Written by Patrick Page

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14 pages (Stapled), published by L. Davenport & Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Ali Bongo.
Language: English

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Patrick Page A Few Words About Topit history and introductionRelated to 1
Patrick Page A Few More Words About Topit basic Topit technique 2
Patrick Page To Vanish a Billiard Ball 3
Patrick Page To Switch One Small Object for Another explained with balls as a color change, also as deck switch 4
Patrick Page An Impromptu Vanish of a Glass apparently throwing glass in the air 5
Patrick Page The Perfect Ring Penetration ring on stick, with cigarette and duplicate ring 5
Patrick Page To Vanish a Cigarette Lighter 7
Patrick Page The Pick Up Vanish object dropped on the floor 7
Patrick Page To Vanish a Wine Glass with handkerchiefAlso published here 7
Patrick Page The Vanishing Cane in Newspaper Also published here 8
Patrick Page The Jardine Ellis Ring on Stick 8
Patrick Page The George Davenport Section on George Davenport 10
George Davenport To Vanish a Deck of Cards 11
George Davenport To Vanish a Coin under a Matchbox 11
George Davenport The Stack of Pence Trick six pennies are changed into six sixpences 12
George Davenport The Vanishing Billiard Ball under a Glass spectator holds a tray, ball covered with glass vanishes 12
George Davenport To Vanish a Full Glass of Whisky 13