Written by Karrell Fox

Work of Karrell Fox

200 pages (Hardcover), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Roy Kissell.
Language: English

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Sid Lorraine Foreword 3
Karrell Fox Dedication 4
Edwin Fantastic Fox 7
John Braun Much Ado About Nothing Also published here
  • Linking Ring, June 1964
Frances Marshall, Jay Marshall Karrell Fox 13
Unknown The Fox of the After-Dinner Circuit "Reprinted by courtesy of the Detroit Free Press" 21
Karrell Fox Introduction 27
Karrell Fox Thanx! 28
Karrell Fox The Enlarging Sponge Ball sponge ball wrapped in handkerchief, grows visibly 33
Karrell Fox The "Wiggly" Apple green balloon apple made, burst, a sponge rubber snake appears from within 35
Unknown The Balloon Apple how to make an apple from a balloon 35
Karrell Fox A Real "Gem" pill-watch filled with (plastic) gem stones, gag 37
Karrell Fox A "Hair-Raid" coin transforms into cotton ball, wig of George Washington presentation 38
Karrell Fox The Magic Marker performing for the same table on purpose, then marking the table with an X stamp 39
Karrell Fox "Silcopper" Coins with handkerchief 40
Karrell Fox The Dwarf's Bowling Trophy routine for S.S. Adams Ball and Vase 42
Karrell Fox A Tip! learning new routines with tape recorder 44
Karrell Fox Vanglass full glass vanishes close-up from handkerchief, reappears from sleeve 45
Karrell Fox A "Spoonerism" clings to nose, sight gag 49
Karrell Fox Pencil-tration pencil through borrowed handkerchief, two phases 51
Karrell Fox Imp-ossible 53
Edwin An Extra! 54
Karrell Fox "Rip-Off" card located behind back, then torn, pieces vanish except one piece, rest restored in deckRelated toVariations
  • Tom Mullica
Karrell Fox The Barbershop Shuffle presentation for Hindu shuffle 61
Karrell Fox Butterfly Shuffle flourish shuffle/cut with both hands 64
Karrell Fox "Foxy" Double hit style double lift 66
Karrell Fox About Face selection reverses in deck, with bold reverse sleight 69
Karrell Fox The "Plastrick" Bag deck in clear plastic bag, selection penetrates 70
Karrell Fox Quite a Mouthful fake tongue unrolls from mouth with mini card stuck on it 72
Karrell Fox "Clippety-Slip" card with paper clip on it thrown to table, it changes into selection, throw-change with paper clip 73
Karrell Fox "Sup-Rising" Card method to set up for plunger rise 75
Karrell Fox The Persistent Bunny bunny puppet used in card trick 79
Karrell Fox Almost, Complete Coverage gag in which the selection is the only card missing in 52-on-1 card/policy card 81
Karrell Fox The "Same to You" Card Trick three spectators chose cards, they are all the Jack of Hearts, even though the deck is all Ace of Spades 81
Karrell Fox "Mouseket-Ear" Magic mickey mouse hat, two selections pop up on the two mouse ears 83
Karrell Fox Foxy "Cardenballoon" without apparatusAlso published here 85
Karrell Fox Before Your Eyes any spectator in audience can name the selection of the person on stage, jumbo card on back of writing pad for instant stooging 87
Karrell Fox A Switch on Dave Hoy's Switch using pen with two tops instead of bulldog clipsInspired by 91
Karrell Fox "Blotch-Splotch" Rorschach test presentation, ink in paper becomes a single club for Ace of Clubs 93
Karrell Fox Pseudo Psychomitrix "Pseudo Psychometry", two different presentations, see following items 95
Karrell Fox Musimentalism spectators write favourite tunes on blank cards, performer assigns them correctly 95
Karrell Fox Lipology four women kiss on blank cards, performer then kisses them two and assigns the cards correctly 96
Karrell Fox The Shifting Sands of the Sahara white sand on tablet used as presentational ploy to read answer from spectator's palm impression 97
Karrell Fox "Foxy-Loxy" keys are in envelopes 99
Karrell Fox Astro-Logical words and birth month divined with the use of cards with words and months on them 101
Karrell Fox "Simple-Sychometry" five spectators put personal item in bag, performer assigns them, bag has five sections 103
Karrell Fox The "Fulla-Schlitz" Production six beer bottles appear on thin tray under handkerchiefInspired by
  • P&L Fish Bowl Production
Karrell Fox Karrell's "Bloomers" small bouquet of flowers grows 109
Karrell Fox Aw-Shoot! with comedy props 111
Karrell Fox Instant Flowers seeds put in fist, flowers appear 113
Karrell Fox Florabundance four flower bouquets appear on tray under silks 115
Karrell Fox The "Fool-eroid" Camera rabbit production from camera box, comedy routine 117
Karrell Fox, Edwin, Michael Hooper, Jeffery Atkins Kolor-Kamera camera shown empty, silks change color inside, card silk suggestion 119
Unknown Bold Count Force reverse count, then bottom card shown 121
Karrell Fox Credit-Card Repeat six card repeat with credit cardsRelated to 122
Karrell Fox, Roy Kissell Fox's "Rope-Tie" cut and restored necktie, accidentally cut during rope cuttingInspired by 123
Karrell Fox Fox's "Unequal-Nightmare" Ropes 125
Karrell Fox Beauty and the Least bathing beauty as stage illusion 128
Karrell Fox Tarzan Rope Trick with a "Flashy" Finish rope cut in half, knotted together, knot ignited and it burns away in a flash 135
Karrell Fox The "Creepy" Carnation lapel flower moves visibly to opposite lapel and back 136
Karrell Fox Close-Up Cumberbund storing and organising props in cummerbund 137
Karrell Fox Fox's "Hare-Straightner" hypnotizing a spring bunny, sight gag 139
Karrell Fox "Take It and Stick It" card rises from fan and up in the air where it is caught, sticks to thumb 141
Karrell Fox Magical Assets Variations 143
Karrell Fox Ball-o-matic single ball instantly becomes four balls, all attached to each other 145
Karrell Fox Pyromaniact borrowed handkerchief is torched and restored 149
Karrell Fox Silkard Production Jack Chanin's T.V. Production with cards 151
Karrell Fox Bullseye Card Trick shot on deck, selection flies out, bullet hole through selection, "Sure-Shot"
- The Second Version (a lipstick lip print appears on card)
Karrell Fox H.H. Coin Catcher coin stuck to thumbRelated toVariations 157
Karrell Fox The B.S. Coin Pail coin on string attached to handle of pail, string struck for soundVariations 159
Karrell Fox Nite-Cap strips of paper rolled into ball transform into paper cap, then performer is suddenly dressed in pajamas
- Nite-Cap - Supreme (different switch)
Karrell Fox A School for Vent voice from little school house 171
Karrell Fox An Encore with radio 173
Karrell Fox Clip'nsnip Art rag picture, squares of felt cut and trimmed and arranged in some picture 175
Karrell Fox At the End of the Rope pieces of rope intro handkerchief, they arrange into words or a slogan 176
Karrell Fox Chalk Talk Features and Finale spectator holds easel infront of him, picture drawn on it, head completes the funny pictureInspired by 179
Karrell Fox "Sillysilk" Hats silks tied onto spectator's heads for colorful stage presence 187
Karrell Fox Fox's Holder-Holder's holders that do not have to be pinned into clothing 189
Karrell Fox Fox's "Hang-Ups" method to hang up photographs with the need of a frame 193
Karrell Fox Hot Flashes center fold in Playboy magazine with "bunny" picture gos up in flames 195
Karrell Fox Cup and Saucery gag in which the cup on a saucer almost drops on spectator but is held in place with a finger through the handle 199