Written by Terry Seabrooke

Work of Terry Seabrooke

112 pages (Hardcover), published by Magical Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Butler.
Language: English

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Mike Caveney Publisher's Note 9
Billy McComb Introduction 11
Terry Seabrooke Foreword 13
Terry Seabrooke It Started Like This... autobiographical chapter 15
Terry Seabrooke The Magic Convention 23
Terry Seabrooke The Linking Rings comedy routine, ring links to jacket 28
Terry Seabrooke Bullet Thru Card gun is shot at deck, selection is found burnt with a hole in it 36
Terry Seabrooke Cigarette In The Coat comedy routine with lots of gags, cigarette vanishes in spectator's jacket 39
Terry Seabrooke Terry's Tennis Ball comedy bit, tennis ball with face and slit as mouth 48
Terry Seabrooke Burnt Note In Wallet with fire insurance, envelope in wallet 49
Terry Seabrooke What Do You Mean My Dressing Room Is A Nail! on various dressing rooms 65
Terry Seabrooke The M.C. - The Running Order
- The Start of the Show
- The End of the Show
- The Band
- The Room
- The Show
- Final Thoughts
Terry Seabrooke Looking for Laughs comedy bits, on humor 78
Terry Seabrooke The Neck Spiker bits of business for Jack Hughes Neck Spiker, spike through spectator's neckInspired by
  • Jack Hughe's "The Neck Spiker" in "The Jack Hughes World of Magic - Volume 2" 1985
Terry Seabrooke The Pipes & Plugs Chinese sticks with pipes and plugs 80
Terry Seabrooke Visible Sawing Through presentation for sawing through lady, cutting a wallpaper in half 82
Terry Seabrooke The Chattering Teeth wind-up/chattering teeth cut pips from newspaper 83
Terry Seabrooke An Object Lesson medium divines chosen object 85
Terry Seabrooke Is It Really Close-Up Magic? on close-up magic 87
Terry Seabrooke Half and Half dollar torn in half and rolled up to two balls, restoration 88
Terry Seabrooke Give Me A Card spectator holds some cards behind back and shuffles them, he removes named card 89
Terry Seabrooke Give Me A Ring two glasses filled with milk, ring travels from glass to glass, Okito glasses 91
Terry Seabrooke Mind Reading Can selected card is divined with a can by other spectator 93
Terry Seabrooke Seabrooke's Cards Across with two spectators and cards in envelopes 95
Terry Seabrooke As Others See Us - The Musical Director
- The Stage Director / Producer
Terry Seabrooke On Satge - Lighting
- Prop Decoration
- Stage Curtains
- Audience Participations
- That Dead Spot
Terry Seabrooke The Plebeian Prestidigitator humorous article 106
Terry Seabrooke Curtain Call 110