Written by Karrell Fox

Work of Karrell Fox

160 pages (Hardcover), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Ed Harris.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karrell Fox Dedication 4
Karrell Fox Thank You's 6
William A. Wells Foreword "Bill Wells" 7
Stan Kramien My Brother 8
Karrell Fox Introduction 11
Karrell Fox A "Close-up" Look at Magic on close-up magic and how to approach a table 17
Karrell Fox "Clipswitch" switch with paper clip 19
Karrell Fox "A Real Shocker" tray of coins vibrates and buzzes when spectator touches a coin, joy-buzzer 20
Karrell Fox Half and Half flash dollar bill transforms into two half dollars when ignited in a flash 23
Karrell Fox "A New Look at an Old Effect" cone funnel twisted with dollar bill, used to drop coin into bottle 24
Karrell Fox "No Not" fairly knot tied vanishes 26
Karrell Fox A "Tip" for You cork on cigarette, sight gag 29
Karrell Fox "Ringo" item wrapped in handkerchief vanishes, secret rubber band 30
Karrell Fox A "Dog-Gone" Good Prediction animal names on blank cards, "dog" chosen, balloon changes into balloon dog 31
Unknown One-of-Six Force involving spelling the number 32
Karrell Fox "Center-Piece" Napkin Tear center of paper napkin torn out and restoredInspired by
  • "Center-Tear" (Neil Foster)
Karrell Fox The Little Black Book blow book presentation with address book 36
Karrell Fox Houdini Escapes rubber band jumps from first and second to third and fourth finger, with second band around finger tips 37
Karrell Fox A "Foxy" Close-Up-Concept performing with borrowed objects 39
Karrell Fox "Shell-Shock" sponge balls appear under shells as finale 40
Karrell Fox A Real Rabbit rabbit folded out of handkerchief, then real one appears 42
Karrell Fox "Two-Easy" Card Force automatic second deal with corner cut off 47
Karrell Fox Karrell's Kard Kontrol card inserted half-way, then gripped in kind of master palm and stolen or moved to top 47
Karrell Fox "The Nose-Knows" 49
Karrell Fox "Easy-Aces" Aces cut in deck reappear on top 51
Karrell Fox The "Informers" performer cuts deck into three piles, on top are the mates of the selection 53
Karrell Fox "A Foxy-Falsie" Thompson Cut without break, jogged packetRelated to 54
Karrell Fox "Center-Tainment" card reversed in center, switched as it is taken out and turned face-down 55
Karrell Fox Four-Ace Opener spectator selects four cards which are put reversed in deck, they turn out to be Aces 55
Karrell Fox "You Name It" named card is reversed card, spread switch 55
Karrell Fox Karrell's Krismas Aces "Karrell Fox Christmas Present, revealed by Harris A. Solomon"
two phases, transformation of two Aces as climax
Also published here
  • Linking Ring, December 1961
Karrell Fox "It's a Snap" Snap Change with onload on deckInspired by 62
Karrell Fox "Short-Cut's" with small knife or dagger, two phases, locator card and count in second phase 64
Unknown The "Peek" Location 65
Unknown Bluff Pass 65
Karrell Fox "Poppin Balloons" child shots with toy gun on balloon, it pops 69
Karrell Fox "Kidzropes" 70
Karrell Fox Thumb Fun performer trips over nail multiple times, hammers it in, giant thumb gag 72
Karrell Fox A "Live" Hat raccoon to hat 74
Karrell Fox "E.Z.S.P." 79
Karrell Fox "Good Newz" newspaper torn into pieces, spectator selects one and remembers word on it, it is divined 80
Karrell Fox The "Flasher" flash cube flashes without touching it, FISM Flash 81
Karrell Fox "E.Z.-est-yet" Mindreading billets mixed in envelope, some held back secretly when others are dumped outRelated to 83
Karrell Fox "Magamental" page in magazine selected, torn out and crumpled up, tossed to spectator, then content described, switchRelated to 84
Karrell Fox "Easy Reader" page from newspaper selected, then a torn section, picture on it described, repeated several times 86
Karrell Fox The Two-Fisted Book Test spectator decides on page number with his fingers, limited choiceRelated to
  • "It's in the Book" (Ray Hyman, Linking Ring, Oct. 1953, p. 65)
Karrell Fox "Bocane" cane to bouquet, bouquet comes from sleeve 91
Karrell Fox The "World's Fairest" Card Revelation ungaffed banded deck tossed out, a card peeked at, found 92
Karrell Fox "Silken Ring" silk through ring 93
Karrell Fox "Nosteal" Cane Vanish cane vanishes in newspaper, no steal necessary 95
Karrell Fox The "Just Right" Prediction "You are right" on prediction changes into name of actual card 96
Karrell Fox The "Neck-Romancy" Rope Trick extra piece in collar 97
Karrell Fox "Front Page Finish" full-page image of card in newspaper as prediction 98
Karrell Fox "Elimacard" deck cut in two piles, one half eliminated, rest again cut in two piles, repeated until one card remains, selectionRelated to 100
Karrell Fox "Knot-Away" silk through rope, sticky 101
Karrell Fox Flashstrip torn and restored paper strip 103
Karrell Fox The E.C. Card in Wallet card torn, pieces vanish except one, restored card in wallet 104
Karrell Fox A "Pack O' Silk" full pack of cigarettes, silk vanishes from paper, cigarettes changes into silk inside case 106
Karrell Fox "Karrell's Klipper" deck with signed selection in paper bag, yarn with paper clip at end used to fish out selection 108
Karrell Fox "Silkut" silk in paper tube cut and restored 110
Karrell Fox "Simple-Flying" Ring Trick 111
Karrell Fox "Turnaround Trick" audience names selection, giant card on back of spectator 113
Karrell Fox Karrell's "Kleen-Kut" Rope 114
Karrell Fox "Mag-A-Change" two magazines change place 116
Karrell Fox "Clip-Tomania" cut-out holes in paper form card design as divinationInspired by
  • Howard Albright, Tops magazine
Karrell Fox The "No Fan - Egg on Fan" between two strainers 120
Karrell Fox The "Liquid Chain" Escape Siberian Chain Escape, handcuff escape under cloth with glass production 121
Karrell Fox More "Tricks of the Trades" trade shows, chapter intro 125
Karrell Fox An Ambitious Commercial blank card with company name for ambitious card, trade shows 125
Karrell Fox An "Undercover" Plug company logo on bottom of close-up pad, trade shows 127
Karrell Fox A "Hot" Item trade show presentation for flaming book 128
Karrell Fox A Good "Back-Up" some cards have company logo on back, trade show 129
Karrell Fox "Presto-Logo" three jumbo cards vanish in silk, company logo on silk, trade show 131
Karrell Fox A Blending of Ideas silks with slogans change into silk with company logo, trade show blendo 132
Karrell Fox The Silk-Shooter silk over barrel of gun vanishes when fired, alternative to Eddie Joseph's Hank Gun 135
Karrell Fox Easy Memory writing up information about client for next time they are met 137
Roy Kissell The Arkay Silk Fold guaranteeing that design on silk appears the right way for cane to silk 138
Karrell Fox "Roll-Up Table" drape with many pockets to throw over chair for impromptu table 141
Karrell Fox S.it O.n S.ervante servante between legs, kind of like a change bag 144
Karrell Fox The Heavenly Magic Show poem 149
Karrell Fox, Bob Johnson The Interview 153