Written by Steven Schneiderman

Work of Meir Yedid

59 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Fred Kraus.
Language: English

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Meir Yedid Foreword 7
Meir Yedid Bow Tie Routine handkerchief is formed into bow tie and split into two silks, then real bow tie appears 11
Meir Yedid Slip On Bow Tie to make a bow tie appear, metal band 17
Meir Yedid Serpent Silk Switch animated silk, jumps from floor to hand into sleeve, to breast pocket etc. 19
Meir Yedid Loaded Silk to Cane clever handling for handkerchief to appearing cane 23
Meir Yedid Cut and Restored Scarf instant restauration 31
Meir Yedid Card Appearance production of four Aces, empty hands only Aces 33
Meir Yedid Royal Deuces four cards are produced, then they change into a Royal Flush 39
Bob Hummer, Meir Yedid Visual Change Variation with multiple cards 40
Meir Yedid Born Again Card stand up, frontal versionAlso published here 43
Meir Yedid Continuous Sponge Balls between fingers, at once 47
Meir Yedid Last Sheet a length of toilet paper is produced between two sheets, appearance of toilet brush as a kicker 51
Meir Yedid Appearing Toilet Brush 57
Meir Yedid Afterword 59