Written by Patrick Page

Work of Patrick Page

304 pages (Hardcover), published by Wolfe Publishing Limited
Illustrated with drawings by Eric Mason.
Language: English

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Patrick Page A Short History of Magic 11
Patrick Page Standard Accessories chapter intro 15
Patrick Page The Wand general comments 15
Unknown The Vanishing Wand wrapped in sheet of paper 16
Unknown The Handkerchief Wand handkerchief is pushed into a paper cone and vanishes 17
Unknown The Rising Wand 18
Unknown The Breakaway Wand comedy prop 19
Unknown The Balancing Wand 20
Patrick Page The Table general remarks 21
Patrick Page The Black Art Table black art well, two designs 21
Patrick Page A Tricky Top Hat flap, to produce/vanish objects 23
Patrick Page Manipulation versus Apparatus pros and cons
- Illusionist Managers
- The Present Day
Patrick Page The Miser's Dream 31
Unknown The Classic Palm 32
Unknown The Finger Palm 33
Unknown The Front Palm 33
Unknown The Back Palm 33
Unknown The Thumb Palm 34
Unknown The Back Clip 34
T. Nelson Downs The Nelson Downs Palm 34
Unknown The Back and Front Palm 35
Unknown Producing Coins from Downs Palm two methods 36
Patrick Page Coin Holders various types 42
Patrick Page The Chinese Rings eight rings 45
Unknown The Drop Count count while hiding linked rings 47
Patrick Page Card Manipulations chapter intro, general comments 55
Patrick Page Preparing the Cards breaking the cards 55
Unknown Back and Front Palm 57
Patrick Page Before an Audience how to use the back and front palm, without flashing 60
Patrick Page Keeping a Straight Arm tips on the back palm and production of one card 62
Unknown The Standard Method of producing card from the back palm 64
Cardini The Cardini Method of producing card from the back palm 65
Unknown Producing Fans 66
Unknown The Split Fan Production 67
Patrick Page Deceiving the Audience tips on split fans and producing fans 69
Patrick Page Reloading Cards into the Back Palm Position two methods 70
Patrick Page The Body Steal with a card holder 73
Patrick Page The Jacket Clip 76
Unknown Vanish from the Left Hand packet of cards 77
Tenkai Ishida The Tenkai Palm 78
Patrick Page Screens and Music for manipulation act, screen as backdrop 78
Patrick Page The Unexpected sequence 80
Patrick Page Discard Container for the cards 80
Patrick Page The Stacked Deck brief intro 80
Patrick Page The Si Stebbins 81
Unknown The Reversed Card card reversed in center behind back is revealed 82
Patrick Page Stabatwin stabbing pocket knife next to twin of chosen cardAlso published here 83
Patrick Page Calling the Cards bunch of card is distributed to the audience and one card is placed in a spectator's pocket, all cards are divined 83
Patrick Page, Tommy Tucker The Six Card Repeat 84
Unknown The Buckle Count 85
Patrick Page Three Cards Across two times fifteen cardsRelated to 87
Patrick Page The Cards to Pocket twelve cards, with six card repeat element 89
Patrick Page The Stripper Deck 91
Patrick Page Four Ace Trick four aces are cut to 93
Unknown The Red and the Blacks separating red and black cards 94
Patrick Page The Svengali Deck 94
Unknown The Fourteen Fifteen Deck forcing a number, for a book test 96
Patrick Page Spectacular Card Effects 97
Unknown The Card Sword 97
Unknown The Card in Balloon apparatus 99
Unknown The Card Star cards tossed at a star, three cards appear on ends of the star, apparatus 101
Patrick Page The Card Stab signed card 103
Patrick Page The Jumbo Four Ace Trick ace assembly with jumbo cards 104
Patrick Page The Multiplying Billard Balls general comments 107
Patrick Page One to Four Manipulation 108
Patrick Page One to Eight Manipulation two shells 113
Patrick Page The Sponge Ball Effect two in the hands routine 115
Unknown The Pinch Vanish 116
Unknown The Pull out Vanish "favourite with Al Goshman" 118
Unknown The Perfect Sponge Ball Vanish 120
Unknown The Addition putting two together as one 121
Patrick Page Sponge Ball Routine No. 2 several balls travel to spectator's hand 122
Patrick Page The Cups and Balls three cups 124
Patrick Page Rope Tricks chapter intro 135
Unknown The Appearing Knot flourish one-handed kontRelated to 135
Unknown The Fake Appearing Knot 136
Unknown The Impossible Appearing Knot without letting go of the ends 138
Unknown The Blondini Ball ball balances on rope 140
Unknown The String and the Straw string through straw, cut and restored, Kolar's Straw and String 141
Unknown Spirit Knots multiple knots appear on rope, in bag 142
Unknown The Enchanted Bottle rope and bottle 144
Patrick Page The Cut and Restored Rope Effect 145
Patrick Page Thimble Manipulation basic thumb palm move, variations 151
Patrick Page Thimble Holders 153
Patrick Page A Thimble Routine ending with eight thimbles 155
Patrick Page The Vanishing Bowl of Water on a tray under handkerchief 159
Unknown The Exaporating Liquid liquid poured in paper cone vanishes 161
Unknown The Glass of Wine Production with a handkerchief 162
Patrick Page The Paddle Move with a pocket knife 165
Patrick Page Spot the Spots spots on two paddles, routine 166
Patrick Page The Salt on the Knife salt spots on knife 167
Unknown The Chinese Compass classic 168
Patrick Page The Thumb Tip general remarks 169
Patrick Page The Vanishing Cigarette 170
Patrick Page The Vanishing Match Also published here 171
Patrick Page The Handkerchief Penetration small handkerchief penetrates bigger one 172
Patrick Page The Burnt Handkerchief 172
Patrick Page The Ring on Stick duplicate ring 172
Patrick Page The Flying Ring ring vanishes from hand which is covered with handkerchief and appears in other hand 174
Patrick Page The Three Shell Game - general comments
- The Steal
- The Load
- The Kick Steal
Unknown The Paper Tree classic newspaper tree 183
Unknown The Paper Ladder Newspaper into ladder 184
Unknown The Scotsman's Kilt kilt from newspaper 185
Unknown The Plaid plaid made of newspaper 185
Patrick Page Clippit clippo 186
Patrick Page The Torn and Restored Newspaper 187
Patrick Page The Ten Second Paper Tear Also published here 187
Patrick Page The Burn and Restored Strip 193
Patrick Page Livestock and Platform Effects chapter intro 195
Unknown The Vanishing Bunny break-away table 195
Patrick Page A Rabbit from a Hat silks and rabbit 197
Unknown The Dog Kennel production of a dog, box looks like small house 200
Unknown The Dove Pan producing birds 201
Unknown The Rabbit Cage box to produce rabbit 202
Patrick Page Dove from Streamer 204
Unknown The Vanishing Cage of Doves on table 205
Unknown Dove from Silk 207
Unknown The Rings on Rod Illusion box with magic wand, rings penetrate 211
Unknown The Color Changing Fan 212
Unknown The Passé Bottle and Glass 213
Unknown The Vanishing Birdcage De Kolta cage 215
Unknown The Drawer Box 217
Unknown The Organ Pipes production device 217
Unknown The Square Circle Production Box 219
Unknown Flower Production intro on flowers 221
Unknown The Oriental Shawl flowers produced from shawl 222
Patrick Page The Bare Hand Flower Production clap method 223
Unknown The Ghost Tube 227
Unknown The Aquarius Tube liquid poured in paper tube transforms into paper stream 229
Patrick Page The Nest of Boxes ring vanishes under handkerchief and appears in nest of boxes 231
Unknown The Inexhaustible Box production box 233
Unknown The Sliding Die Box with hat 235
Unknown The Twentieth Century Silk Trick - Vanish of the Duplicate 237
Patrick Page The Handkerchief Pull Related to 240
Patrick Page The Lamp Chimney Vanish handkerchief vanishes from plastic tube,Related to 241
Unknown The Japanese Production Box to produce handkerchiefs, box with hole in bottom 243
Patrick Page The Changing Bag routine with child, handkerchiefs appear 245
Unknown The Vanishing Walking Stick different presentations, with newspaper 247
Unknown The Appearing Walking Stick several methods, with silk 250
Unknown The Stick to Parasol 253
Patrick Page Magic Spectaculars general comments on illusions 255
P. T. Selbit, Unknown Sawing a Woman in Half several methods 256
John Nevil Maskelyne, Unknown The Levitation 261
Unknown The Sword Cabinet with vanish ans reappearance 265
Unknown The Substitution Trunk 268
Unknown The Three Swords Suspension balanced on a sword 271
Unknown The Cremation Illusion burnt in a box 273
Fred Culpitt The Doll's House Illusion 276
Unknown The Vanishing Motor Car same method as old vanishing horse on stage 279
Unknown The Indian Basket Illusion person vanishes and appears in basket, sword is pushed through basket 281
Unknown The Step Ladder Illusion person appears on a ladder 284
Unknown The Guillotine Illusioin 285
Unknown The Crinoline Illusion person appears, theatrical production, dress is built 288
Unknown The Chair Suspension 290
Unknown The Sack Escape mail bag escape 292
Unknown The Straitjacket Escape 293
Prof. Jacoby The Jacoby Tie wrists tied with two ropesAlso published here 295
Unknown Behind the Back Wrist Tie 297
Ten Ichi, Patrick Page The Thumb Tie 298
Unknown The Double Rope Tie 300
Unknown The Chain Gang Escape chain with two rings and padlock 301
Unknown The Handkerchief Tie with handkerchief and rope 303