Written by Jean Hugard

Work of Various

137 pages (Hardcover), published by Max Holden
Illustrated with drawings by Nelson Hahne.
Language: English

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Hadji Baba Quote by Hadji Baba of Ispahan 7
Jean Hugard Introduction - Extempore Magic essay on impromptu magic, special props and magic that happens as a side note, with examples by Tarbell 11
Unknown Loading the Spectator's Jacket Pocket spectator is sitting 15
Frederick Braue Filled Whiskey Jigger Production from deck of cards 15
Jean Hugard Rose & Silks Production as finale to card trick (!) 16
Unknown Force Card Addition first dropping cards apparently by mistake 17
Hal Haber Perambulating Pasteboards indifferent card placed under spectator's foot, another on his hand, previous selection now under foot and foot-card on hand, other card in pocket 19
Unknown Dropping a Card on the Floor flat, so it does not turn over 19
Jean Hugard The Rising Cards and Glass Bottle deck placed in cut-open glass bottle, selections rise one by one while bottle is held by spectator 22
Orville Wayne Meyer Finding the Pairs twelve mate pairs distributed, spectator turns up a card and performer instantly the mate, repeated 26
Dr. H. Walter Grote The Harmony of Numbers "An Original Card Divertissement"
several piles made by cutting and saying stop, each pile has ten cards and a Ten spot on top
Related to 28
Purvis W. Miller Double Prediction predictions with blue and red pencil match cards selected from blue-backed and red-backed deck, one forcing deck, other one stacked or marked 30
Elmer Applegit The Story of One Card Pete with rhyming patter 34
Unknown Glide False Count for six-card repeat 36
Frederick Braue A Spectator Stabs the Cards two selections, with knife, deck wrapped in newspaper, metal gimmick 38
Fred Rothenberg The Redhill Four Aces with jumbo cards, rough-smooth substitute with holes cut out and discs on other cards that fit in 41
Newton Hall Cards from Silk Inspired by 45
Jerry Nadell One Hand Fancy Deal as in Chinese Second Deal 46
Unknown Turning the Top Card 47
Unknown A Color Change Story story presentation in which face-card changes multiple times to fit story 48
Unknown A New Coin Production display between fingers of closed fist 50
Unknown A New Coin Flourish "The Steeplechase With Two Coins Rolling Separately" 52
Sam Margules A New Impromptu Coin Vanish with handkerchief, complete, with pocket ditch 53
Unknown Vanish for Coin of Any Size one-handed throw into the air, back clip 54
Tom Osborne The Coin Penetration coin in glass, handkerchief wrapped around, coin penetrates through handkerchief at top 55
Unknown Coin Detection "An Old Trick in a New Way"
marked coin mixed with others, found by touch
Unknown Method for Obtaining First Coin for Miser's Dream from matchbook 58
Unknown Miser's Dream. New Finale coconut production from hat 58
Unknown The Shell Coin fixing coin with shell with hair, spectator turns heads-up coin over under handkerchief, still heads-up 59
Louis Tannen A "Passing" Coin Interlude four coins in each hand, travel into one hand one by one 60
Unknown Silk from a Lighted Candle silk production from flame of candle 62
Georges Poulleau Transmigration of a Silk and a Candle candle in metal tube, silk vanishes, silk in tube, candle lighted from pocket 64
Unknown A Silk Interlude silk vanishes in flash, actually flash paper 66
Unknown New Knot Flourishes 66
Robertson Keene Three Instantaneous Knots and... arm ends up in a sling 67
Unknown Novel Production of a Silk Handkerchief with spectator assistance 68
Sam Margules The Drop Vanish Related to 70
Unknown A Color Change with shell and paper tube 71
Unknown Sleight for the Cups and Balls cup on spectator's hand, ball travels underneath 73
Unknown A Sponge Ball Speciality phase with spectator's hand 73
Jean Hugard Cigarettes chapter intro 76
Harry C. Bjorklund Big-Cig Jumbo Cigarette Production lighted cigarette vanishes, giant cigarette appears and doubles 76
Unknown Production of Three Cigarettes from Bare Hands 79
Unknown Real Smoke from a Phantom Cigarette 80
Unknown Rolling a Cigarette with One Hand 81
Unknown Hook for Ring, Etc. hook that can be attached to inside of clothing 82
Unknown Faked Cars for Flourish two cards with strips in middle, holding deck together for juggling flourishRelated to 82
Unknown New Silk Production Ball with two separate compartements 84
Unknown Thumb Nail Card Marker for scratch or punch 84
Unknown Card Case for Pocket Switch 85
Unknown Color Change of Silk in Hand wind-up 86
Unknown Gimmick for the Rope, Coat and Rings Trick 86
Unknown Smoke Ball for Billiard Ball Vanish hollow ball with hole for smoke appearance 87
Unknown Wand Levitation hook at thumb nail, clings to hand 87
Unknown Billiard Ball Holders 88
Unknown Prepared Unbreakable Egg 89
Unknown Prepared Cigar. For the Card in Cigar Trick 90
Unknown Shoe Lace that Stretches to Twice its Length 91
Henry E. Ebel For the Cane to Silk 92
Henry E. Ebel A Prepared Knob for the Cane reel 92
Unknown The Chinese Rings slanting cut and locking cut, structure 94
Unknown With the Key and One Single 97
Unknown With the Key, Set of Two and Set of Three Rings 98
Unknown Set of Three, Set of Two and Key Ring 99
Unknown The Drop Move top ring moves to bottom of chain 99
Unknown A Subtle Move with spectator on stage who apparently handles all rings 101
Audley Walsh Pop...Did...Dee...Pop...Pop!!!! cooking popcorn with children 102
Dr. H. Walter Grote The Key to the Mystery "Magical Disportment of an Ordinary Key"
borrowed key wrapped in paper and put under glass, travels to performers key chain
Unknown Thimbles - Sleeving about using sleeving in a thimble routine 109
Frederick Braue Color Changes routine with four colors 110
Unknown The Egg Bag using egg with thread to vest button 112
Don White Tare - It tissue paper 113
Frank Kelly A Telepathic Experiment number and geometric design divined 116
"Paper Wizard" Grimes The "Grimes" Paper Chain moebius/möbius strip routine 119
Jerry Lukins A Magical Sketch - Professor Woofledust and the Neophyte 122
Unknown Cutting a Woman in Half rope through body of assistant 126
Ten Ichi, Unknown The Fairy Fountains water fountain raises and falls at will 129