Written by Neal Elias, Karl Fulves

Work of Neal Elias

22 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karl Fulves Introduction 3
Neal Elias Notes From 1945 chapter intro 4
Neal Elias Marking Cards tactile marks with razor blade at edge of card, key card or fully marked, marking stack number instead of value 4
Neal Elias Bridges & Crimps short notes 5
Neal Elias A Crimp Control using crimped card like corner short, riffling to it 6
Unknown Gambler's Reverse For A Faced Deck 7
Neal Elias "Slop" Cut From A Bridge cutting at bridge from unsquared deck 8
Neal Elias The Shuffle Bridge bridging two halves in opposite direction during overhand shuffle 8
Neal Elias Pinochle Stacks comments on following items 9
Neal Elias Four Handed Partnership Pinochle four Aces to partner and four Aces to dealer 9
Neal Elias Three Handed Auction Pinochle 10
Neal Elias Lessinout Stock Less Crimp stacking four cardsInspired by 12
Neal Elias Pivoting the Break pivoting deck after overhand shuffleRelated to 12
Neal Elias The After Bridge bridging a section during overhand shuffle 13
Neal Elias Peek & Cut Control peek, then fan with step and cutInspired byRelated to 13
Lin Searles Shuffle Control From The Peek setting a key, then getting card back to top 14
Bob Taylor Poker Shoot-Up stacking two or three cards 15
Neal Elias Riffle Bridge #1 setting bridge during in-the-hands riffle shuffle 16
Neal Elias Riffle Bridge #2 setting lengthwise bridge during tabled riffle shuffle 17
Neal Elias Cut Crimp setting bridge during tabled cut 17
Bob Taylor The "S" Shuffle setting bridge during riffle shuffle with one half bridged opposite to other half, red-black divination application 18
Bob Taylor Bottom Deal take at inner right corner, buckle loosening 19
Neal Elias Stud Bottom Deal buckle loosening, two different takes 21