Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Various

148 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Foreword v
Karl Fulves The Preliminaries what rope to use, how to prepare it, presentational ideas (rope as suspenders or phone cord) 1
Karl Fulves The Overhand Knot chapter intro 4
Unknown The Basic Overhand Knot No. 1, no effect 4
Unknown Slide Off No. 2, knot vanishes 5
Unknown Betcha Knot No. 3, spectator cannot tie a knot the same way the magician can 6
Karl Fulves, Milbourne Christopher Triple Knots No. 4, three knots appear in rope 8
Unknown Dissolving Double Knot No. 5, two ropes tied together, spectator pulls tight, yet rope are separated by performer 9
Unknown The Captive Knot No. 6, knot tied in rope, then ends tied together, performer can still untie first knotRelated to 10
Horace E. Bennett Ghost Knot No. 7, slip knot transformed into overhand knot, then rope becomes linked to performer's jacket buttonholeAlso published here 13
Karl Fulves The Slip Knot chapter intro 17
Unknown Quick Slip Knot No. 8 17
Unknown Slippery Knot No. 9, slip knot transformed into overhand knot while spectator holds ends 18
Unknown Ringo No. 10, ring threaded on rope penetrates rope and table 20
Unknown Name a Number No. 11, rope coiled in hand, spectator names small number, that number of knots appear in rope 22
Unknown Convertible Knot No. 12, slip knot that can convert into overhand knot 24
Unknown Soap on a Rope No. 13, soap with hole threaded on rope, it penetrates, extra piece 26
Jack Miller Miller's Sliding Knots No. 14, knot slides from one end to the otherAlso published here 28
Karl Fulves The Square Knot chapter intro 34
Unknown Basic Square Knot No. 15 34
Unknown The Granny Knot No. 16 36
Unknown Time in a Knot No. 17, wrist watch tied onto rope, is quickly removed behind back 38
Unknown Half a Square No. 18, knot appears in rope under impossible conditions with the ends tied 38
Unknown Enough Rope No. 19, cut and restored rope with story presentation of releasing tied-on rings 39
Eddie Joseph Siberian Rope Release No. 20, cut and restored rope with story presentation 42
Milbourne Christopher Square-Knot Paradox No. 21, square knot dissolves when pulled, repeatedRelated to 44
Karl Fulves Special Effects chapter intro, knot effect 47
Unknown Pop-Off Knot No. 22, knot flies off rope when pulled 47
Unknown The Fake Knot No. 23, knot slid off rope, shown and pocketed 48
Unknown Sliding Knot No. 24, two ropes knotted, knot slides to one side, ropes unknotted and now of different length 50
Karl Fulves Here, Spot! No. 25, lose knot tied, loop/circle comes off ropeAlso published here 51
Karl Fulves Flourish Knots chapter intro 54
Unknown Throw Knot No. 26 54
Unknown One-Hand Knot No. 27 55
Karl Fulves Self-Taught Ropes No. 28, two ropes put over shoulders of spectator, a knot appears behind his back on each rope, secret one-handed knotting 56
Karl Fulves One-Hand Figure 8 No. 29, different one-handed knotRelated to 57
Unknown Fake Unknot No. 30, knot apparently untied, but still there 58
C. D. Oeloff The Double Knot No. 31, two knot appear in rope 60
Dr. Zina Bennett, Senor Charles Mardo, Stewart Judah, John Braun Double-Ring Ceremony No. 32, two borrowed finger-rings put on rope, a knot appears around eachRelated to 61
Karl Fulves Dissolving Knots chapter intro 65
Unknown Not Knot No. 33, knot vanishes when pulled tight 65
Unknown Dissolve No. 34, dissolving knotRelated to 66
Unknown Pull-Away Knot No. 35 68
Unknown Posi-Negative Knots No. 36, two knots made, rope shaken, both vanish 69
Unknown Pretzel Knot No. 37, knot vanishes when pulled tight 70
Milbourne Christopher, Dr. Zina Bennett, Karl Fulves Triplicity No. 38, routine, three knots appear, one vanishes, one is untied and one is pulled off 72
Roger Penrose The Penrose Knot No. 39, several knots in rope, spectator choses one, rope is pulled and all vanish except chosen one 75
Karl Fulves Cut-and-Restored Rope chapter intro 77
Bob Ellis Vishnu Rope Mystery No. 40Also published here 77
Eric F. Impey, Karl Fulves Impey's Impromptu No. 41Inspired by 81
Karl Germain Karl Germaine's Method No. 42 83
J. W. Sarles Hindu Turban Mystery No. 43, long rope 85
Martin Gardner Scissorcut No. 44, scissors threaded onto rope, released "magically" by cutting rope, rope restored 88
Dr. Weiner, Karl Fulves Knot at All No. 45, knot tied in rope, spectator cuts knot off, restoration, knot reappears 89
Edward Victor Victor Rope Trick No. 46Related to 92
Karl Fulves The Hunter Knot chapter intro 99
G. W. Hunter A Possible Impossibility No. 47, knot without letting go of the ends 99
Unknown Fooling the Expert No. 48, giving the ends to spectator in the middle of Hunter knot 101
Robert E. Neale Neale's Knot No. 49, Hunter knot variationAlso published here 102
Unknown Double Cross No. 50, Hunter knot variation in which ends are secretly switched 103
Unknown Hunter Killer No. 51, knot without letting go of ends, preparation 105
Karl Fulves Ropes That Think chapter intro, mental rope magic 107
Karl Fulves, U. F. Grant Liar's Ropes No. 52, two ropes, one with knot, spectator thinks of rope with or without knot, one of the ropes stretches to expose lie 107
Karl Fulves, Sam Schwartz Thought Knots No. 53, spectators tie knots, they are counted and that many words counted down in this book, that word is forced and "of", force book 110
Unknown Wishing Rings No. 54, two rings threaded onto two ropes, chosen one penetrates and is free 111
Karl Fulves Spirit Knots No. 55, rope and ring put in paper bag, three knots appear in rope and ring is tied in chosen knot 114
Unknown Séance No. 56, rope tied into loop, borrowed rings penetrate onto it, extra piece 117
Robert E. Neale The Hanging No. 57, one spectator is murderer, chosen with cards, noose tied from rope, it tightens only at guilty spectator 120
Karl Fulves Miracle Move chapter intro 123
Jack Miller Miller's Move No. 58, ring onto rope with tied endsVariations 123
Bob Hummer Hummering I No. 59, ring onto rope 125
Bob Hummer Hummering II No. 60, ring onto rope 127
Karl Fulves, Peter Warlock Releaso No. 61, ring onto ropeInspired byRelated to 127
Karl Fulves Psychic Rope Ties chapter intro 130
Unknown Telekinetic Ring No. 62, performer's wrist tied, other end through keyhole, borrowed ring onto rope behind door 130
Unknown Fourth-Dimension Knot No. 63, rope tied between both wrists of performer, he makes a knot when out of sight 132
Unknown Locked in Place No. 64, rope tied between both wrists of performer, ribbon around it through keyhole, penetration 135
Unknown Watch the Watch No. 65, borrowed watch appears on wrist of performer despite him being tied up 138
Robert Gysel Gysel Spirit Tie No. 66Also published here 140
Amazing Randi Spirit Music No. 67, accordion plays despite performer being tied up 142
Harry Kellar The Kellar Tie No. 68Also published here 143
Unknown Six Glasses No. 69, six glasses, three filled, they have to be alternated by switching adjacent glasses, puzzle 146
Bruce Elliott Adam's Apple No. 70, wrists of performer tied, apple travels from one hand to the otherRelated to 147