Written by Lance Pierce

Work of Roger Klause

260 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Michael Skinner Jazz Notes i
Lance Pierce Random Bars.... iii
Roger Klause Songs of Merlin commentary on most of the items in the book vii
Roger Klause Changing the Moment Principia Magicus I
Principle of Half-Moves
Roger Klause The Miser's Cornucopia borrowed dollar bill rolled up, small coins appear from it 7
Roger Klause Smokeless vanish of lit match, then lit cigarette, thumb tip handling details 15
Roger Klause Finger Tip inside Thumb Tip tip 21
Daryl Martinez On Roger Klause 23
Roger Klause The Sponge & Sleeve sponge ball vanishes and reappears in spectator's sleeve, effect repeatedInspired by 25
Roger Klause The Sponge Ball Vanish with thumb tip 28
Gary Kurtz On Roger Klause 33
David Williamson On Roger Klause 35
Roger Klause, Lance Pierce Fundamentally Speaking & The Secret Aide Principia Magicus II 37
Bill Malone On Roger Klause 45
Roger Klause The $100.00 Bill Change detailed description 49
Roger Klause The Torn & Restored Bill using $100.00 Bill Change 57
John Moehring On Roger Klause 60
Roger Klause Even Money borrowed Twenty Dollar Bill is split into two Tens, using $100.00 Bill Change 63
Roger Klause Cheque cheque changed into dollar bill, using $100.00 Bill Change 65
Max Maven On Roger Klause 68
Roger Klause The Chimerical Bill bill appears in hand 69
Roger Klause The Vanish bill vanishes in hand 71
Roger Klause Billusion bill appears from purse frame, changes, vanishes againVariations 75
David Roth On Roger Klause 81
Roger Klause Management Principia Magicus III 83
Roger Klause The Operator multi-phase betting game presentation, mis-indexed dollar bill
1. The Coin Con (Two-Copper/One-Silver routine)
2. The Bill Con (which hand is the bill in? bill travels to purse)
3. The Bill Change
4. The Total Con (Slow Motion Bill Transposition)
Unknown Coin Switch behind Purse 92
David Roth Double Steal Related to 95
Jon Racherbaumer On Roger Klause 105
Roger Klause The Soft Double 109
Roger Klause Double Down for turning a double back down, double kicked up with left thumb, knacky 113
Darwin Ortiz On Roger Klause 115
Roger Klause The Breakout Display bending deck and displaying it resting on fingers of one hand 117
Larry Jennings On Roger Klause 120
Roger Klause The Automatic Block Transfer 121
John Kennedy On Roger Klause 124
Roger Klause The No-Count Zarrow two-shuffle, step instead of holding back specific number of cards 125
Steve Forte On Roger Klause 129
Roger Klause The Bluff Bluff Pass no cover cardVariations 131
Roger Klause Framed four silver coins produced from purse frame, then another copper coin 133
Roger Klause Coin Hold-Out during Elmsley Count performing Twisting the Aces while finger-palming coins 133
Roger Klause Going South stealing bill out of envelope with slit for Terry Seabrooke's bill to wallet 137
Dan Garrett On Roger Klause 142
Roger Klause Triple Play three coins across 147
Roger Klause Shell Unload 148
Roger Klause Heel-Clip Position how to get into it 150
Roger Klause The R.O.V. Spider Vanish 151
Roger Klause The Bantam-Weight Card miniature card of selection pops out of deck, it changes to regular card again on deck 153
Unknown Fingertip Peek Force with short/mini card 154
Paul LePaul Riffle Pop-Out 155
Roger Klause, Max Malini Turnabout card turns over in deck, palmed card added to single card which is apparently turned face-down 159
Scott Hollingsworth On Roger Klause 162
Roger Klause What's Good for the Goose Is... spectator names card of another spectator, repeat with another spectator and card on forehead 163
Roger Klause Having Card Chosen from Fan fan should be vertical 163
Roger Klause, S. W. Erdnase Diagonal Palm Shift described coming from automatic jog control 163
Dai Vernon, Roger Klause Hand Washing Transfer classic to classic 164
Unknown Overhand Shuffle Gesture 165
Roger Klause The Chinese Quartet four rings, lead-in for Whit Haydn's routine, rhyming patter 167
Steve Freeman On Roger Klause 183
Roger Klause Major Minor Principia Magicus IV 185
John Cornelius On Roger Klause 188
Paul Harris On Roger Klause 191
Roger Klause Red & White routine with dye tubeInspired by 195
John Carney On Roger Klause 207
Roger Klause Through the Looking Glass 209
Paul Gertner On Roger Klause 215
Roger Klause Ringmaster with Himber ring
- The Link
- The Confirmation
- The Unlink
- The Encore
Variations 217
Joe Stevens On Roger Klause 231
Lance Pierce Bibliohistory Roger Klause in print 235
Tony Devine On Roger Klause 241
Roger Klause Debt of Gratitude 243
Lance Pierce Author's Last Word 253