Written by Hocus Pocus Junior

Work of Hocus Pocus Junior

65 pages (Hardcover), published by Steve Burton
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Steve Burton Excursus "Observations on Hocus Pocus Junior"
essay on the book
Hocus Pocus Junior The Epistle to the Reader 3
Hocus Pocus Junior The originall of Legerdemaine, and how it come first into this Kingdome 5
Hocus Pocus Junior The Definiton of the Art of Legerdemaine, with its principal parts magic has two parts: magic tricks and work with stooges 6
Hocus Pocus Junior The end of the Art of Legerdemaine entertainment vs. deceiving people 6
Hocus Pocus Junior The Definition, or description of the Operator 6
Unknown Of the Play of the Balls 7
Unknown Palming Small Balls 8
Unknown Apparently Swallowing Ball after false transfer 10
Unknown How to make a great Ball seem to come through a Table into a Cup from bottom of table to under cup after spectator checked the cup by himself 15
Unknown Other very pretty tricks with Bals "Two in the Hand and One in the Pocket" precursor, one phase 16
Unknown Another one ball split in two 17
Unknown Another ball travels from hand to hand 17
Unknown How to make a stone seeme to vanish out of your hand lapping the stone while asking a question 18
Unknown Another another stone vanish via lapping 18
Unknown How to make a Card vanish, and finde it againe in a Nut duplicate card is split and printed side slit into nut beforehand, second nut filled with ink as joke when spectator opens itRelated to 19
Unknown Fake Animal rocky racoon precursor 19
Unknown How to seeme to eate a Knife knife swallowing, reproduced from pocketRelated to 20
Unknown How to rap a Wag on the knuckles sucker gag in which spectator is rapped on knucklesRelated to 20
Unknown How to seeme to swallow a long pudding made of Tinne ball transforms into collapsable tin cone and is swallowed 21
Unknown How to seeme to cut ones nose halfe off knife with half-moon cut outRelated to 22
Unknown How to seeme to pull a rope through your nose crotch with thread through it, really inside the wood around noseRelated to 23
Unknown How to make a pile of Counters seeme to vanish thorow a Table cap & pence through table, die appears instead on top of table which started in hollowed stack 24
Unknown How to seeme to put a ring through ones cheeke ring apparently through cheek (with slit and spinning illusion), is taken off and put onto stick that two people holdRelated to 26
Unknown How to seeme to thrust a Bodkin in your fore-head knife through head with blade that slips into handle, optional sponge with blood for additional gore effectRelated to 27
Unknown How to put a locke upon ones mouth lock with slit
- The use of it
Unknown How to breathe fire out of your mouth 29
Unknown How to draw ribbins of any colour out of your mouth, and to deliver it by the yard mouth coilsRelated to 29
Unknown How to make two Bels come into one hand, having put into each hand one bell travels from hand to hand, with bell in sleeve to fake sound of bell in hand 30
Unknown How to make a Jugling booke, or a booke for Waggerie blank book becomes printedRelated to 30
Unknown Bonus Genius or Nuntius invisibilis small wooden figure vanishes in cap, head comes off and body is secretly removed in advanceRelated to 31
Unknown Boxes to change Graine box with false bottom and layer of grains glued on it, turned over for transformation or vanish, also appearance in bell type boxRelated to 32
Unknown How to vanish a glasse full of Beere coin on table, glass with beer placed on top, "is coin in or under glass?", verification used to lap full glass, coin stuck to fingers is reproduced from nose and glass from pocket 33
Unknown How to seeme to cut off a mans head, it is called the decollation of John Baptist decapitation illusionRelated to 34
Unknown How to make the face of a Childe to appeare in a pot of water small fake head secretly dropped into water bottle, also with frog 36
Unknown Advice whereby you may drinke a Tunnell full of drinke, and afterwards seeme to poure the same all out of your sleeve againe double funnel 36
Unknown How to seeme to make a tooth drop out with a touch big tooth drops out of mouth, gag? 37
Unknown Another conceipt to procure laughter two items held far apart, challenge to bring them into one hand without moving the hands together 37
Unknown How to make two or three egs dance upon a staffe eggs balanced on stick 38
Unknown A merry conceit gag in which a spectator is rapped on the knuckles as coins are handed out 38
Unknown How to knit a hard knot upon a handkercher, and to seem to undoe the same with words converting square knot into slip knotRelated to 39
Unknown A notable feat of Fast and Loose; namely, to pull three beadstones from off a Cord, while you hold fast the ends thereof, without removing of your hands Related to 40
Unknown To turne a threed, and so make it whole againe with the ashes thereof Related to 41
Unknown To cut a Lace asunder in the midst, and to make it whole againe more string than rope, extra piece is cutRelated to 42
Unknown A very strange tricke whereby you may seeme to cut a piece of Tape into 2. or 4. parts, and make it whole againe with words 43
Unknown Of divers pretty jugling knacks - producing dry powdered spices from mouth
- paddle type trick with straw in one of three holes in paddle that jumps around
Related to 45
Unknown Feats by conveyance of money classic palm, very briefRelated to 45
Unknown A notable trick to transform a Counter into a Groat double sided coin glued from two filed down coins, another thin cover disc stuck onto it with wax to show both sides of coin (pre-shell), then disc stolen away and coin changes cleanly in one handRelated to 46
Unknown An excellent feat to make a twopeny peece lie plaine in your hand, and to be passed from thence when you lift one-handed coin vanish with wax on nail to bring coin to sort of back-palm positionRelated to 47
Unknown How to transforme any one small thing into another forme by folding of paper Buddha papers to change coinsRelated to 47
Unknown How to convey money out of one of your hands into the other by Legerdemaine coin travels from hand to hand after false transfer, tapped with knife for sound illusionRelated to 48
Unknown How to make sixe pence seeme to fall thorow a Table coin vanishes from handkerchief with dummy coin inside and penetrates table and falls into glass held underneathRelated to 49
Unknown How to seeme to blow a sixe pence out of another mans hand coin pressed into spectator's hand vanishes, and reappears at sleeveRelated to 49
Unknown How to deliver to one man one sixpence, and to another another sixpence, and to make both the testors come into one mans hand "double lift" with coins, double put into spectator's hand (sponge ball trick with coins), coin stolen from palm of another spectator with sticky fingersRelated to 50
Hocus Pocus Junior Conveyance of Cards and Dice mentioning card tricks and principles without details
- divided cards
- advantage dice by cutting off a strip
- "nipping" (punch?), corner crimp, dots
Hocus Pocus Junior Of Confederacy listing some effects with stooges, most of them can be found in "Discoverie of Witchcraft" by Reginald Scot 52