Written by Patrick Page

Work of Patrick Page

42 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Eric Mason.
Language: English

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Patrick Page Foreword i
Patrick Page The Thumbtip on the history of the thumb tip 1
Patrick Page About the Thumb Tip on using a thumb tip, size and modifications 4
Patrick Page The Phantom Fiver production of a bill 7
Patrick Page Big Coin, Little Coin coin transform into a bigger coin and back 10
Patrick Page The Torn and Restored Note 12
Patrick Page The Lighted Match Vanish Related toAlso published here 14
Eric Mason Thumblepop pop sound with thumb tipAlso published here 16
Patrick Page The Silk Purse handkerchief vanishes and appears in purseVariations 18
Patrick Page The Purse Frame Production bill produced from purse frameRelated to 20
Patrick Page Thumblore humorous stories about thumb tips
- Thumb Theory
- The Left-Handed Thumb Tip
- History in the Making
- Overheard
- The Secret Out
Patrick Page The Coin Production two methods, one using handkerchief 27
Patrick Page A Spongeball Vanish & Reproduction with two spongeballs 27
Patrick Page Paper Bag Vanish handkerchief vanishes in blown up and burst paper bag 33
Patrick Page The Patrick Page Solution to the Ching Ling Foo Torn and Restored Paper Effect using reversible thumb tip 35