Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Stephen Minch

52 pages (Stapled), published by Micky Hades International
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Lenti.
Language: English

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Stephen Minch Forword 7
Stephen Minch Some Preliminary Remarks and Opinions of the Performing of Psychokinetic Effects in Particular and Mentalism in General also on disclaimers 9
Stephen Minch Mental Metals nail bending 13
Stephen Minch PK Plant galvanometer in leaves of plant buzzes when certain actions are done to plant by spectators 15
Stephen Minch Pipe-Plex heavy iron pipe rolls back and forth, plate lifter 17
Stephen Minch Psychic Sculpting lump of initialed clay or dough changes shape in box 19
Stephen Minch Powers that Shatter glass drop shatters at will, Devil's Tears 22
Stephen Minch Nutty-Kinesis inside of chosen walnut is shredded with mind power, verified after opening 23
Stephen Minch Confusing the Compass needle of compass dances, knee magnet attached after searching of performer 26
Stephen Minch "We Interrupt this Program" running radio is made to malfunction with mind power 27
Stephen Minch Burning Thoughts magazine chosen, page number chosen from bag with numbered discs, chosen page is burned 29
Michael P. Hades Transparent Force Bag from clear polyethylene 30
Stephen Minch Jumping Jehosephats Jehoshaphats, borrowed small object place in box by spectator, tapping heard from inside box, rapping can be controlled and answer questions, gaffed table 32
Stephen Minch Nervous Matches small items on table move, invisible thread 35
Stephen Minch St. Vitas' Table and Pendulum pendulum inside glass bottle starts to swing 37
Stephen Minch Poltergeisties! rocking chair starts to rock, pictures on walls tilt, objects move on shelves, books fall over, plates tip, MO wire 39
Stephen Minch Television Telekinesis television picture wiggles and splits with mind power 41
Stephen Minch Turn of the Century Tiltings and Tappings balsa wood tear shape under glass dome starts rocking, then screwdriver moves under the jar 43
Stephen Minch Wilting Coinage bending borrowed coin visibly 47
Stephen Minch Black Thoughts water instantly turns black, chemical details, yellowish variationInspired by
  • "Think Ink" (Orville Meyer)
Stephen Minch In the Name of Historical Curiosity introduction to PK effect from sphinx 53
Newman the Hypnotist Telekinesis construction spins under glass cylinder, physicsAlso published here
  • "Telekinesis" (Sphinx, April 1923, Vol. 22 No. 2)