Written by Stephen Hobbs

Work of Meir Yedid

96 pages (Hardcover), published by Meir Yedid Magic
Illustrated with drawings by Akemi Yoshida.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Herb Zarrow Foreword 7
Meir Yedid Introduction 9
Meir Yedid Making Change quarter changes into nickel and twenty cent coinsInspired by 13
Meir Yedid Walk-Around Triumph without table 17
Meir Yedid Tips on the Spread Half-Pass 17
Unknown Tilt 20
Meir Yedid Balding Finger spectator's middle joint of first finger is made hairless, "It is all presentation - there is no method." 23
Meir Yedid The Faro Flourish double cascadeRelated to 26
Meir Yedid Fake Faro Flourish riffling sound during unweaving 29
Meir Yedid Odd-Even Location one fair riffle shuffle, three cards removed from deck while performer's back is turned, after looking through the deck, the performer names the cardsInspired by
  • "Scan Location" (Mark Mitton)
Meir Yedid Mental Match Up 1-0-1 stack, ESP card predicted in envelope, also remaining matches in match book 35
Meir Yedid Flight Fantastic two cards from red-faced packet travels to black-faced packetInspired by 41
Meir Yedid Slap Control 47
Meir Yedid Card To Bra card removed out of performer's shirt 50
Meir Yedid Billgate finger poked through bill under business card cover, bill unharmed, gaffed billInspired by 53
Meir Yedid Currency-Gate finger poked through bill under business card cover, bill unharmed, business card gaffed 59
Meir Yedid Baby Bottoms bottom dealing from small packet, like Elmsley count push-off, also as all-alike sequence 62
Meir Yedid Wildcard #2001 five Tens, sticker on one multiplies, then they change into Royal Flush, trade show presentation 65
Meir Yedid Direct Transpo one card in shirt pocket 69
Meir Yedid Injog Top Change deck held with top towards body, grip change 70
Meir Yedid, Bernard Bilis Fake Pocket Extraction card sticking out of breast pocket, left hand with deck apparently removes it 73
Meir Yedid Color-Changing Knife Interlude knife under wrist watch band transposes with knife in hand 74
Meir Yedid Yedid Alignment Variant quick three-way sequence 77
Meir Yedid Quadruplic-Ace-Tion II Quick-Three-Way & Six Card Repeat combination with selectionInspired by 82
Meir Yedid Card Vanish card apparently placed in left fist 85
Mike Gallo Safe And Sound small coin box with number lock as lid, three half dollars change into pennies one by one, then all to Chinese coins, then three large Chinese coins 89