley Collins, Unknown The Card-Spread Switch with credit informationInspired by 814
Bert Allerton The Allerton Change Related to 815
Roy Walton, Fred Kaps The Kaps Switch Related to 816
Cy Endfield The "Hofzinser" Top Change 818
Unknown The Push-in Change 820
Arturo de Ascanio, Carmen D'Amico The Glide Change Inspired byAlso published here 822
Unknown The Mexican Turnover Related to 824
Lin Searles Partial Mexican Turnover Change switching one card in a packetRelated to 825
Ralph W. Hull, Roberto Giobbi Any Named Card card placed on table is any named card, mexican turnover application 826
Roberto Giobbi Everywhere and Nowhere three indifferent cards and the deck change into spetator's selection and then back to normal, two duplicates 827
Roberto Giobbi Underground Twins spectator locates the mate of a card 831
Peter Duffie, Roberto Giobbi Trapped in the Future an unknown prediction card proves to be one of two selectionsInspired by 834
Brother John Hamman, Roberto Giobbi Scoop Up Sandwich Switch switching center card of sandwich for outer card, for Signed Card type routines 836
Roberto Giobbi Packet Switches Introduction 837
Bob Veeser, Dai Vernon The Veeser Concept Related to
  • "Discourse on a Move" (Ed Marlo, MUM, Vol. 49 No. 7, Dec. 1959, p. 280)
Roberto Giobbi, John F. Mendoza, Bill Simon The Toss Switch 840
Jean-Jacques-Maurice Talazac, Roberto Giobbi The Talazac Switch Inspired by
  • "Third Method" (Magic Without Apparatus, p. 100)
Jack Merlin The Gambler's Packet Switch Related to 844
Theodore Annemann, Roberto Giobbi The Jinx Change 845
Unknown The Pendulum Switch dynamic variant Jinx-ChangeVariations 846
Edward Marlo Olram's Jinx Switch Also published here 848
Edward Marlo The Turnover Palm Switch Related toAlso published here 849
Unknown, Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser The Steamboat Switch 851
Dai Vernon, Fred Kaps The Count Switch very direct and natural methodRelated to 853
Roberto Giobbi, José Carroll Flash Transposition three indifferent cards change places with three of the four acesInspired by 855
Unknown Small Packet Triple Buckle brief 856
Dr. Reinhard Rohnstein Day Trippers short version of Follow the Leader with Queens and Aces 857
Irv Weiner, Roberto Giobbi Three-way Excursion first four Aces and four Kings change places with themselves, then with a chosen + three indifferent cardsRelated to 859
Roberto Giobbi The Deck Switch Introduction 863
Unknown The Gambler's Deck Switch table edge 865
Roberto Giobbi The Direct Deck Switch comments on technical deck switches 865
Roberto Giobbi The Direct Deck Switch 865
Frank Pemper, Jon Racherbaumer, Edward Marlo The Joker Switch clever switch between tricksRelated to 867
Carlhorst Meier The Trojan Switch Also published here 868
Roberto Giobbi The Deck Switch in the Context of a Trick 868
Unknown Through the Table card from below table to top 870
Roberto Giobbi In a Flash chosen card penetrates a sealed card case in the performers pocket 871
Joaquín Partagás, Martin A. Nash The Cardsharp Inspired by
  • El Prestidigitador Optimus (1900)
Related toVariations
Unknown The Vanishing Deck Reconsidered with a deck switchRelated to 874
Roberto Giobbi Final Thoughts on Deck Switches 875
Roberto Giobbi Estimation Introduction 877
Roberto Giobbi Visual Estimation advice on practicing 879
Unknown An Application 879
Unknown Location Using Outs with a technical solution to replace fishing 880
Dai Vernon Fingernail Estimation magician cuts to the four Aces, previously buried by a spectator, credit informationRelated to 883
Roberto Giobbi The Miracle Aces magician finds four aces by throwing a card into the deckInspired by 885
Roberto Giobbi Impossibility estimationRelated to 889
Ralph W. Hull, Roberto Giobbi Miraculous Coincidence magician twice divines correct number of cut off cardsInspired by
  • "Still Simpler" (R. W. Hull, Sandu Writes Again, 1934, Paul Stadelman)
Roberto Giobbi Culling Introduction 895
Ray Grismer The Grismer Cull Related to
  • Revelations, p. ix
Edward Marlo, Roberto Giobbi The Lessinout Shuffle Inspired by 898
Unknown The Downjog Cull 899
Unknown The Above-the-Spread Cull bringing one or more cards to the face of the packRelated to 901
Lennart Green The Green Angle Separation 903
John Cornelius Oh-Calcutta Shuffle briefRelated to 904
Juan Tamariz, Louis Zingone Trimental three chosen cards are first divined, then produced from corresponding pocketsInspired by 906
S. W. Erdnase The Erdnase Cull Shuffle for three cards 907
Sam Leo Horowitz, Roberto Giobbi, Martin Gardner The Stop Trick Related to 910
Roberto Giobbi Stacking Introduction 913
S. W. Erdnase, Darwin Ortiz The Erdnase Stack Shuffle for five cards 915
Dai Vernon The Milk-build Shuffle technical variation by Vernon 916
Frank Lane The Frank Lane Stack simple system for any hand for x playersAlso published here 917
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Stacking 918
Roberto Giobbi Final Observations on stacking 920
Roberto Giobbi Moracle at the end of a sucessful prediction, the four Aces appear, anti-faro sixteenth card principleInspired by 921
Unknown Reverse Faro 922
Unknown The Pseudo-Stack spectator specifies the order of the aces and the winning hand 923
Unknown Thumb Count Stacking as cards are inserted into deck 923
Theodore Annemann The Gambler in Person very simple stacking technique for a gambling demoAlso published here 924
Unknown Pick-up Stack 925
Roberto Giobbi False Dealing Introduction 929
Roberto Giobbi The Cards 931
Unknown The Basic Grip and the True Deal 931
Unknown The Double Deal two cards are dealt as one 934
Unknown Double Deal Vanish to make a card disappear 935
Unknown The Push-off Second Deal 936
Roberto Giobbi Premonition Handling brief 936
Unknown The Strike Second Deal 938
Unknown The Bottom Deal only little push-out 940
Unknown The Sail different action from the Standard True Deal 942
Michael F. Zens, Eddie Fields, Theodore Annemann Call Your Hand Poker-demo using ten-card stack, bottom dealInspired by 944
Roberto Giobbi Sandwich Techniques Introduction 947
Christian Chelman The Display Load card appears between sandwich cards, without deck 949
Unknown The Direct Load 950
Gerald Kosky The Kosky Switch sandwiched card is switched for top card of the deck, credit information 951
Edward Marlo The Simple Sandwich Load Also published here
  • "More Deuce Sandwiches: 1st Method" (Ed Marlo, The New Tops, Vol. 8 No. 5, May 1968, p. 32)
Fernando Cheops Cheops's Dunbury Sandwich sandwich effect with a strong "sucker" elementInspired by 953
William Goodwin Hold the Mayo four Aces appear between two black KingsRelated toAlso published here
  • "Hold the Mayo" (Goodwin, At The Expense of Gray Matter, p. 11)
Unknown Two-Card Catch friction 955
Roberto Giobbi Lapping Introduction 959
Roberto Giobbi General Observations on the Application of Lapping 961
Fred Kaps The Bottom-card Lap 961
Roberto Giobbi The All-around Square-up Lap 963
Jean-Claude Pagès Jean-Claude Pages's Lapping Method while packet is countedRelated to 963
Harry Lorayne The Lap Control Also published here 965
Unknown The Trousers-fold Holdout 966
Unknown The Knee Holdout 967
Roberto Giobbi Advanced Pass Techniques Introduction 969
Unknown The Basic Technique 971
Jean Hugard, Roberto Giobbi, Frederick Braue The Invisible Pass Inspired by 973
Roberto Giobbi Cover Suggestions for the Invisible Pass 974
Alexander Herrmann The Turnover Pass 976
Paul LePaul, Roberto Giobbi The Spread Pass Inspired by 978
Unknown The Dribble Pass 982
Clinton Burgess, Harry Lorayne The Cover Pass credit informationInspired by 984
Juan Tamariz The Display Pass for credit information see referenceRelated to 985
Roy Walton The Spread Half Pass 987
Henry Christ The Christ Twist very natural handling 988
Roberto Giobbi, Roy Walton Catch 22 direct handling 990
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse 991
Unknown Super-sensitive Fingertips Magician divines cards behind his back - merely by touch 992
Unknown Bubble Peek 993
Roberto Giobbi Tilt Introduction, credit information 995
Dai Vernon, Arturo de Ascanio Tilt 997
Unknown One-handed Tilt Get-ready 999
Howard Schwarzman, Charles Aste Jr., Edward Marlo Tilt Finesse I Related to 1000
Daryl Martinez, Christoph Borer Tilt Finesse II Inspired by 1000
Roberto Giobbi Final Thought 1001
Roberto Giobbi Card Collection Inspired by 1002
Edward Marlo ATFUS Handling 1003
Unknown Ultra-ambitious Related to 1005
Roberto Giobbi Flourishes, Part 3 1013
Unknown The Side Shuffle flourish shuffle 1015
Bert Allerton The Wave Cut 1016
Al Leech The Toss Cut Also published here 1017
Andreas Edmüller The Twin Falls Shuffle double waterfallRelated to 1017
Erhard Liebenow The Four-card Turnover Display 1019
Gianni Pasqua The Star Turnover Display 1020
Frank Shields The Frank Shields Display Also published here 1020
Unknown The Pirouette 1022
Jerry Andrus The Twirl Also published here
  • "The Twirl" (Andrus Deals You In, 1956, p. 99)
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) The Ravelli Pop-out Related to 1024
Roberto Giobbi Reverses, Part 2 1027
Roberto Giobbi The Swing-cut Reverse 1029
Edward Marlo The Future Reverse Related to 1030
Paul LePaul The Palm Reverse Also published here 1032
Larry Jennings The Larreverse 1033
Bernard Bilis Immediate Sandwich Cards 1033
Unknown A Block Reverse variation of Larreverse 1034
Unknown A Second Block Reverse variation of Larreverse 1035
Larry Jennings, Gordon Bruce, Edward Marlo Reversing Card at Separate Spots in the Deck variation of Larreverse 1035
Gary Goldberg FIRP "Faro Invisible Reverse Placement", a bit different hereAlso published here 1036
Edward Marlo, Dai Vernon, Russell T. Barnhart The Riffle-shuffle Reverse tabled 1037
Charlie Miller Reverse Interlude spectator names number, that many cards are found reversed in deckAlso published here 1039
Bert Allerton Surprise Spelling two cards spelled to, second card shows up reversedRelated to 1040
Roberto Giobbi Turnovers introduction 1043
Bruce Cervon, Roberto Giobbi The All-around Square-up Turnover Inspired by 1045
Dai Vernon The Through-the-Fist Flourish 1046
Unknown The Gamblers' Turnover 1048
Unknown The Wristwatch Turnover 1049
Unknown The Spectator Turnover 1051
Unknown The Okito-box Turnover 1051
Unknown The Transfer Turnover 1052
Unknown The Easy Poker Demonstration 1053
Al Leech, Roberto Giobbi, Frank Garcia Ace-capades aces lost and found, change to kings, aces found againInspired by 1055
Unknown Off-Beat Turnover 1056
Roberto Giobbi The Structure of Magic 1057
Roberto Giobbi The Magic Pyramid 1059
Roberto Giobbi The System 1060
Roberto Giobbi Effects, Intellectual and Emotional - The Intellectual Effect
- The Emotional Effect
Roberto Giobbi The Magic Iceberg 1067
Roberto Giobbi Final Thoughts 1068
Roberto Giobbi Bibliographic Notes 1070