Written by Karrell Fox

Work of Karrell Fox

164 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Ed Harris.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karrell Fox Thank You... 4
Marvyn Roy The Desert Fox 9
Joe Stevens Foreword 11
Karrell Fox Introduction 12
Karrell Fox Foxy Foldup no steal, pocket in paper 14
Karrell Fox Slap-Down Coin Vanish hand slapped on coin and coin apparently dragged forwards 16
Karrell Fox Gold Dust borrowed finger ring put in envelope and hammered upon, becomes gold dust 18
Karrell Fox A Pin And Pencil Set pen clings to hand 20
Karrell Fox A Dollar Matched dollar bill to match book 21
Karrell Fox The Pinch Coin Vanish 23
Karrell Fox The Medicine Man borrowed finger ring into plastic medicine bottle 24
Karrell Fox Fantom Fire performer can make paper napkin flash when touched with cigarette, spectators cannot 26
Karrell Fox "Hinge-Enious" Coin coin catcher gimmick 28
Karrell Fox Sympathetic Coins bunch of quarters are alternating heads up and face up, when dropped singly all heads up 29
Karrell Fox Stabracardabra knife stuck into napkin-wrapped deck, napkin torn away and selection sticks to knife 32
Karrell Fox See The Marks? comedy presentation for revealing a reversed card 34
Karrell Fox Your Card Is... spelling YOURCARDIS 35
Karrell Fox For Good Measure selected card written on measuring tape 36
Karrell Fox Here's Looking At You deck dropped in paper bag and shaken, spectator is told to take out any card he sees, it's the selection 38
Karrell Fox 3 More Reasons To Perform "Out Of This World" - twenty-sixth card face-up
- switch handling
- Joker finish
Karrell Fox There It Is Related to 41
Karrell Fox Karrell's Kard Schtick stick with four suits on them, changes in stick with four hearts and Four of Hearts is selection 43
Karrell Fox A Sizable Card Revelation BIG and LITTLE printed on cards, the fitting one changes into selection 45
Karrell Fox Fox's Fabulous Fickle Finger Force riffle force, right first finger apparently drags out center card but takes top card instead 47
Karrell Fox The Un-Marked Deck selection made face-up (Riffle Force), it's the only obviously marked card on the back 48
Unknown Riffle Force break 48
Karrell Fox The Sloppy Fox Rollover with eight-packet display that is "rolled up"Inspired by
  • Sid Lorraine
Karrell Fox The Unfaked Card To Wallet signed card into ungaffed, rubber-banded wallet 51
Karrell Fox A.T.S. Book Test "Almost Too Simple", page in magazine selected, torn out and crumpled up, tossed to spectator, then content described, no switch, long-short magazineRelated to 54
Karrell Fox SealedStab Prediction envelope stabbed in deck, card stabbed to is predicted in envelope, under-the-handkerchief-force adaption 56
Karrell Fox Actions Speak Louder Than Words six actions written on cards in six envelopes, one selected and performer does action (e.g. "stand on one foot") 57
Karrell Fox The Envelope Please card stopped at predicted with jumbo card in envelope, half forcing deck 59
Karrell Fox Dream Girls five photos of actresses chosen, performer divines them 61
Karrell Fox The Cereal Killer favorite breakfast cereal chosen from multiple boxes, prediction 64
Karrell Fox A Bottomless Prediction loading prediction into bottomless pay envelope 66
Karrell Fox The "Hare-Tar" torn and restored strip into paper rabbit, corny gagInspired by 68
Karrell Fox The Super-Simple Coin Wand 70
Karrell Fox The Unfinished Palette mismade silks, blendo type effect in which small colored silks are merged with color palette on big silk 72
Karrell Fox The Static Tie necktie moves up instead of paper in hand, nailed to stomachInspired by
  • Jack London's "Pop-Up Tie"
Karrell Fox Willie The Worm spring snake from snake can comes out of apple apparently 76
Karrell Fox Traffic-Trick black and white traffic light on silk becomes colorful, teaching about traffic safety 78
Karrell Fox How's Ticks? stethoscope comedy prop made from plunger 80
Karrell Fox Take Your Pick car key tags chosen from change bag, all the same brand, trade show presentation 84
Karrell Fox The Topper trade show presentations for U.F. Grant's Strat-O-Spheres prop 86
Karrell Fox Producing The Product Paul Stadelman Rabbit Production box for trade show use 88
Karrell Fox It's In The Bag letter cards put in bag, ribbon dropped in, on it appears slogan or company name, trade show 90
Karrell Fox A "Flashy" Logo flash paper on board, company name appears in flash, trade show 92
Karrell Fox The Applause Sign sign on which the message changes, Tommy Windsor prop, trade show presentation 94
Karrell Fox Jet-Settings backdrop for parlour or children performances 98
Karrell Fox Heart Smart heart balloon as give-away at table 100
Karrell Fox A Proper Dropper coin dropper, film canister 101
Karrell Fox A "Handy" Exercise hand exercise with two sheets of paper 103
Karrell Fox The Family Album large album on easel, faces on different sheets that can move their mouths, idea 104
Karrell Fox The Bag Table bag attached to microphone stand 106
Dick Jarrow The Secret Six A Sort Of Historical Rundown By Dick Jarrow 108
Karrell Fox The Lucky Fox bill in thumb tip, Jack LondonRelated to 114
Karrell Fox "When All Else Fails" Rope Trick extra loop added 116
Karrell Fox The Embarrassed Medal medal on lapel crawls back inside breast pocket after bad joke, sight gag 118
Karrell Fox Tissue Color silk pushed through a hole in tissue paper changes color 120
Karrell Fox "Scissrope" extra loop added with scissors 121
Karrell Fox Splitting-Hares arm chopper with rabbit inside 122
Karrell Fox At The End Of My Rope 124
Karrell Fox Over The Rainbow Blendo blendo without props 126
Karrell Fox The Actual Selected Card In Balloon no prop 128
Karrell Fox A "Cheep" Trick egg to live baby chick in napkin 130
Karrell Fox Fox Passes The Salt long pour 132
Karrell Fox Never Say "Dye" eggs become colorful easter eggs in change bag 134
Karrell Fox Stringaring paper bag with string sticking out, vanished finger ring appears on string 136
Karrell Fox An Uplifting Miracle gag with electric deck 138
Karrell Fox A Silk To Egg Tip thumb tip and read egg 139
Karrell Fox Color Pop silk pushed in hand, changes color when opened 140
Karrell Fox Peek-A-Boo silk from breast pocket vanishes in hand, reappears by slowly crawling out of breast pocket again 142
Karrell Fox Right Off The Top Of Your Head chosen audience member divines selection, lazy tongs with card behind spectator 144
Karrell Fox Confusin' Confetti confetti on plate, when confetti is shaken off, confetti in form of card name remain on plate 145
Karrell Fox Cardician Blendo Revisited two card silks with wrong cards change into large silk with selectionInspired by 147
Karrell Fox Blendo Trio blendo presentation ideas with printed silks 150
Karrell Fox The "Presto-Chang-O" Tube tube to switch or produce silks 152
Karrell Fox "A. And P." Card In Balloon "Almost Perfect", duplicate 154
Karrell Fox Karrell's Korny Komments Silks humorous printings on silksRelated to 156
Karrell Fox Don't Miss Your Cue billiard ball to pool cue in bag 158
Karrell Fox Parting Thots 161