Written by Bascom Jones

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500 pages (Hardcover), published by Collectors' Workshop
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Rich Bloch Foreward-Magick (Vol. III) iv
Bobby Hughes Mental Image Outdone! presentation idea for Jaks's Mental Image, five ESP cards are secretly put in six envelopes, performer divines where the cards are by drawing the symbols on the envelopes, last on is predictedInspired by 201 1001
Hiram Strait Blink! card and number where card is in deck is remembered by spectator and divined by performer 201 1002
Charlie Randall Time on Mine... Esp card over phone, time-code 201 1003
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 201 1004
Gordon Hoener Merchants of Mysticism on psychic hustlers, faith healers, readers, Voodoo doctor 201 1005
Leslie Anderson, Harry Anderson Time Warp divination of set time of a pocket watch 202 1007
Gerald Kosky Imagery several objects are hidden by spectators, performer finds them and brings them back to the owners 202 1008
Harry G. Franke Window Lights method to read stolen center, matchbook 202 1009
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Harry Anderson, Max Mave, Max Abrams, Tommy Tucker 202 1010
Philip T. Goldstein Earth-Ward! ten cards, seatedInspired byVariations 203 1011
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Propelled-Lapping to switch small packets 203 1012
Thomas Alan Waters O.T.L Option out to lunch as two-way prediction 203 1012
Nathan Stark Target Telepathy cards are divined, telepathy presentation 203 1013
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Nita and George Kemp, Liz and Tommy Tucker 203 1014
Liz Tucker, Tommy Tucker Two-Person Telepathy Act - What Constitutes a Two-Person Act?
- The Concept Is Not New
- Limited by System
- Simplified and Polished
- Catching Your Rabbit
- And Add a Dash of Showmanship
Related to 203 1015
Karroll Priest Karroll's Watch Thing! two borrowed watches, performer predicts set time on one watch, gimmickVariations 204 1017
Sid Lorraine Earth-Ward II with ESP symbols on blank cardsInspired byRelated to 204 1018
Orville Wayne Meyer The PR Device design for peek wallet, inspired by Dr. Jaks' "Private Reading Plus" 204 1019
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 204 1020
Dr. Dan J. Alessini PSI-Key key turns over on hand, then it is twistedInspired by
  • Henk Vermeyden's Skeleton Key
205 1021
Sydney Bergson San Diego Special no-tear center-tearAlso published here 205 1022
Thomas Alan Waters Numerology Card in Wallet prediction in envelope, in wallet, nine-force, version of Al Koran's "Five-Star Miracle Card"Variations 205 1023
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Fillman, Kevin Robinson, Harold Weaver, Valerie Nielsen, Art Emerson, Pete Biro 205 1024
Liz Tucker, Tommy Tucker Two-Person Telepathy Act - Part Two - Bullet-Fast, Bite-Sized
- Art to Conceal Art
- A Learning Method that Works
- All in your Head
- The Wireless Microphone
- Magic Hall of Fame
Related to 205 1025
George Kemp, Nita Kemp Mikhailova Phenomena moving objects with your mind, on pk-phenomena 206 1027
Bascom Jones Mind Menta shuffled deck in case, cards are divined 206 1028
Al Mann, Bobby Hughes Bottle BanG-G-G! thread with weight is attached in empty bottle and begins to move, pendulum, different bottles, with threads of different lengthsRelated to
  • David Abbott "Behind the Scenes with the Mediums", 1907
Also published here
206 1029
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tony Raven, The Psychic Entertainer Association 206 1030
Roy Miller Divine Power number is generated with calculator, it turns out to be the serial number of chosen bill from audience member, with bulldog clip on stick 207 1031
Richard Webster Tarot-Tell! with ten people cards of Major Arcana, selection is divined 207 1032
Peter Zenner Impression X with stack of envelopes 207 1033
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Aleister Crowley 207 1034
Liz Tucker, Tommy Tucker The Two-Person Telepathy Act - Part Three - Sub-Miniaturization
- Basic Equipment
- A Convenient Tool
- Drawbacks to Electronics
- Role of the Assistant
Related to 207 1035
B.C. Milnov Double OH! different names on business cards, two phases, telepathy and prediction 208 1037
Jack Kent Tillar Ultimedallion design for Koran Medallion, number actually inscribedInspired by 208 1039
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 208 1040
Philip T. Goldstein Green Bells of Hell different colors are noted down by different people, one color is selected, prediction 209 1041
Todd Karr Karr Watch two borrowed watches, set time is predicted, gimmick 209 1042
Ray Hyman Ghost Artist celebrity chosen, divined on paper 209 1043
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 209 1044
Philip T. Goldstein Hi-Lo Lexicon divided deck of ABC cards, different tricks
- Hi-Lo Odd Card
- Hi-Lo Tourist
- Hi-Lo Subtle Tourist
- Hi-Lo Thirds
- Hi-Lo Stranger in Australia
- Hi-Lo Up-Down
- Hi-Lo Hummer
- Addendum
209 1045
Max Abrams Psi-Touch two prediction of chosen coin and last coin tails-up, prediction of dateInspired by 210 1047
Bobby Hughes Pocket Pad gaffing, marking and using a spiral-bound pad for Pseudo Psychometry, predictions and add-a-number 210 1048
Al Mann Test Conditions book is destroyed, down-under-deal with pages of a book 210 1049
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 210 1050
Leslie Anderson, Harry Anderson Foiled blindfolded performer, different stunts with a fencing foil 211 1051
Sandy Spillman Digital Divination spectator thinks of one finger, performer divines which one 211 1052
Eddie Goldstein Tele-Peek stop force 211 1053
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Kreskin 211 1054
Bascom Jones 12 Tips on the Question-Answering Act 211 1055
Robert Schwarz Tri-Level ESP presentation of telepathy (card), clairvoyance (amount of coins) and precognition (date of coin) 212 1057
Dan Tong Time-X set time is matchedInspired by 212 1058
Philip T. Goldstein Skyward two sets of four business cards with numbers are found to be in same order, propelled-lapping 212 1059
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Fillman, Jonathan Neal Brown, Hugh Miller 212 1060
George Kemp, Nita Kemp PK: By the Numbers bill in glass moves, then with aid of spectator part of serial number is divined 213 1061
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Ringer medium at other end divines cards 213 1062
Robert Siepielski Card in Wallet prediction of chosen card, multiple out in wallet, linguisticInspired by 213 1063
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob Cassidy, PEA, Gordon Hoener, Phillip Goodwill, Haunt Hunters 213 1064
Maurice Fogel Reflections of a Professional Mentalist - Advice for the Beginner
- The Importance of Presentation
- The Disclaimer
- Judge and Jury
- What about the Future?
213 1065
Paul Rylander Word Test! card with words written on, chosen words are divined 214 1067
Frederick M. Shields Stratagem design duplication, glimpsing the design with the aid of a stationary box for blank cards 214 1068
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Force Field matching ESP, symbols drawn on paper and rolled up, spectator choses pellets and card with same deisgn 214 1069
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tom Hawbecker, Liz and Tommy Tucker, Kreskin, Frances Willard 214 1070
Stephen Minch Quatrain four ESP cards are predicted, spectator deals and stopsAlso published here 215 1071
Gene Nielsen Bold One minor variation of the Hoy Book TestInspired by 215 1072
Jeff Busby Chrom-a-mental using "Mental Pictoria" deck, design dupliction 215 1073
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Hugh Miller's "The Savior", Gordon Hoener, Tony Raven, PEA 215 1074
Bascom Jones Cold Reading - Its Techniques and Practice - Part I - What It Is
- Foundation Stone
- Common Denominators
- Hit Upon Specific
- Life Patterns
215 1075
Kate Shiels Witch's Web prediction during an interview with several reporters, in envelope 216 1077
Ted Karmilovich Karmilovich Phenomenon moving objects on table, odd thread set-up 216 1078
Terry Nosek Tuning In... during radio interview, host selects a card and calls a person who divines card, hole in business card to select number 216 1079
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Kate "Psyche" Shiels, Diana The Enchantress 216 1080
Barry Wiley Psi-Search paper is signed and sealed in envelope, mixed among others performer destroys all envelopes except the one with the paper 217 1081
Tom Zoss The Zoss... Button-Writer button on coat as alternative nail writer 217 1082
Christopher Rogers Flim-Flam Man! q&a routine 217 1083
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 217 1084
Bascom Jones Cold Reading - Its Techniques and Practice - Part II - Decade of Turmoil
- The "Future is Now"
- Group Reaction
- Group Dynamics
217 1085
Cicardi Mind Snap variation of Koran's binary newspaper 218 1087
Philip T. Goldstein Pentaforce forcing a card from five, named number 218 1088
Paul Rylander Century 21 triple prediction 218 1089
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Hugh Miller 218 1090
George B. Anderson The Water Witch dowsing rod made of coat-hangers, finding water in a box and pseudo psychometry 219 1091
Al Koran Chips chips in bowl, some are selected by performer and spectator, relation is predicted 219 1092
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Psi-Keys with three locks, Key-r-rect presentation 219 1093
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Maurice Fogel, Al Mann, Liz and Tommy Tucker, Kate Shiels 219 1094
Bascom Jones Cold Reading - Its Techniques and Practice - Part III - Preoccupation with Self
- Reflect Confidence
- Do Your Homework
- Gain the Subject's Cooperation
- Use Psychological Truisms
- Keep Your Eyes Open
- Keep Your Ears Open
- Flattery Works Wonders
- Make it Theatrical
219 1095
Philip T. Goldstein Mister Lucky prediction in envelope, three different-colored chips, two chosen by spectators, Himber wallet 220 1097
Erik Jan Hanussen Brain-Child prediction of ESP card, initialed envelope 220 1098
Paul Rylander Word Gauge list of words made on business cards, memory stunt, graphology and prediction in wallet 220 1099
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Max Maven, Burling Hull, Kate Shiels, David Hoy 220 1100
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Bingo prediction held with bulldog clip, number on bingo cards 221 1101
Ted Karmilovich Red & Black performer separates red and black cards 221 1102
Neal Rider Clairvoyant several spectator draw something on a slip, one is selected and duplicated by performer 221 1103
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Maurice Fogel 221 1104
Bascom Jones Cold Reading - It's Techniques and Practice - Part IV - Attitudes are Changing
- The American Family
- Role of Women
- More about Women
- And the Problems of Women
- But Don't Make Medical Suggestion
221 1105
Maurice Fogel The Amazing Fogel performer writes prediction of a card on back of joker, it matches chosen card 222 1107
Marvin Miller Heads Up! all spectators throw coins, and are eliminated until one remains, coin and date is predicted 222 1108
Neal Rider Planned Failures after failing at a routine, serial number of bill is revealed 222 1109
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Mark Stone, Mark Popelsky, publicity stunts 222 1110
Burton S. Sperber Chips four poker chips with different colors in performer's pocket, one is selected by spectator and divined, see also p. 1120 for ideas by Orville Meyer 223 1111
John Greget Pinpoint pulse is stopped and pushpin jammed into palm of hand 223 1112
Robert Siepielski The Edge prediction of a ESP symbol, ESP cards are shuffled and one selected 223 1113
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the Hollywood Cavalcade of Magic, Maurice Fogel, women in mentalism 223 1114
Bascom Jones Cold Reading - It's Techniques and Practice - Part V - Listen to your Unconscious Mind
- The Silent Scream
- The Eyes Have It!
- Look, Too, At the Pupils
- In Summary
223 1115
Philip T. Goldstein Cue Stick card is selected and divined, notepad with wax 224 1117
Dr. John Nichols Joker III medium stops before joker, repeated with medium in other room, story of an encounter between Jimmy Grippo and Dai VernonInspired by 224 1118
Robert Siepielski Sight Unseen drawn ESP symbols on business cards, thought symbol is divined 224 1119
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 224 1120
Leslie Anderson Twice-Told Tarot! Tarot card is located, only Major Arcana 225 1121
Ted Karmilovich Time-ZAP handles of watch vanish 225 1122
Orville Wayne Meyer Brain Shock 2 using the Burling Hull reversible card, inside out foldInspired by 225 1123
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tony Shiels, David Hoy 225 1124
Sandy Spillman Dunninger, The Man and the Myth on Dunninger
- Electric Quality
- Write Something Hard
- Distributed Envelopes
- The Program
- Errors were Impressive
- The Skeptics
- Professional License
225 1125
Barry Wiley Earth-Ward III out of this world type, with business cardsInspired byRelated to 226 1127
Lee Noble Hind-Sight special pair of glasses, mirror 226 1128
David Hoy, Tom Craven Psi-Handkerchief five different colored handkerchiefs in five glasses, prediction of one color 226 1129
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 226 1130
Kate Shiels Psyche's Revenge medium breaks leg of a table with mind / energy 227 1131
Arthur Emerson Force 27 different numbers on slips of paper, number is forced 227 1132
Terry Nosek Psi-Peek dynamics of tossed out deck, four cards are divined 227 1133
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Katie Shiels, Diana Zimmerman 227 1134
Diana Zimmerman Follow Your Hopes...Not Your Fears - Spectators Want a Star
- Widespread Identity
- Handling the Interview
- Photographs
- The Promotion Kit
- The Learning Curve
227 1135
Richard Lyn Mind Search spectator removes envelopes from a stand and burns them as instructed by blindfolded performer, envelope with money remains, using Ed Mellon's "Quantimental" 228 1137
Gene Nielsen pk simple card reverseVariations 228 1138
Robin Robertson Picture Perfect picture cards with different symbols, special stack (a-z), prediction and divination 228 1139
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the Magic Dealers Association 228 1140
Leslie Anderson The Sixth Sign! telephone book test, three numbers written on three pieces of papers or formed into three digit number, see also p. 1160 for corrections 229 1141
Robert Siepielski Bingo 2 winning at a game of bingo 229 1142
Philip T. Goldstein Numix handling of the 14/15 stack force, as a prediction 229 1143
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 229 1144
Dorfay Not Merely Mental - Jack of All Trades
- Focus on You
- On Selecting a Style
- Lighting and Music
- Interdependence of Audience
- Eye Contact
- Be Receptive
- Use your Voice
- Cold Audience Start Slower
- Play Your Spectators
- And, Finally, Play your Audience
229 1145
Hanussen The Fourth Eye divination and prediction of ESP symbol 230 1147
Gaylord E. Hill pk 2 Inspired by 230 1148
Neal Rider The Power methods to appear supper natural or gifted, knowing names of people, finding lost objects etc 230 1149
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tony and Kate Shiels, Bob Schwarz, Jeff Busby, Magic Dealers Association 230 1150
Burton S. Sperber Mind Scam two thirds of the deck are shown, performer memorizes the cards and names cards in the third packet 231 231
Kate Shiels Witch's Plot publicity stunt for one reporter, performer apparently travels long distance very quicklyVariations 231 1152
David (Foote) Drake Watch It! divining an appointment and a time, written down on paper 231 1153
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the death of North Bigbee, FISM, Hans Moretti, Patrick, Alessandro de Luca 231 1154
Barry Wiley The Indescribable Phenomenon on Anna Eva Fay
- Compared with Houdini
- She Excited her Audience
- Featured a Two-Part Routine
- The Cabinet Act
- The Question-Answering Routine
- At the Rate of Three a Minute
- Exposures Brought Headlines
- Always Available to Reporters
- Call her an 'Actress'
231 1155
Leslie Anderson Chance! named card is found on position which is the same number as the price written on the box 232 1157
Philip T. Goldstein Homer ESP symbols, cards match with cards in envelope 232 1158
Richard Lyn Color-X prediction of a symbol card, forcing deck 232 1159
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tony Andruzzi, Magictronix 232 1160
Dr. Dan J. Alessini SH-H-! 25 number card with numbers from one to five, spectator divines if numbers match or not 233 1161
Terry Nosek Psi Pow! during live TV-Show, medium is called who divines selection 233 1162
Robin DeWitt Pens-O-Metric different colored pens, word on billets 233 1163
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on James McDonnell 233 1164
Hal Weaver, Robin Weaver Quick Guide to Contact Mindreading - Part I - The Basic Principle
- Make the Subject Think
- A Process of Elimination
- How do You Begin?
- Where to Start
- Discovering the Target
- Getting the Subject to Move
233 1165
Karroll Priest The Phoenix Effect impression device, wax in envelope 234 1167
Nita Kemp, George Kemp Tiddley-Wink dividing object, secret coding for informal situations 234 1168
Kathi DeFrancis, Steve Aldrich Mind Touch blindfolded medium divines cards 234 1169
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 234 1170
Jonathan Yarbrough The Ring prediction of price of ring, price tag, Koran Medaillon type 235 1171
Nita Kemp Mind-X mnemonic help 235 1172
Kathi DeFrancis, Steve Aldrich Secret Assistant two-person act, prediction of a named card, bulldog clip 235 1173
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tom Tucker, Carol Roy 235 1174
Hal Weaver, Robin Weaver Quick Guide to Contact Mindreading - Part II - Tune In
- Only an Experiment
- Keep a Running Record
- End the Experiment Differently
- Don't Fear Failure
- Extend the Technique
- Verbal Suggestions
235 1175
Philip T. Goldstein Printed Matter prediction of chosen word, ambigram prediction as two-way outInspired by 236 1177
U. F. Grant Plastic Forcing Bag clear forcing bag with three compartments, brief 236 1178
Philip T. Goldstein The Crystal Key keys in envelopes, using Crystal Clock Dial 236 1178
Philip T. Goldstein Day for Night Daley's Rouge et Noir with ESP cardsInspired by 236 1179
Bascom Jones They Mystic Word on Lev Schneider and Natasha 236 1180
Thomas Alan Waters Star-Crossed prediction of ESP card, with box 237 1181
Elmer Deffenbaugh Direct Dialing publicity stunt for one reporter, performer apparently travels long distance very quickly, different method than ShielsInspired by 237 1182
Paul Rylander Sight Unseen divination of three cards 237 1183
Unknown Glimpse of Bottom Card and Card at Center at the same time 237 1183
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 237 1184
Thomas Alan Waters (reviewer) "Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism, Volume Two" - An Historical Perspective by Larry Becker
Review by Goldstein and Waters, missing credits of Becker book
237 1185
Gordon Hoener Grave's End automatic writing with a pencil, pencil breaks in two eventually 238 1187
Tom Craven Shadows psychological force, prediction of one ESP card 238 1188
Philip T. Goldstein Beam groups selects a card verbally, and one card is selected, medium divines both cards 238 1189
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Diana Zimmerman, Max Maven, Gordon Hoener 238 1190
Gene Nielsen Front Page based on Albert Spackman's "Clip Line"Inspired by 239 1191
George Kemp The Force manifestation of the force / ghost under handkerchief, impromptu 239 1192
Paul Rylander Strangers seven Spades are shuffled, secured with a rubber band and placed in an envelope, performer manages to order seven Clubs in same order 239 1193
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 239 1194
George B. Anderson Anderson on Mentalism - "You Must Entertain"
- Someone Will Know the Gimmick
- If the Impulses Apply
- We're More Alike than Different
- A Stock Final Reading
- Keep Your Test Few and Simple
- A Blockbuster Finish
- Concerning Style
- Questions Can Be Entertaining too
239 1194
Henry H. Fields The Fields Device special impression device, clipboard, for pre-show or with assistantVariations 240 1197
Cicardi Mind Expander growing head illusion, hypno-disk on device to rotate it 240 1198
Orville Wayne Meyer Match It 240 1199
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 240 1200
Nathan Stark Mind Press piece of matchbook is balanced on a pin and covered with a glas, starts turning 241 1201
Cicardi Secret Word divining secret Mantra from people who practice transcendental medicine 241 1202
Karroll Priest Guest Shot mind reading on the radio, people call in 241 1203
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Karl Fulves' Self-Working Mental Magic 241 1204
Bascom Jones "What a Nice Thing to Say" - Names That Made News
- What Price Glory?
- And Further Proof
- The Feature Story or Interview
- Tips on Feature Placement
- Advantages and Disadvantages
241 1205
Alexander Renno Mind's Eye several chess pieces in a box, performer divines the one which is removedRelated toVariations 242 1207
Robert Schwarz Psi Probed divination of a number, psychological ploy 242 1208
Philip T. Goldstein Teamwork card with names of famous couples, performer and spectator select two that match 242 1209
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Gail Sheehy's "Passages" 242 1210
Edward Marlo Psi Color deck is shuffled and spectator can guess if top card is red or black, he is always rightRelated to 243 1211
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein The Psych-Key follow-up for moving key, key under handkerchief moves, Glorpy 243 1212
B.C. Milnov Odd Coincident waiter in restaurant writes number on business card, which was predicted beforehandInspired by 243 1213
George B. Anderson Your Microphone Can Do It All - A Tool of Your Trade
- Mike-Conscious
- The Cordless Microphone
- What they Cost
- Is It Worth It?
- If You Don't Have a Wireless Mike
- Tips on Microphone Use
243 1215
Cicardi Challenge of Chance design prediction, probability methodRelated to
  • Phil Smith's "Real Deal" in "Mitox" p. 79.
244 1217
Tom Craven 'Z' Test! numbers on a bingo sheet are crossed out until one remains, number is divined 244 1218
Robert Siepielski Keylock several blank cards in envelopes and and one with a drawn key, key is found and person who chose envelope, metal detector method 244 1219
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 244 1220
Katlyn The Mystic Tarot using the Major Arcana, divination of three cards 245 1221
Bill Coomer Card-X prediction of multiple cards 245 1222
George B. Anderson Soap Suds easy impression device method, soap 245 1223
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 245 1224
Orville Wayne Meyer 10 Tips on Warming Up Those Cold Readings 245 1225
Leslie Anderson Time Warp numbers are noted and one selected, matches set time by spectator on watch 246 1227
Henry H. Fields Twist! presentation idea for divination of a number with a nail writer 246 1228
Unknown Gambling Scam betting game with cards, odds in performer's favorRelated to
  • John Scarne's "Complete Guide to Gambling"
246 1229
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 246 1230
Jules Lenier Dark Touch ESP-deck, three cards in different pockets, performer finds duplicates of unseen selections 247 1231
Terry Tyson Psi-rcle pendulum held by spectator reacts different over billets with male and female names 247 1232
Hiram Strait Four-Letter Words four scrabble pieces are selected and a word is formed, prediction on slate 247 1233
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on mentalism with computers 247 1234
Orville Wayne Meyer Mentalism "My Way" - Develop Your Own Style
- Do Your Homework
- Don't Let the Pace Drag
- Magic Apparatus Doesn't Belong
- Stay in Spotlight
- Be Conservative in Your Claims
- Surprise Adds Drama to an Effect
- You Can't Sustain Unbroken Suspense
- Only Magicians Are Perfect
- Break the Rules... Knowingly
247 1235
Dick Zimmerman The October Man four numbers are written on a pad and added, total appears on calculator held in plastic bag 248 1237
George Kemp Secrets substitute for nail writer, with index cards, secret writing method 248 1238
Philip T. Goldstein The Tenniel Prediction one of about ten cards is selected and predicted, prediction for two cardsInspired by 248 1239
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Dorian 248 1240
Joe Weisbecker The Rhine Effect ten ESP cards are shuffled with 40 blank cards by the aid of a automatic shuffle machine, performer divines order of the ESP cards 249 1241
Leslie Anderson The Pad add-a-number pad, page switched while torn from pad 249 1242
B.C. Milnov Mind's Ear! divination of one out of six US cities 249 1243
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 249 1244
Bascom Jones Television: A General Overview - Insatiable Appetite
- Not the Place to Learn
- The TV Talk Shows
- And the New Shows
- Community and Public Television
- What's It All About?
- An Insider's Tip
249 1245
Ray Grismer Psychic Poker five hands, cards switch with performer's hand, who still ends up with Royal Flush 250 1247
Jeff Semel R.S.V.P. psychological ploys for probability number force, two digits and different numbers from one to fifty 250 1248
Richard Mark Pendulum Power! personal items in boxes used as pendulums, pseudo psychometry 250 1249
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Bob and Brenda Brown, Myrus 250 1250
Harry Seagal The Image Maker design duplication with a crystal ball, mirror 251 1251
Sandy Spillman Watch It! matching of set time, special model wrist watch 251 1252
Dennis Marks The 'X' Factor prediction of selected ESP symbol, five cards one bares symbol others are blank, erasable ink 251 1253
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 251 1254
Sandy Kross Television: Think Big, Start Small - Think Big, Start Small
- In the Beginning
- Talk-Show Format
- Types of Effects that Work Best
- A Booktest is a Booktest is a...
- Handle Viewers with Care
251 1255
Katlyn Ouija written name is divined with a ouija board 252 1257
Robert Siepielski X, Y, & Z justification for writing in the middle for a center tear 252 1258
Philip T. Goldstein 9th Dimension spectator counts matches in matchbook, card with matching number appears in chosen pile 252 1259
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Leslie Anderson, Katlyn, Dorian, Ron Shonk 252 1260
Orville Wayne Meyer The 41c Miracle envelopes with different amounts of change, prediction of selected envelope 253 1261
Joe Weisbecker Mystic Medallion which hand effect, with written prediction in Himber wallet 253 1262
Robin DeWitt Color Code medium divines one of five colors 253 1263
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 253 1264
Anonymous Television: What You Need to Know as "The Amazing Q"
- The Associate Producer
- Call-Time and Make-Up
- What to Wear
- The Green Room
- The Camera; The Audience
- A Question of Time
- Leave Promptly
- Play it Again, Sam
253 1265
Dick Zimmerman Puzzle Wit spectator removes piece from a solved puzzle, performer finds the same piece in a pile of pieces from the same unsolved puzzle, performed on TV by Romark 254 1267
Terry Tyson Psi-Pix ending for pseudo psychometry, last object in envelope is divined 254 1268
Jules Lenier Sneak Preview one of four bills is selected, using a Himber wallet 254 1269
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on books 254 1270
Stephen Minch The Minch Ken two cards from ESP deck, spectators think of a number and count to cardAlso published here 255 1271
Shogen / Zen Heat Wave medallion becomes really hot, foil 255 1272
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Credit Check prediction in form of X on one of five credit cards, erasable ink 255 1273
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Romark, Toni Andruzzi, David Hoy, Rick Johnsson 255 1274
Guy Thompson Chatter isn't Patter - Patter Must Have Purpose
- How Much, When, And in What Manner
- The Manner Must Be Suitable
- Don't Overlook Body Language
- Choosing What to Say... and How
- Use Patter to Achieve your Objective
- Avoid the Obvious
- A Perfectly Ordinary Deck of Cards
- Don't Make It Harder than it Is
255 1275
Peter Pit Ghost Key key turns on hand and raps and twists on a tray 256 1277
Jules Lenier Think Again seven envelopes, with coins 256 1278
Philip T. Goldstein Under Orders clever combination of principles to divine two cards 256 1279
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Christine Mignosa, Romark, Stephen Minch, Ray Hyman 256 1280
Henry H. Fields The Rose prediction of a name, presentation 257 1281
Bob Fillman Left Side, Right Side method to turn over card 257 1282
Michael Selwyn Warm-Up deck of ESP cards, prediction of three cards, automatic dealing procedure 257 1283
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the P.E.A. convention, Punx, Tony Andruzzi, Bob Cassidy 257 1284
David Hoy ESP, According to Hoy - What Is ESP?
- Buzz Words Won't Work
- A Basic Understanding of ESP
- The Universal Question
257 1285
Bob Haines Any Word in the World... comedy prediction of a word, written attached to dictionary 258 1287
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein Back-Up business card used to stab into the deck 258 1288
Gene Nielsen The X Factor using six metal-rimmed cardboard tags, die is thrown and number spelled (!), prediction on the back of tags 258 1289
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Marcello Truzzi, PSI Sources International, Pat Benjamin 258 1290
Terry Tyson Love Letters allocating love letters 259 1291
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Image transmitting one out of ten symbols to medium 259 1292
Philip T. Goldstein Backstab card is reversed in the deck, cards next to them are predicted, with Major Arcana 259 1293
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Peter Pit, Glenn Falkenstein 259 1294
Rick Johnsson Belief is the Essence of Deception - Causes of Disbelief
- Simple Solution
- The Reality Warp
- A Necessity in Mentalism
- Effort Versus Results
- Its not Easy
- Discipline Sets You Free
- But Take Care
259 1295
Jack Kent Tillar Mental Monte bill put under one of three cups, performer know which oneInspired by 260 1297
Ray Grismer Clean-Up method for the clean-up after classic OOTW 260 1298
Bob Cantoni Alpha Wrap prediction of letters from ABC deck 260 1299
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 260 1300
Curt Walter Zaebos key in handkerchief bends in spectator's hands 261 1301
Jack Kent Tillar Swami different design for nail writer / Swami 261 1302
Bob Haines Cognizance with ESP deck and five Jumbo ESP cards, spectator finds matching design of his selection 261 1303
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Robert Dorian 261 1304
Hugh Riley In the Beginning there was Man historical notes / assumptions on mentalism
- Past Tense, Future Perfect
- Impression Methods
- The Data Bank
- Girolamo Scotto
- Second-Sight Acts
- One-Man Mentalism
261 1305
Ray Grismer Gift of the Illuminati pencil and cards adhere to hand 262 1307
Uriah Fuller Psi-Con performer separates reds and black cards from a shuffled deck 262 1308
Alessandro de Luca Cone of Power three scarfs with different colors, selected one has a knot 262 1309
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the passing of George Kemp 262 1310
Gene "Phantini" Grant Midnight Man deck distributed to spectators, card is selected from second deck and performer finds person with matching card, blindfoldedAlso published here
  • "Mystic Word" in "Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets"
263 1311
Thomas Alan Waters Selectrick typewriter rings bell on commandAlso published here 263 1312
Hiram Strait Bank Knight repeated banknight effect, first with colored envelopes then with five manila envelopes 263 1313
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Phantini, Uriah Fuller, Hiram Strait 263 1314
Valerie Nielsen, Bascom Jones, Cicardi, Sandy Spillman, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, Adam Weishaupt, Jack Kent Tillar, Diana Zimmerman Wish I Thought of That - The Intimate Touch (Cicardi, idea for palmistry)
- Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (Spillmamn / Weinstein, business card idea)
- In a Crystal Darkly (Nielsen, idea for crystal balls)
- Name Dropping ( Weishaupt, idea for Tarot readings)
- Color Coordination (Tillar, idea for Daub)
- Big Can be Better (Zimmerman on bigger props)
263 1315
Frederick M. Shields Dark Powers divination of three words, one-ahead book test 264 1317
B.C. Milnov Xandu! spectator's apparently see thought of card on ceiling 264 1318
Philip T. Goldstein Die-Lex prediction of a word, die is thrown, limitation process of the die throw down to two numbers 264 1319
Frederick M. Shields Page Force toothpick 264 1320
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Illuminati 264 1320
Robert Priest Orobas Factor before the show spectator buys a magazine and seals a bill in an envelope, magazine test and serial number reading, himber wallet 265 1321
Craig Karges Chek Mate bank night, spectators play for performer's fee, psychological twist, clear forcing bag 265 1322
Jules Lenier Name That Tune! cards with song titles, chosen one is divined, abc-stack 265 1323
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 265 1324
Stephen Minch Choice Beyond Chance psychological force with five different objects 265 1325
Bascom Jones Your Voice May Be Loudest When You Are Listening on listening to the sitter 265 1326
Billy McComb Powers of Mind two decks, performer and spectator cut to same card 266 1327
David Himelrick Bio Test! building a pen with a prompter sheet, accessing word indexVariations 266 1328
Karroll Priest Predic-O-Clip! prediction with bulldog clip in box, headline prediction etc, sent in advance, Nelson Gimmick 266 1329
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Illuminati, Don Lawton, Sandy Spillman, Ray Grismer, Gordon Hoener, Jack Anderson 266 1330
Nathan Stark Mem-O-Rex! shuffled deck, spectator removes a card unseen, performer goes through the cards and names missing card 267 1331
Karroll Priest Psi-Disk prediction of named color, with optical illusion disc and himber wallet 267 1332
Steve Aldrich, Kathi DeFrancis Game Plan using Po-Ke-No cards, description of winner as prediction 267 1333
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the passing of Kuda Bux, Myriam Ruthchild 267 1334
Bascom Jones Tips on Techniques the Pros Follow - Practice and Rehearsals
- Your Appearance and Dress
- Importance of Eye Contact
- Use the Voice
- Use a Microphone
- Physical Energy
267 1335
John Fedko Tri-Psi as John Fedco, three cards are divined 268 1337
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Mind's Eye prediction of a name, removable ink 268 1338
Gene "Phantini" Grant Star Trick! prediction of a zodiac sign, with chop cup 268 1339
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Maurice Fogel, Gene Grant, Micky Hades 268 1340
Terry Tyson Burn, Witch with evil name, wrapped in foil, becomes hot 269 1341
Ray Grismer Pen Pal automatic writing, scribble is erased with erased and name of selection remains 269 1342
Philip T. Goldstein Second Hand prediction of handRelated to 269 1343
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on John Fedko 269 1344
Bascom Jones Conversational Tricks for the Private Reader - The Gift of Gab
- Don't Reinvent the Wheel
- Start with These Tips
- Free Information
- Disclose Something of Yourself
- Let Actions Talk, Too
- Use Your Eyes
269 1345
Brenda Bell, Book, and... Brenda! turning key, self extinguishing candle and Ball from Plate for two people, using assistant on stageInspired by 270 1347
Tieneblas Pendulum Power pendulum held in empty water glass, sound 270 1348
Jules Lenier Play it for Laughs prediction of a spectator, dating game presentation 270 1349
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on P.E.A., Bob Brown and Brenda, Katlyn, P.C.A.M. 270 1350
David Ashton, Nikko Psychich Synergy one Dollar bills and one hundred Dollar bill in envelopes, with himber wallet, as game show 271 1351
Tony Andruzzi Hot Stuff paper with information starts to burn, information is revealed 271 1352
Hanussen Numystic Eye serial number divination with five bills, in paper bag 271 1353
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Tamara Rand, Dick Maurice, Masklyn y Mage's laws of mentalism 271 1354
Sandy Spillman A Lean and Hungry Look - Not a New Theory
- The Physiognomic Instinct
- Body Typing
- Endomorph
- Mesomorph
- Ectomorph
- How to Use It
271 1355
Karroll Priest Midnight Madness design duplication, with optical illusion disc, mirror 272 1357
Frederick M. Shields Brain Echoes book test, prompterInspired by 272 1358
Bob Fillman Emotions three names, one is person spectator likes 272 1359
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the passing of David Hoy 272 1360
Philip T. Goldstein Key to... the Future! in box is prediction on which attempt the lock opensAlso published here 273 1361
Tieneblas Pair-Cognition cards are dealt twice, on pile selected and top card predicted 273 1362
Gene Nielsen Tarot Imagery major arcana, prediction of a tarot cardInspired by
  • Don Alan's "Big Deal"
273 1363
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Larry Becker, P.C.A.M., P.E.A. convention 273 1364
Von Hoenir Secrets of a Hotel Psychic - Learning by Doing
- Internationally Known
- Advertising and Promotion
- The Matter of Money
- ...and Protection
- Men Versus Women
- How Much Time?
- Tea Leaves or I-Ching?
273 1365
Gene "Phantini" Grant Phantini's Eyeless Vision! with assistantAlso published here 274 1367
Jonathan Yarbrough Touch of Class design duplication, case for business cards as shiner 274 1368
Gene Nielsen Synchronicity two spectators select same card, staging idea 274 1369
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on the passing of Bob Fillman, Arthur Ford 274 1370
Philip T. Goldstein Orientation! prediction of a Japanese city, cards with names, prediction in form of ABC cards in envelope, 10/11 force, see also p. 1380 275 1371
The Rev. Dr. Bob. E Second Chance wax impression device, for one-on-one sitting 275 1372
Leslie Anderson Liar... spectator selects group of cards and lies at one card 275 1373
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 275 1374
Marcus R. Henvit The Amazing Newmann on C. A. George Newmann 275 1375
Adam Weishaupt Colors of the Illuminati coins and card prediction, different colored pens 276 1377
Michael Selwyn Heat cold coffee becomes hot again 276 1378
Karroll Priest, Robert Priest The Priests' Prayer Book gaffed magazine 276 1379
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word 276 1380
Fredric Kolb Time Warp card is stopped at, same card is in performer's wallet as prediction 277 1381
Dennis Marks Grand Strategy color chip chosen by spectator, scrambled cube solved by performer blindfolded, first chosen color then rest, cube really brute-force solvedAlso published here 277 1382
William Bauer Psi-Color Test cards with names of colors, audience vote for different colors and most popular color turns out to be the same as a color selected by a spectator 277 1383
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Dick Zimmerman, Steve Aldrich, Cicardi, Magic in the Rockies 277 1384
Liz Tucker, Tommy Tucker Tips on Trade Show Techniques - Role of the Entertainer
- Time Becomes a Factor
- Who is the Contact?
- Keep Goals in Mind
- Major Mistakes
- How Long an Act?
- Little Things Count
- Follow Up on Your Contacts
277 1385
William Larsen Test of the Devil Wind impromptu book test 278 1387
Alexander One Ahead combining a stacked deck with marked cards 278 1388
Gerald Kosky Picture Perfect divination of selected postcard, abc stack 278 1389
Bascom Jones The Mystic Word on Myriam Ruthchild 278 1390