Written by Larry Becker

1979 / 1989
Work of Larry Becker

216 pages (Spiralbound), published by Magico Magazine
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Larry Becker Introduction Book 2 first published in 1979, edition of 350 books, missing routines are "Swindled", "Vegas Mentalism", "Multi-Pry", "The Alpha Routine", "Peek-A-Boo-Boo", "Twin Forecast", "The $5,000 Challenge Prediction" 3
Larry Becker PSI-Stebbins shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predicted, jumbo cardsInspired by
  • Ken de Courcy's and Billy McComb's "Cabaret Card Divination"
Related to
Larry Becker It's In The Bag II shuffled deck in bag, spectator selects card which is divined by performerRelated to 13
Larry Becker Pyramid Power pyramid power presentation, prediction of single card 17
Larry Becker Symbolic cards with names of objects, one is selected by 9 forceInspired by 23
Larry Becker Snakes Alive comedy routine, no gag and spring snakes in tins in combination with "just chance"Inspired by
  • Ken de Courcy's "Four Color Chance" marketed through Supreme Magic, 1977.
Larry Becker Uncanny deck with words written on them, two are selected by spelling and divined, homonyms methodInspired by
  • J. G. Thompson Jr.'s "Jet Thought" marketed by Ed Mellon in the 1950s.
  • Words (Jack Vosburgh, 1940)
Larry Becker Mind Blaster ESP deck, prediction of symbol 39
Larry Becker Spectromental - Effect #1: color of poker chip in cardboard box is predicted, other two are divined
- Effect #2: drawing in cardboard box is divined
Larry Becker Ultraffinity Revisited folded bill in one of several matchboxes is found by performer, then serial number is divined, different boxesInspired by 54
Larry Becker Dynamation uses electric card shuffling machine, shuffled deck, packet of card is divined and last card predictedRelated to 62
Larry Becker Ultimate Psychometry with invisible ink pen 69
Larry Becker Fabulous Gypsy Spell six gipsy cards, one is selected and a chosen word from list used to spell through the cards 75
Larry Becker Auto-Magic chosen brand, color and price of a card is predicted, colors on cards 83
Larry Becker Seance signatures of famous magicians appear on chosen blank cards 89
Larry Becker Phantom Thought divination of one of sixteen symbol cards, mentally selected by spectatorInspired by 98
Unknown Antifaro in the hands injog / outjog 100
Larry Becker The Impossible Dream one thought of card is found, sixteen cards 106
Larry Becker Bell...Book...& Candle occult book test, number formed with pentagramRelated to
  • Tom Harris' "Conjuring for the Cognoscenti" in Genii, 1959.
Larry Becker Will Power six checks to celebrities, prediction of chosen checkRelated to
  • Dai Vernon's "Mental Die"
Larry Becker "Anything Goes" erasable prediction, one of three colors, clever wordingRelated to 124
Larry Becker Ho to Broaden the Possibilities further thoughts on the two-way erasable predictionRelated to 128
Larry Becker The Perfect Mental Utility Device - The Anything Goes Tic Board bingo presentation for the two-way erasable prediction, clipboard 130
Larry Becker Bullseye six bullet holes in spectator's card, with gunAlso published here
  • Alan Alan's "Sharpshooter", 1960s.
Larry Becker Carayola Caper color and symbolAlso published here
  • Edward Hutchison's routine in "Psychological Mysteries", 1977.
Larry Becker Ghost Image deck of blank cards, prediction of amount of cut cards and thought of card 140
Larry Becker Super Charged battery in tube, brand is divined, bill tubeRelated to
  • Bob Driebeek's "No Looking" in "Pentagram", 1957.
Larry Becker Network ESP three tv-networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) cards put in envelopes as spectator wishes, ABC card form name of network 150
Larry Becker Date-A-Cation prediction of date from a chosen coin 156
Larry Becker Coin Switch using a note pad 158
Larry Becker Matchic prediction of ESP symbol, five ESp cards and big matchbox 160
Larry Becker Heads or Tails invisible coin, prediction of heads or tails in envelope 164
Larry Becker Increditable - The Original Psy-Quik coincidence of chosen objects from list, credit cards 167
Larry Becker ZIP shuffled ESP deck, symbol is divined 172
Larry Becker The Mating Game two sets of envelopes containing coins with different dates, matching routine 174
Larry Becker Espitome two sets of five cards, matchingInspired by
  • Hen Fetsch's "Symbologic" and Barry Stevenson's "C.I.D."
Larry Becker Second Sight four coin purses with four coins with different dates, correctly allocated by performerInspired by 186
Larry Becker Mind Probe spectator choses a number from serial number, prediction on bill 191
Larry Becker Fool-Ette gambling and roulette theme, page force with playing card, book test, inspired by a Roulette Force from a Jerry Mentzer cavalcade book (?) 198
Larry Becker Card Flash number is formed, card in the deck at the number predicted in envelope 207
Larry Becker Duo-Matic based on a Hummer idea, two spectators with four cards, 14 instructions later end up with same cardInspired by
  • Charles Hudson's "Baby Hummer" in "The Linking Ring", 1960s.