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71 pages (Paperback), published by unknown publisher

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Chuck Smith Introduction
Chuck Smith Practice 2
Chuck Smith Chuck Smith on the Double-Lift unusual lift 8
Dai Vernon Push-Off Double Lift 10
Chuck Smith Fan Force methods using reverse and double fanning 12
Unknown Regular Fan 12
Unknown Reverse Fan 12
Chuck Smith The Regular Double-Fan force application, also for half forcing deck 12
Chuck Smith The Regular Reverse Fan double fan application 14
Chuck Smith, Michael Skinner Mighty Memory third of deck stacked, multiple phases 19
Chuck Smith Card Memory a peg for all 52 cards 23
Chuck Smith To Dusty dog finds card 27
Chuck Smith, Roger Klause, Steve Freeman Game of 31 eight phases 31
Chuck Smith Long Distance Card Trick wrong card changes into selection and back 37
Chuck Smith The Classic Pass 41
Chuck Smith Option Pass also as a color change or small packet palm from bottomVariations 47
Chuck Smith Palm Pass 51
Chuck Smith Push-Back Deal kind of push-off second deal and x-th deal from top but with pre-established break 55
Chuck Smith Let's Fish free from a third of the deck 59
Chuck Smith, Paul LePaul Thanks to LePaul Inspired by 65
Chuck Smith Moments to Remember two cards freely selected, those cards with different back produced from pocket 69