Written by Michael Ammar

Work of Michael Ammar

306 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Robert Hirsch, Hannah Ammar, Greg Manwaring.
Language: English

(77 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Michael Ammar Stand-Up Cups & Balls detailled explanation 1
Charlie Miller Miller Penetration Move 8
Unknown Push-Through Vanish ball vanishes as wand is pushed through fist 12
Michael Ammar No Tip "Tip-Over" Load 13
David Williamson Striking Vanish 16
David Williamson One-Handed Ball Steal 19
Dai Vernon, Silent Mora The Dai Vernon Wand Spin 26
Michael Ammar Retention-of-Vision Vanish Also published here 33
Rick Anderson Amazing Coin Vanish Also published here 35
John Carney Fingertip Coin Vanish Also published here 38
Michael Ammar Ultimate One-Finger Spellbound Also published here 40
Michael Ammar Corner Switch as it is torn offAlso published here 44
Edward Marlo, Michael Ammar Bottom Deal Force 46
Michael Ammar Wiped Clean #1 to show hands emptyVariationsAlso published here 48
Michael Ammar Wiped Clean #2 to show hands emptyAlso published here 51
Michael Ammar Clip Card Vanish vanishing torn pieces of card in paper clipAlso published here 54
Michael Ammar Cut & Restored Rope Replacement move for standard method 56
Edward Marlo, Michael Ammar Side-Steal (with Top Card Cover) 58
Michael Ammar Thumbtip Finesse Technique #1 (vanish a bill)
Technique #2 (vanish a cigarette)
Technique #3 (vanishing with middle finger)
Pocket Loading (pocket management)
Michael Ammar This'll Flip You Out broken and restored flip-top from canAlso published here 89
Michael Ammar Coin on Ceiling also as a kicker for card on ceiling with card cornerAlso published here 93
Michael Ammar Card Matrix cards visually assemble instead of coins underneathAlso published here 95
Bob Chesbro Snort but Sweet inhaling two halves of torn cigaretteAlso published here 99
Lou Gallo Silver Certificate folded dollar bill visibly transforms into dollar coinRelated toAlso published here 102
David Williamson Coin in Pen Cap Also published here 105
Unknown Egde Grip 106
Mike Gallo New Wave Coins Across three coins in each hand, one behindAlso published here 107
David Williamson Reverse Matrix four coins, four cardsAlso published here 111
Michael Ammar The Vanishing Glass stemmed glass vanishes under silkAlso published here 115
Mike Gallo Coins Through Table Kicker coins travel up instead of last one downVariationsAlso published here 119
David Williamson "Now Cut That Out" coin appears under selected card, coins an card change places with purse, card foldedAlso published here 122
Michael Ammar Switching Sandwiches Also published here 125
Harry Lorayne, Carmen D'Amico, Edward Marlo Instant Card Catch Related to 127
Gerald Kosky Sandwich Switch credited to Ken Krenzel 127
Michael Ammar Torn & Restored Cigarette #1 Also published here 130
Michael Ammar Torn & Restored Cigarette #2 Also published here 132
Michael Ammar Ring Band-It three phases 135
Michael Ammar Did You Order Salt or Pepper? salt to pepper transformationAlso published here 145
Michael Ammar Bluefield Debut selection transforms blue, red mate in card caseAlso published here 149
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Key Placement 149
Michael Ammar Paint Brush Change Variation 151
Edward Marlo Box Loading Technique 152
Michael Ammar Broken & Restored Rubberband Finesse 154
Michael Ammar The Linking Headbands Pinch done with thick headbands 158
Michael Ammar Pencil Thru Quarter Also published here 161
Bob Elliott Flipswitch Related to 162
Michael Ammar Trade Show Climax coin permanently stuck on pencilVariations 166
Michael Ammar The Iceman Cometh card in ice block, torn cornerAlso published here 169
Michael Ammar Card Cubes card in ice cube which appears in handAlso published here 172
Unknown One-Handed Card Fold into sixth 172
Michael Ammar Let's Hit the Bottle Also published here 175
Michael Ammar Propelled Topiting as other object is thrown from hand to hand 179
Michael Ammar Silk to Egg 183
Michael Ammar Indoor Baseball card on board, thumb tackAlso published here 189
Michael Ammar Signed Bill in Light Bulb Also published here 193
Michael Ammar Billy, the Hypnotized Balloon needle through balloon and ring into balloonAlso published here 199
Michael Ammar The Two Card Trick selection appears and changes into second selectionAlso published here 208
Unknown Dribble Injog 208
Michael Ammar Pop-Out Production with Double Card 209
Michael Ammar Haley's Comet ball appears in flash and disappears (in topit) 211
Bob Fitch, Michael Ammar Bouncing Ball Vanish Variation topit 211
Michael Ammar Lighter Vanish topit 212
Roger Klause, Michael Ammar, Mike Kozlowski The Thumbtip Bill Switch Variations 227
Michael Ammar The Crazy Man's Handcuffs 238
Michael Ammar False Count with Coins overcount 249
Michael Ammar Multiple Coin Production "Sonic Squeeze Production" 251
Michael Ammar Double Color Change wrong card changes in selection and back color 254
Jerry K. Hartman Double Lift from Bottom as deck is cut, so it seems to come from center 254
Unknown Tenkai Pivot Change 256
Michael Ammar KointaKey coin to key 258
Unknown Heel Clip Steal 260
James Lewis, Piet Forton, Michael Ammar Inversion - First Handling (Piet Forton)
- Second Handling (Michael Ammar)
- Third Handling (Michael Ammar)
VariationsAlso published here 263
Jerry K. Hartman Popover Move 264
Cardini Cardini Snap Change 266
Michael Ammar Incredible Coins Across into spectator's hands, last coin comes from thin air 268
Unknown Han Ping Chien into Spectator's Hand 270
David Williamson Pencil Thru Quarter Finesse extraction move 283