Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Various

184 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Introduction iii
Karl Fulves The Basics which silks to use 1
Karl Fulves Quick Tricks chapter intro 3
Unknown Threading the Needle No. 1, loop made around thumb, other end of silk magically threaded in 3
Unknown Comedy Production No. 2, item materialized under handkerchief, it's a finger, then pencil appears 6
Unknown A Glass of Helium No. 3, glass wrapped with silk, items that are pushed into glass jump out again, rubber bandAlso published here 9
Unknown Liquid to Silk colored silk in glass looks like liquid 10
Karl Fulves The Holdup No. 4, pen and pencil put in handkerchief vanish, reappear in paper bag, sleevingAlso published here 12
Karl Fulves Mystery Ring No. 5, ring onto rope under handkerchief coverInspired by
  • Peter Warlock and Jack Miller principle
Related toAlso published here
Slydini No Pockets No. 6, sight gag, silk pulled from breast pocket even though no pocket is there 17
Terri Rogers Crazy Compass No. 7, silk produced from paper tube 18
Unknown The Cords of Phantasia chapter 21
Ottokar Fischer The Cords of Phantasia No. 8, penetration release with two ropes, silks and wand 21
Hans van Baaren The Antique Shop No. 9, release with two ropes and a silk in a box à la Dean's Box 24
Unknown Ribbonesque No. 10, silk penetrated two ropes which are also around assistant's waist 28
Unknown Houdini's Coat No. 11, using a jacket and handcuffs 30
Karl Fulves Silk Appear chapter intro 33
Unknown The Trap Fold No. 12, folding technique 33
Unknown Elbow Production silk in fold of sleeve, appears when arm is stretched 35
Unknown The Birthday No. 13, newspaper rolled into tube, silks produced 35
Unknown The Coil Fold No. 14, folding technique, production application from sleeve 37
Unknown A Novel Production No. 15, under borrowed handkerchief appears a wand, then a silk 40
Unknown Silk from Silk No. 16, one silk starts in elbow fold 42
Unknown Collard No. 17, silk produced from another silk, stolen from behind collar 44
Karl Fulves Penetrations chapter intro 47
Unknown Freefall No. 18, pen through silk 47
Karl Fulves Half Thru No. 19, pen penetrates borrowed handkerchief and is stuck halfway throughAlso published here 50
Karl Fulves Exit Coin No. 20, marked coin penetrates down and up through handkerchiefAlso published here 53
Karl Fulves General Rise No. 21, method for object through handkerchiefAlso published here 55
Emil Jarrow, Walter Schwartz Pentapencil No. 22, two spectators hold out a handkerchief, pencil penetrates it with newspaper coverVariations 57
Karl Fulves Curio No. 23, four coins held under handkerchief that is stretched by two spectators, named coin penetrates upwards with paper cover, two methodsInspired byAlso published here 60
Walter Schwartz Pop Up No. 24, thimble through handkerchief 63
Duke Stern Jump Up No. 25, pencil through handkerchief 65
Karl Fulves Vanishes chapter intro 68
John Braun, Karl Fulves Paper-Bag Vanish No. 26, silk(s) vanish from paper bag 68
Oswald Rae, Karl Fulves Silk Spectrum No. 27, one of three different colored silks is chosen and vanishes and appears in initialed envelope, with standInspired by 70
Unknown An Impromptu Vanisher No. 28, newspaper cone, "first complete description of the handling to appear in print" 72
Karl Fulves Sympathetic Silks chapter intro 76
Edward Bagshawe Think Alike No. 29, three silks halfway in paper bag, chosen one receives a knot 76
Harlan Tarbell Sympathetic Silks No. 30Also published here 80
Unknown Twist Away Knot 83
Martin Gardner The Mouse No. 31, folding mouse out of handkerchief, "The following description, made available by Martin Gardner, is the first complete account to appear in print." 87
Karl Fulves Square-Knot Secrets chapter intro 94
Unknown The Square Knot No. 32 94
Unknown Teach In No. 33, two silks tied together untie in paper bag 97
Karl Fulves, Slydini Dissolvo No. 34, two silks tied together untie in glassAlso published here 99
Sid Miller, Sol Hirsh Switch Over No. 35, two handkerchiefs tied together, third brought to them, two other handkerchiefs are tied nowAlso published here 102
Dr. Jacob Daley Releaso No. 36, three handkerchiefs are knotted together and the two knots placed in a glasses, knots dissolveAlso published here 106
Karl Fulves Psychic Silks chapter intro, mental silk tricks 110
Karl Fulves Instanto No. 37, performer's wrists knotted with handkerchief, he turns and he's free, then knotted againAlso published here 110
Unknown Matchmaker No. 38, three different-colored silks for performer and spectator, performer blindfolded, spectator lifts a silk and performer lifts one of same color, stooge 113
Unknown Basic Blindfold 114
Karl Fulves Match Mates No. 39, two spectators move three different-colored silks or objects around and matches occur 115
Unknown Triple Prophecy No. 40, three different-colored silks knotted in box, spectator names order, they come out that way 117
Ken Allen, Karl Fulves No Strings No. 41, knife poked into handkerchief-covered glass causes glass to suspend on knifeRelated toAlso published here 119
Karl Fulves Glorpy No. 42, secret fork used to animate knife under handkerchief 121
Karl Fulves Spooky Spoon No. 43, zombie principle to levitate a spoon with a secretly attached fork behind handkerchief 124
Karl Fulves Twentieth-Century Silks chapter intro 127
Unknown Come Back Silk No. 44, silk vanishes from paper cone and reappears knotted to silk given previously to spectator 127
Karl Fulves They Jumped No. 45, two initialed handkerchiefs transposeAlso published here 130
Lyle Laughlin Twentieth-Century Silks No. 46 133
Karl Fulves Cut and Restored chapter intro 135
Karl Fulves, Fred Culpitt Decapitated Knot No. 47, paper napkin, knot torn off and restored 135
Jeanne van Zandt Cut Up No. 48, two silks cut in half in paper tube and restored 139
Phoa Yan Tiong, Karl Fulves Ultra Cut No. 49, bluff restorationInspired byRelated to 141
Karl Fulves Productions chapter intro 146
Unknown Produce a Wand No. 50 146
Karl Fulves, Bob Read Bottle Production No. 51, first coin appears, then bottle from under handkerchief 148
Howard Wurst Rainbow Silks No. 52, several silks appear from one silkInspired by 152
Unknown Silk Fold with Pencil folding method 152
Eric C. Lewis, Harold Rice Double Appear No. 53, silk shaken and another silk appears at the end of it, repeated 155
Karl Fulves Animation chapter intro 161
Unknown Fatima No. 54, figure build from silk, its legs "dance" 161
Unknown Willie No. 55, folding mouse or cat out of handkerchief 163
Unknown The Rabbit No. 56, folding rabbit out of handkerchief 165
Karl Fulves He Found It! No. 57, rabbit folded from handkerchief finds one card chosen out of four and bites off corner 168
Karl Fulves One out of Four Force number from one two four, involves spelling 168
Karl Fulves Cards and Handkerchiefs chapter intro 171
Karl Fulves Jinx Deck No. 58, a red ace rises through handkerchief covered deck, then deck drops out leaving other red ace behindInspired byAlso published here 171
Karl Fulves Four-Way Prophet No. 59, one of four cards forced, some face-up cards added together to arrive at same card in another deck 176
Eddie Ward, Karl Fulves Zombie Card Rise No. 60, under handkerchief 179
Karl Fulves Magic with "Handkerchief Magic" No. 61, this book is a force-book with "one" as every tenth word at the start of each chapter, ten-value is forced with cards 182
Unknown Under-Handkerchief Cut-Force 182