Written by Harlan Tarbell

Work of Various

409 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Harlan Tarbell.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Harlan Tarbell Billard Ball Through Handkerchief using shell 17
Burling Hull Billard Ball Vanish in Paper Cone 21
Unknown Balls from the Air Miser's Dream with balls and paper cone, three methods 21
Harlan Tarbell Ball on Thread used for continuous production 24
Unknown Ball with Thread Loop used for continuous production 29
C. James McLemore Stop-Go two balls are tied to 2 strings and hanging down, they swing back and forth on command 32
"Senator" Clark Crandall "Senator" Clark Crandall's Cup and Balls one cup and three balls, no magnetRelated to 39
Harlan Tarbell Flower Pots and Oranges cups and balls with flower pots and small oranges, inflatable melon final load 48
Stanley Palm Jump Up Card selection jumps halfway out of box as deck is dropped in box, gaffed cardRelated to 55
James Renaux Card in the Envelope 58
Stanley Palm Ghost Cards packet vanishes beneath handkerchief with funny (?) presentation 60
Mariano Palhinha Wherizit three cards with money card in middle held by spectator beneath handkerchief, money card vanishes 62
Francis Haxton One Chance in Eight one of eight cards selected, cards in pocket are removed one by one by spectator and performer, last card is selection 65
Francis Haxton "Inspired" card from 6-card-packet into deck, short card control 67
Unknown All Fair Force under handkerchief, Peter Warlock's Pentagram Vol. 5 No. 12 70
Senor Maldo Six Card Mystery 70
Unknown Thumb Count right thumb at back of deck 71
Unknown Six Card Repeat Count 72
Unknown Buckle Count 73
Samuel Berland Six Card Repeat Mystery using cards glued together with rubber cement at edge 75
"Senator" Clark Crandall One Hand Six Card Repeat funny presentation, credit to Roy Benson?Related to 78
"Senator" Clark Crandall One Handed Buckle Count 80
Hen Fetsch Card in the Balloon 83
Clayton Rawson Rawson Card Reading peek box that can be shown from all sides 87
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell Card Reading peek box that can be shown from all sides 89
Rufus Steele The Gambler's Rehearsal elaborated routine with full deck set upRelated to 90
Unknown Card Stand for Gambler's Rehearsal to perform poker deals for larger crowd 98
Unknown Deck Switch behind Card Stand deck holder and servante attached 99
Alton Sharpe Two Ribbon Cut using thumb tip and loops 101
Sid Miller, Sol Hirsh The Switch-Over Knot two handkerchiefs tied together, third brought to them, two other handkerchiefs are tied nowAlso published here 103
U. F. Grant Ghost Knot false knot, wax on rope, convincing 106
George Blake Uncanny Hanks four silks tied on ribbon, one by one the specified knots dissolve and silks dropVariations 107
Graham Adams Ring, Chair and Rope penetration of ring, body and chair 113
Bob Ellis Miser's Dream with Dollar Bills Variations 116
Blackstar Mystic Match Box rippon penetrates matchbox, three methods 119
Unknown Novel Coin Vanish in handkerchief 123
Charles Weller Vanishing Beer using latex bottle, two phases 126
Tan Hock Chuan Silk through the Glass classicVariations 129
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell Phantom Sticker envelope switch, method to transfer sticker from envelope to envelope 131
Harlan Tarbell 1 - Eighteen Card Mystery using envelopes with Phantom Sticker 135
Harlan Tarbell 2 - Here's Your Change 5$ bill in envelope changes to single dollar bills, using Phantom Sticker 135
Harlan Tarbell 3 - Fantus Cards spectator thinks three of the five cards (instead of just one), using envelopes with Phantom Sticker 136
Harlan Tarbell Tarbell Travelling Sticker sticker disappears from blank card and reappears on spectator's business card in envelope 136
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg Fu Manchu's Utility Bag object placed in paper bag vanishes 139
U. F. Grant Grant's Cigarette Classic clean vanish behind card and reproduction from cigarette pack, using metal tube clipped to thumb 142
Harlan Tarbell Royal Cigarette Vanish clean vanish behind card using thumb tip 146
George Sands, Mallory Van Slyker Birds of a Feather four coins assemble in corners of handkerchiefAlso published here 148
Harlan Tarbell "Bank Night" Cardboard method for bank night 152
Harlan Tarbell "Bank Night" Envelope method for bank night 153
Harlan Tarbell Magnetic Card and Envelope card from pocket to envelope 155
Bob Ellis Vishnu Rope Mystery cut into three pieces and restoredRelated toAlso published here 159
Harold Denhart Ring on the Rope rope tied to both wrists, rubber ring links to rope 164
Stewart James, Harlan Tarbell Hindu Ring on the Rope beneth handkerchief 167
Peter Warlock Ring and Rope Release 169
U. F. Grant Zella Ring on the Rope using extra piece 173
U. F. Grant E Z Cut and Restored Rope Mystery extra piece 178
U. F. Grant Another Ending for Zella Ring on the Rope with restoration 179
U. F. Grant Bombay Ropes and Rings several rings and hat, grandmother's necklace principle 181
E. J. Moore "Magnet" Rope magnetic rope connection 186
Harlan Tarbell Linking Rope Ring Routine using magnetic connection 187
Robert Parrish Telepathic Drawings design duplication with slates, wet slate as mirror 195
Harold Sterling, Harlan Tarbell Astrological Mindreading Act birthdate reading, billets in envelopes 198
Sydney Bergson Thought Anticipation 203
Harlan Tarbell Royal Message Reading message written on playing card, using card with window 206
Sid Lorraine Dictionary Message Reading using peek dictionary to read billets put into it 209
Harlan Tarbell "Wrapped Card" Message Reading visiting card is wrapped in paper with window 211
Harlan Tarbell Long Strip Billet Reading 214
Gerald Kosky Gerald Kosky's Prediction 216
Robert Parrish Parrish Mentalism something written into matchbook 219
Jack Avis Message from Hades freely chosen card predicted, pocket writingRelated to 221
Harlan Tarbell, Frank Butler Envelope Prediction nail writer, anything predicted in three envelopes one into the other 225
Harlan Tarbell The Royal Newspaper Headline Prediction 228
Unknown Second Method loading something into envelope 232
Harlan Tarbell, Robert Parrish Newspaper Headline Prediction 233
Unknown Celebrity Choice one of six celebrities (on photos) predicted 237
Unknown Mutliple Out Envelope six out 239
Harlan Tarbell How to Win Three Horse Races forcing bank of a third of the deck, one ahead 242
Unknown Spectator's Choice spectator finds three selections, impromptu stooging with blank faced deck 245
Al Koran A Word in Thousands carbon paper 247
Unknown X-Ray Eyes and Blindfold Effects blindfold method, tape and blindfold 251
Harlan Tarbell Blindfold Magic general comments on blindfold acts 255
Unknown A Simple Handkerchief Blindfold 256
Unknown The Modern Blindfold handkerchief 257
Unknown The Blindfold Drive general comment on the effect 258
Unknown The Excelsior Hood Blindfold 259
Unknown An Extra Blindfold Addition 260
Unknown Velvetine Hood Blindfold 260
Unknown Single Knot Handkerchief Through Rope knotted silk through rope 263
L. Vosburgh Lyons Handkerchief from Rope knotted silk through rope 265
James F. Herpick Single Knot Release knotted silk through rope 266
Harlan Tarbell, Harold Rice Dissolvo Handkerchief Knot knotted silk through rope 269
Roger Middleswart The Middleswart Handkerchief Knot knotted silk through rope 272
Harlan Tarbell Triple Handkerchief Release three silks tied together 275
Unknown Silk Through the Wrist Related to 277
Harlan Tarbell Excapes and Substitutions 279
Unknown The Substitution Trunk Mystery 280
Percy Abbott The Canvas Box Escape 287
Unknown The Canvas Box Substitution 292
Unknown The Royal Packing Box Escape 293
U. F. Grant Packing Box Escape 296
Harlan Tarbell, U. F. Grant Packing Box Escape 299
Ottokar Fischer, David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg Packing Box Escape 301
Unknown The Paper Bag Escape 306
Unknown The Bonbon Paper Bag Escape 307
Robert Gysel Spirit Tie for the spirit cabinetAlso published here 309
Unknown The Marvel Wrist Tie 312
Harry Kellar The Kellar Rope Tie Also published here 314
Unknown Vest Turning turning a vest inside out while tied up 317
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg Magic Microphone demon production box as top of microphone stand 321
Unknown Chinese Tape Through Neck 324
Samuel Berland Tray Servante 327
Judge E. H. C. Wethered Black Art Tray 329
Unknown The Hindu Turban Mystery cut and restored turban clothRelated to 334
Don Greenwood Lighted Cigarette Routine productions and more 338
Jack Chanin Cigarette Routine four cigarettes appear and vanish, cigar finale 343
George Sands Cigarette Production lighted cigarette production 346
James F. Herpick Cigarette Routine continous production sequence 351
George Sands "Phantom" Cigarette invisible pantomime cigarette appears 353
David Tobias Bamberg Coin in Ball of Wool 355
David Tobias Bamberg Ring in Ball of Wool knotted onto end 359
Unknown Wand Switch 360
Ed Reno Knife Through the Arm classic gaffed knife 362
U. F. Grant Carton Production 367
Louis Histed The Square and Circle Production with several additions like using a phantom tube 372
Vincent Malmstrom Organ Pipe Routine six metal cylinders 379
Fred Culpitt, Milbourne Christopher The Doll House Illusion 393