Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves, Sam Schwartz

57 pages (Stapled), published by Tannen Magic Inc.
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Read This First 1
Karl Fulves Amazing But True general comments on book tests, different general principles 2
Karl Fulves Trivial But True historical comment on the anagram principle and this book testRelated to 3
Karl Fulves Taking No For An Answer explanation of the (progressive) anagram principle 6
Sam Schwartz Ars Magna improved fishing for basic anagram principle 8
Stanley Collins S.C. Expanded Anagrams word chosen, divined with lexicon deckAlso published here
  • "Nonpareil Book Mystery" (Stanley Collins)
Stewart James Anagram Matrix six cards with word lists of six words, spectator names position and remembers a word on any card, divinedVariationsAlso published here
  • "Anagramatic Facsimile" (Stewart James, Tops, March 1953)
Sam Schwartz Interlocking Anagrams same trick without knowing positionInspired byAlso published here
  • "Word-A-Matic" (Sam Schwartz, 1963, Linking Ring)
Sam Schwartz The Astrology Book description of the book 15
Sam Schwartz Incredi Test #1 spectator opens book on his zodiac sign and remembers first word, word and sign divinedVariations 17
Sam Schwartz Incredi Test #2 spectator opens book on his birth week and remembers first word, word and birthday divined
- Tips on Presentation
- The Birthday Trick (only week known, exact birthday with additional table on which spectator has to tell which weekday his birthday falls on)
- Duplicate Dates
Sam Schwartz, Karl Fulves Tips on Slate Technique having an index on the slate or a writing pad, or programmed into a pocket calculator 29
Sam Schwartz Last Word Test spectator opens book on his zodiac sign and remembers last word, word and sign divinedVariations 30
Sam Schwartz Mental Monk 14-15 stack that forces number and thus a word into Astrology bookInspired by 31
Sam Schwartz The 14-15 Test forcing different word in the Astrology book with the 14-15 stack 32
Sam Schwartz Demon's Effect using Si Stebbins stack to force a word in the Astrology bookInspired by 32
Sam Schwartz A Fathomed Thought Si Stebbins cut anywhere, top three cards added to select page and highest value gives position of word, possible words are made for anagram fishing in Astrology bookInspired by 33
Sam Schwartz The First GREAT SIN "GREATSIN", removing any letter, rest can be arranged into word ("deletion principle"), worked into Astrology book for fishing 34
Sam Schwartz The Second GREAT SIN 35
Sam Schwartz The Third GREAT SIN letter cards sent to host in advance, they predict a chosen word from the Astrology book
(A) on card sticky
(B) double facers
(C) double facers
Related toVariations 36
Sam Schwartz The CASTER Test procedure to chose word in Astrology book, always gives an anagram of "caster" 37
Sam Schwartz Under The Influence stack that forces number and thus word in Astrology bookInspired by
  • item in Gen magazine
Sam Schwartz The Morality Test stack that forces number and thus word in Astrology book 39
Sam Schwartz Missing L-I-N-C forcing one of five words in Astrology book with stack 39
Sam Schwartz Favorite Stranger stack that forces one of ten words in Astrology book 40
Sam Schwartz A Book Test in Code stack used to select words, top or bottom of page gives gray code for divination 41
Sam Schwartz Incredi Card lucky card from Astrology book is divinedRelated to 43
Karl Fulves Notes by Karl Fulves Related to 45
Karl Fulves After Effects introduction 46
Karl Fulves Reading Celebrities divining birth sign of a friend of the spectator or celebrity with Astrology bookInspired by 46
Karl Fulves Short Circuiting fishing variation in the "Incredi Test #1"
- Group Doubling
Inspired by 47
Karl Fulves The Anagrammer how to present the word after the letters have been called out, using calculator upside down to reveal word from a list of eight wordsRelated to 49
Karl Fulves Anygrams adding groups of letters instead of single letters 51
Karl Fulves Jo-Anagrams using anagram principle in divination of mental effect in which one of four girls on postcards is divined or a playing card 52
Karl Fulves The Silent R fishing variationInspired by 53
Karl Fulves Another GREAT SIN presentational ideaInspired by 54
Karl Fulves The Q Test spectator in another room with list of words and thinks of one, written on slate, repeated several times, not 100%, some words are easily visualized and others are not, concept fishing 55