Written by Harry Lorayne

Work of Harry Lorayne

251 pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Harry Lorayne Foreword 11
Harry Lorayne Tilt Sandwich Location simple sandwich 17
Unknown Tilt brief 17
Harry Lorayne HaLo Cut 18
Harry Lorayne Two Utility Shuffles - Overhand Injog Extension top and bottom block 20
Harry Lorayne Utility Mixer for small packets, Charlier Shuffle type action 21
Harry Lorayne Guess Quotient four four of a kinds are removed, spectator guesses if various pairs match in value or not, everything correctInspired by 24
Unknown Anti-Faro in Pairs 24
Harry Lorayne A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, Plus Aces lost, "amazing" is spelled and Aces found there, Royal Flush kickerInspired by 28
Harry Lorayne Royal Power selected card and Royal Flush are found, antifaro "programming"Inspired by 31
Harry Lorayne Controlled Spelling Handling Inspired by 34
Harry Lorayne A-C-E and Kings ces are spelled to, then Kings are found as well, yet another non-faro handlingInspired by 37
Harry Lorayne Double Duck down-under-deal in pairs instead of singly, to reveal Aces or Royal FlushInspired by 39
Harry Lorayne UR Sandwich naming two apparently random sandwich cards, selection appears reversed in deck and is between those cards 41
Harry Lorayne Universal Reversal cutting sequence 41
Harry Lorayne Two Strong Utility Items - A Sweet 4-Card Change Also published here 45
Harry Lorayne The Lorayne Force force card under fan, card touched, sandwich application 47
Harry Lorayne Triumphant Cut-A-Way Inspired by 50
Edward Marlo Perfect False Riffle Shuffle shuffling directly under top card, brief 50
Harry Lorayne Triumph Cutting Display Variation Inspired by 51
Harry Lorayne Voice Print eight cards, programming, binaryInspired by 53
Harry Lorayne It's Not Easy To Lie eight cards, programming, binaryInspired by 57
Harry Lorayne Out Of Hand non-faro versionInspired by 59
Edward Marlo Switch Cut Placement spectator cuts off portion of small packet, remembers bottom card and places this section on another pile 60
Harry Lorayne Magical Flight card travels from one half to sandwich in other halfInspired by 63
Harry Lorayne Illogical Double Lift 63
Harry Lorayne Magical Match a card cut to in one half, the mate of it appears between sandwich cards in other half 66
Unknown Cross Cut Force 66
Harry Lorayne Revers-Able turning half over and back, two handlings (table or hands)
- Revers-Able For Four
Also published here 68
Harry Lorayne A Card To Remember 72
Unknown Interlock Switch 72
Harry Lorayne Just In Case selection replaced, four packets made, spectator choses one, selection is on top, rest of packet is matching suit, other packets mixed, Juan Tamariz 77
Harry Lorayne Magician's Choice one of four 77
Harry Lorayne HaLo For Four multiple card lap, cutting actionAlso published here 80
Harry Lorayne Aces Vanish Quickie Also published here 81
Harry Lorayne Blackjack 21 Locator four Aces locate the four Jacks, using HaLo Cut and Lorayne Force 82
Harry Lorayne Weird Spread Palm selection in center is turned perpendicularAlso published here 85
Harry Lorayne, Michael Vincent Goin' Fishin' - With Friends four-of-a-kind to selection found with Goin' Fishin' productionInspired by 88
Harry Lorayne Force Feed Again card chosen and lost, Two-Card Toss used to produce it with its mate, also for four-of-a-kind productionInspired by 91
Stephen Minch Force Feed biddle count, spectator says stop 91
Harry Lorayne Together At Last all court cards, marriage effectInspired by 93
Harry Lorayne Relationships Plus deck of cards used to force letters A and D, Ace of Diamonds is found along with other AcesInspired byRelated to 97
Harry Lorayne Lost And Found backwards count as prediction, "Countdown Force", with Royal Flush revelationInspired by 101
Harry Lorayne Hail HaLo to Aces and KingsInspired by 104
Harry Lorayne Another Top-Level Test card removed (forced), performer finds the three mates via HaLo AcesRelated to 107
Harry Lorayne Display Reversal incomplete faro positionAlso published here 111
Harry Lorayne, Paul Gordon (Gr)Eight wrong card spelled, right card comes outInspired by 113
Harry Lorayne Cal-Q-Lator with anti-faro programmingRelated to 115
Harry Lorayne Royal Spelling Slowly Royal Flush production, optionally second royal flush 118
Harry Lorayne No-Get-Ready Double Turnover From 4-Card Packet Related to 121
Harry Lorayne That Darn Four Of Clubs Royal Flush spelling effect with kickerInspired by 124
Harry Lorayne Simplified Swain, Plus Aces lost and found with free-cut principle, colors separated, two selections found, based on Swain's "Shuffle Tracking" (Genii 5/2005)Also published here 126
Harvey Cohen Controlled Peek overhand shuffle control / peek comboAlso published here 130
Harry Lorayne Card to Pocket Sequence Also published here 131
Harry Lorayne Force Feed Once More card stopped at, matching four-of-a-kind producedInspired by 132
Harry Lorayne Off-The-Rack 3-Piece Suit Aces are spelled out from four-Ace-packet, last one transforms into selectionAlso published here 134
Harry Lorayne That's Fast 137
Harry Lorayne See/Hear/Feel three random cards chosen, spectator thinks of one, all face-down in a row, spectator puts hand on his card, it's secretly switched and can be produced any way one likes, miscallingVariations 140
Harry Lorayne S/H/F Killer pure miscallingInspired by 143
Harry Lorayne Obvious Collectors simplifiedInspired by 157
Harry Lorayne Spread Control cards dropped on tabled spread 157
Harry Lorayne An Impossible Location 160
Unknown Red-Black Shuffle center pull-out 160
Harry Lorayne, Richard Vollmer Easy Prediction involving counting a packet and then down in the rest, with Ace productionRelated to 163
Unknown Slough-Off Faro 163
Harry Lorayne Head-To-Head Poker ten cards, performer received royal flush even though it was not part of the packet in beginningInspired by 165
Harry Lorayne Twisted Appearance selection appears as climaxAlso published here 168
Harry Lorayne, Richard Vollmer Sum Hummer Explored packet mixed face up and down by spectator, number of reversed cards and their total predicted, CATO principleInspired by 170
Harry Lorayne Three New TOACS TOAC = Turn Over And Cut, all with twelve-card packet
- Prediction
- One To Twelve (named value of a suit only reversed at end)
- Incredible 2-Card Location
Harry Lorayne "That's Impossible!" only four Aces reversed after CATO procedure with sixteen cardsInspired by
  • "Really!" (Harry Lorayne, Lecture Notes)
Harry Lorayne Faster Triumph 178
Harry Lorayne RTP - Reverse To Position Braue Reversal variation 178
Harry Lorayne, William Goodwin, Gordon Bruce Useful Force block turnoverRelated to 178
Harry Lorayne Tenkai Turnover Variation 179
Harry Lorayne Seven seven-card packet, spectator thinks of one and its position, spectator has to move cards around before card is foundRelated to 181
Harry Lorayne Eleven eleven-card packet, spectator thinks of one and its position, spectator has to move cards around before card is foundRelated to 183
Harry Lorayne Miraculous Oil & Water 4&4 or 5&5 185
Harry Lorayne Direct Collect three unknown cards between Aces turn out to be later selectionsInspired byAlso published here 188
Harry Lorayne Pretty Strong spectator removes three cards and remembers one of them, all shuffled back, card located, one of threeAlso published here 193
Harry Lorayne Slip-Shuffle 3-Card Control bottom two and top card 193
Unknown Alignment Move 194
Harry Lorayne Perhaps Stronger Royal Flush production, begins by openly taking out two of the Royal Flush cardsInspired by 196
Harry Lorayne To The Point four Aces on table, one pointed to, three cards on top, others lost in deck, assemblyAlso published here 198
Harry Lorayne Discrepancy Sandwich Also published here 200
Harry Lorayne Platinum Discrepancy two halves, spectator and performer select a card from each which goes reversed in other half, matesAlso published here 203
Harry Lorayne Angle Spread step in tabled spread, two handlings 203
Harry Lorayne Delayed Braue Reverse 204
Harry Lorayne Counted Out four Royal Flush cards shown, missing card appears between themInspired by 206
Harry Lorayne New Sandwich red Aces find black AcesAlso published here 209
Harry Lorayne Better Overhand-Shuffle Stack Also published here 211
Harry Lorayne Mated Updated spectator finds two Royal Flush cards by putting cards next to them in deckRelated to 214
Harry Lorayne Pleasing Combination two card location with Reverse Faro Ending and down-under dealAlso published here 216
Harry Lorayne Two To Four two cards chosen, wrong card found, changes into right card, other card is its mate, other two matching cards found as wellRelated to 218
Harry Lorayne Double Cross-Cut Force two spectators simultaneously 218
Harry Lorayne Impromptu Setup excuse to go through deck and set up some cards 219
Harry Lorayne Eight To Fourteen spectator names number and adds digits, card found at that position, risky 222
Harry Lorayne 68 Force asking for a number with even digits between fifty and hundred 222
Harry Lorayne Side-Slide Control simplified side-steal, clip steal to bottom or second from bottomAlso published here 224
Harry Lorayne Eight/Great - Nine/Fine - one of eight-card packet remembered (force), found with CATO
- one of nine-card packet remembered, found with reverse faros
Harry Lorayne Ramblings chapter intro 233
Harry Lorayne Fishing Expedition shuffled deck cut into three piles, spectator remembers top card while the performer does not look, found 234
Harry Lorayne Row Choice packets on table, spectator choses the one with AcesInspired by 236
Harry Lorayne Set For Spell selected card is simply spelled to 238
Harry Lorayne Three Does It Three-spot as multiple out indicator card 239
Harry Lorayne Fourcefully spectator selects four cards from four packets of four cards each - four-of-a-kindInspired by 241
Harry Lorayne My Lucky Numbers Royal Flush production 243
Harry Lorayne Location Supreme Anytime from shuffled deckInspired by 245
Harry Lorayne Impromptu Divided Deck strategy of upjogging necessary arrangementRelated to 245
Harry Lorayne One Locates Two spectator puts locator card between two selections, Lorayne Force application 249
Harry Lorayne Last Word 251