Written by Stephen Tucker

Work of Stephen Tucker

9 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Stephen Tucker.
Language: English

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Stephen Tucker Introduction about how good this booklet is 2
Stephen Tucker The Forceful Touch under-the-spread force, some cards counted off into right hand, then rest spread on top 3
Stephen Tucker Two-faced force card in tabled spread touched, put between jokers and then turned over, forced/switched 4
Stephen Tucker Cover Blown Christ Force without cover card, starting with top card secretly reversed above eye-level, also as key placement 5
Stephen Tucker Rifforce delayed riffle force at break, first apparently spectator stopped at wrong card 6
Unknown Wrist Turn Glimpse 6
Stephen Tucker You've got to be Joking!! piece of card stuck to back of Joker, bill, menu or other item 7
Stephen Tucker The Elliot force "After T.S.Elliot"
multiple out writing for Three, Ten, Two or Jack of Spades
Inspired by 8