Written by Larry Becker

Work of Larry Becker

151 pages (Paperback), published by Louis Tannen
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Larry Becker Forward v
Al Cohen Introduction vi
Larry Becker It's In The Bag ESP deck in paper bag, three spectators select a card and all are divined by performerRelated to 1
Larry Becker Four Told four times ten backwards count, horoscope reading with those cards, card found at total of four cards is predicted in envelope 5
Larry Becker Card Addition added with envelope 6
Larry Becker Some Total sum prediction in envelope, close-up and stage versionsInspired by
  • Will Dexter's "Computer Mind" in "Feature Magic for Mentalists" p. 113
Larry Becker Lorayne's Mental Masterpiece That Even Harry Knows Nothing About using Lorayne's Memory Game, fifteen photos are put in frame, one is selected and image divined by performer 18
Larry Becker Astro Dice using zodiac cards and pair of dice, one die is hidden and number divined, instructions with zodiac cards 25
Larry Becker The New Math Miracle six cards with numbers on both sides in envelopes, shuffled and turned over by spectator, total is divinedInspired by 29
Larry Becker Perplexing ESP Plaques marking system for ESP cards, business cards etc., address 33
Larry Becker Effect No. 1 Esp divination / duplication 35
Larry Becker Effect No. 2 five symbols drawn on cards and put in envelope, selected one is predicted 37
Larry Becker Effect No. 3 five blank cards, name written on one side and cards turned over, spectator selects one and murder is written on side, it's the same card 41
Larry Becker Predict-a-Mania II amount of cards cut and card are predictedInspired by 45
Unknown Cut Deeper Force 46
Larry Becker Reflecta-Thot five cards with hundred words each, word is selected by forming a number, prediction in envelope 48
Larry Becker Simpli-City Effect two sets of sixteen business cards with names of cities written on them, Do As I Do and prediction in envelope 55
Larry Becker Midas Mentalism silver coin turns into golden coin in envelope, alchemy presentation 59
Larry Becker The 13th Card double prediction, prediction written of card found when spectator's card is spelled to, and duplicate of spectator's card in pocket 63
Larry Becker Improved Haunted House story trick, five letter cards, different words with different letters are spelled 69
Larry Becker CB Mentalism cards with CB names and channels written on them, several selected and divined by performer 74
Larry Becker Computer-Dating deck is shuffled and dealt face up until first king, it is placed on a face down card, repeated three times, kings are put on matching queens 81
Larry Becker The 35 Millimiracle blank paper in film container transforms into a billVariations 84
Larry Becker The 35 Millimiracle II five film capsules, marked coin is placed in one and found by performer 88
Larry Becker Ultraffinity folded bill in one of several matchboxes is found by performer, then serial number is divinedVariations 91
Larry Becker Mental Case prediction in coin purse 97
Larry Becker Mental Case Bonus with coin purses 103
Larry Becker The Vampire Spell signed card in one of five envelopes, envelopes shuffled and word spelled for times, remaining envelope contains card, vampire presentation 105
Larry Becker Super-Vision some card in box are divined by sense of touch, spectator stops at card which is predicted in envelope 111
Larry Becker Hot Seat chair test with four chairs and colored discs, prediction of empty chair in envelope 120
Larry Becker Track Record name of race horses on cards, prediction on tape record 125
Larry Becker Count Force cards one to ten, two way out 127
Larry Becker Digitation numbered cards added to a number from invisible die, prediction of total in envelope 132
Larry Becker Dynamic-Duo 136
Larry Becker Thumb Fun assistant outside the room, number whispered to performer and noted on business card, divination by assitant 136
Larry Becker Tell-A-Phone numbers in bag, one in pocket of spectator, divination by medium over phone 138
Larry Becker Thunderbolt three spectators chose a color each and form a total with numbers, both is predicted in envelopeRelated to 141
Larry Becker Epilogue 151