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327 pages (Hardcover), published by Patrick Page Magic Limited
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Patrick Page, Eric Mason, Dennis Patten.
Language: English

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Patrick Page Random Forethoughts from Patrick Page 15
Matthew Field Editor's Preface 29
Patrick Page Cards to Pocket twelve cards up the sleeve to pocket, with six card repeat sequence, no palming methodAlso published here 36
Patrick Page, Chan Canasta The Encore Climax Queens and Aces, spectator can wish which cards travel to pocket, repeated with other value as a kicker 38
Dai Vernon The Buckle Count 39
Patrick Page The Continuous Do As I Do spectator and performer each shuffle half the deck and exchange top card, they match, repeated multiple timesInspired by
  • Douglas Francis' "Duo Coincido" in Peter Warlock's "Pentagram" Vol. 1 No. 2, 1946
VariationsAlso published here
Patrick Page An Impromptu Vanish fan production and vanishes, then entire deck vanishes, dumping cards into jacket pocketAlso published here 42
Patrick Page Beyond Coincidence spectator selects same card as other spectator did befeoreAlso published here
  • "The Left Handed Force" in "Genii" Vol. 65, No. 3. 2002.
Patrick Page Patrick Page's Card in Wallet 46
Unknown Controlling the Card 46
Patrick Page One, Two Three, It's Yours selection found by scaling it up behind the backAlso published here 51
Patrick Page Heba Haba Magic name of card appears on hand of spectator, ink padRelated to 52
Unknown Slip Force 53
Patrick Page The Davenport Deception deck is face up on table, a coin is placed on the top card and flash paper is ignited on the coin, the card under coin changes 54
Patrick Page The PrincESP Card Trick in pocket, two sets 56
Patrick Page Three Cards Across Related to 58
Patrick Page Princess Quatro with queens, three removed and selected queen ends up in different pocketRelated to
  • "Pages from Patrick's Notebook"
Also published here
Patrick Page Peg It card is found with a peg, behind back 60
Patrick Page Jumbo One in the Middle jumbo card transformation, construction details for special Ever Change Card 62
Patrick Page Big Money Aces performer locates the Aces, then a Jumbo coin appears under the fan of Acea 64
Patrick Page The Top Change Top-Bottom Change 66
Al Flosso Card in Balloon 67
Patrick Page The Unknown Soldier's Card Trick card changes into selection, spectator on stage does not realize itAlso published here 70
Patrick Page The Multiple Colour Change Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 72
Patrick Page The Pageboy Card Switch apparently published by Larry Jennings without creditRelated to 74
Patrick Page The PaPa System general remarks on stack decks, thoughts on Si Stebbins and Eight Kings and anecdotes of Charlie Edwards, Robert Harbin, David Berglas 78
Patrick Page Things You Should Know About a Stacked Deck on rotation / cyclic stacks 81
Patrick Page Handling a Stacked Deck. on shuffles and cuts 82
Unknown The Street Magician's False Shuffle in the hands and on the table, halves are rotated 82
Patrick Page Charlier Shuffle fine variation of the shuffle 83
Patrick Page Revelations 7 ways to reveal a chosen card 84
Patrick Page Other Revelations on divining cards, finding the mate of the chosen cardRelated to 85
Patrick Page Stabatwin stabbing pocket knife next to twin of chosen cardAlso published here 86
Patrick Page The Face-Up Revelation spectator cuts deck and reversed card and puts it in the center, card is revealed 87
Patrick Page Multiple Revelations six different ways of divination when multiple cards are selected
1. bunch of cards as divined
2. bunch of cards are distributed to several people, cards are divined
3. bunch of card is divined plus an unknown card in pocket
4. selection in bunch of cards is divined
5. prediction of last card of bunch of cards which is turned over (Billy McComb, Ken de Courcy)
6. cards in envelopes are divined
Related to
  • Ken de Courcy's and Billy McComb's "Cabaret Card Divination"
Patrick Page The Probe bunch of card is selected, one card is thought of and divined 90
Patrick Page Pocketed Cards three cards are placed in different pockets, cards and locations are divined 91
Julio Fernandez The Fernandez Miracle two spectators hold a bunch of cards, select a card and exchange them, packets are shuffled and both cards are located 92
Patrick Page Calling the Cards all cards are named without repetition, to stack the deckRelated to 93
Patrick Page The Pocket Card Index standard type and Q5 model, named cards are produced from pocketRelated to 94
Patrick Page, Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Ted Dansons' Diary Trick with two variations 96
Patrick Page, Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) The Ultimate Variation: Old Moore's Diary Related to
  • Arun Bonerjee's "Another Diary" in "Club 71" Easter, 2000. P. 67.
Patrick Page, Maurice Fogel The Four Packets spectator cuts deck into four piles, four cards on the bottom are divined 101
Patrick Page The Four Packets, Part 2 stand-up version, four spectators cut pile and hold it to chest, bottom cards are divined 102
Patrick Page All Around Square-Up Glimpse card is in full palmAlso published here
  • Charles and Regina Reyonolds' "The Harry Blackstone Book of Magic and Illusion" 1985.
Patrick Page Coincidence two decks, two spectators select a cards, it turns out to be the same 104
Patrick Page At a Number placing a selection at a certain position 105
Patrick Page The PaPa System Plus Si Stebbins system to navigate quickly in Si Stebbins order 106
Patrick Page The Estimated Cut cut estimation with the Si Stebbins, tips 108
Patrick Page Opportunism finding a named card, spectator can choose if the card should end up on top, in the middle or on the bottom and other methods to find card, improvisation 109
Patrick Page Think A Card card is thought of in a fan and eventually found 111
Patrick Page Guesstimation spectator cuts a packet and remembers card, card is found, three variations 112
Patrick Page Name a Number selected card ends up at named number 112
Patrick Page And Again selected card ends up at named number 114
Patrick Page The Faro / Weave / Butt / Shuffle Si Stebbins to a deck where all pairs are toether 115
Patrick Page Avoiding the Peek forcing a card near a locator card 115
Patrick Page Avoiding the Peek forcing a card near a locator card 115
Patrick Page No Lap Coins Through Table stand-up, four coins 118
Al Baker The Baker Move 119
Han Ping Chien, Patrick Page The Hang Ping Chien Move 121
Unknown Vanish of Four Coins 122
Patrick Page, Alexander de Cova What I have described... four coins change from silver to copper, with a cup 122
Patrick Page The Big Coin Production producing jumbo coin, plate or other object behind knee 124
Patrick Page The Complete Coin Miracle coin penetrates handkerchief, with finger ring 126
Patrick Page Spellbound Climax jumbo coin 127
Patrick Page The Pull Back Coin Vanish 128
Patrick Page A Coin Interlude coins are produced and dropped into a glass 130
Brian MacCarthy, Patrick Page A Coin Vanish coin vanish from handkerchiefAlso published here 132
Patrick Page The Sleeve Dropper with applications for
- The Expansion of Silver
- With a Purse Frame
- The Miser's Dream
- With a Deck of Cards
- Using Other Objects
Max Malini, Patrick Page A La Malini dumping object in pocket while pulling on the sleeveRelated to 135
Patrick Page Coins Coins Coins four coins are produced, vanished and reproduced in a handkerchief 136
Jack Chanin Coin Production four coins, one by one, with handkerchief 136
Patrick Page Coin Vanish four coins vanish at once from handkerchief 137
Patrick Page Coin Appearance in Handkerchief Related to 137
Patrick Page The Miser's Dream - The Bucket & Coins
- A Money Act?
T. Nelson Downs The T. Nelson Downs Palm production and details 145
Unknown The Classic Palm brief comments 146
Unknown The Thumb Palm brief comments 146
Unknown The Pull Back miser's dream move 147
Unknown The Drop Plus Finger Palm miser's dream move 147
Unknown The Back Clip brief domments 147
Patrick Page Coin Holders 149
Patrick Page In Lieu of the Coin Holder different ways to steal coins 149
Jack Chanin, Patrick Page The Chanin Coin Production coin production with a handkerchief, with variation 152
Patrick Page The Opener production of flowersAlso published here 156
Patrick Page Glass of Liquid Production production of a glass from the sleeve 157
Patrick Page The Sponge Ball Routine color, routining, words used etc 158
Patrick Page Professional Sponge Ball Routine with four balls, spectator involved 160
Patrick Page The Vanish 161
Patrick Page The Bowl Routine different bowl, hiding balls under it 164
Unknown The Sleeve Dodge 169
Patrick Page The Purse Frame - Coin Production
- Sponge Balls
Patrick Page The Patrick Page Purse Frame Routine coins produced from purse frame, jumbo coin as climaxAlso published here 173
Patrick Page The Burned & Restored Bill in Wallet 175
Patrick Page The Ten Second Paper Tear with additional gags and linesRelated toAlso published here 176
Patrick Page The Color Changing Handkerchief brief 179
Patrick Page Bare Hand Silk Production production of handkerchief, false fingerAlso published here 180
Patrick Page Dyeing the Silks in paper tubeRelated to 181
Patrick Page One More Torn and Restored Paper with a poster 184
Patrick Page A Thumb Tip Tip Also published here 186
Al Koran, Patrick Page The Al Koran Thimble Routine finally having eight thimblesAlso published here 187
Patrick Page Lighter Thru Table with a holdoutAlso published here 188
Patrick Page Tambo Tambo benson bowl with a tambourine, coins as final load 189
Patrick Page The Borrowed Finger Ring vanishing a ring with a handkerchief, thoughts on Koran's Ring Flight, ring on glasses, ring to ring box 192
Patrick Page The Purse Switch coins from purseAlso published here 195
Patrick Page The Pageboy Ball Vanish while turning hand, bold vanishAlso published here 197
Patrick Page The Cut and Restored Rope 198
Patrick Page The Everlasting Cut and Restored Rope magnetic versionAlso published here 200
Patrick Page Three to One Rope Trick magnetic 203
Patrick Page The Rope Rope Rope Trick rope cut into three pieces becomes one rope again 204
Patrick Page With a Thumb TIp ideas with a thumb tip
- With a Pencil
- The Thumb Tip as a Producing Agent
- For the Platform Act
- Smaller 'n' Smaller
- Suddenly Something Happened
Patrick Page Dealer's Delight chapter intro, on tricks he put on the market 211
Patrick Page Easy Money blank pieces of paper change into bills 212
Patrick Page One in the Middle in the hands monteRelated toVariations 219
Patrick Page The Colour Changing Jumbo observation test with five jumbo cards, one changes color 222
Patrick Page The Golden Girdle cut and restored rope, off-beat method 223
Patrick Page Cord-A-Cup handle of coffee cup is threaded on rope, cup penetrates rope, with normal cupInspired byVariations 224
Patrick Page Acrobatic jacks and kings transpose 228
Patrick Page Brainchild one of ten cards is named, named card has different colored back 229
Patrick Page Copycat Cards do as i do, spectator and performer always find pairs 230
Patrick Page The Fifty-Fifty Cards eight jumbo cards cut in half, two spectators get half of the cards and select same card 231
Patrick Page Double-Mirage Part 1 card vanishes and appears on the face of a previously shown blank cardRelated to 232
Patrick Page Double-Mirage Part 2 two methods, with monte theme 234
Patrick Page One More Time odd cards vanish among three other cards one at the time, then card changes to match other card 235
Patrick Page Repeat Flag Production silk flags produced from purse 236
Patrick Page Patrick's Hatrick hat made from newspaper 238
Patrick Page A Handful of Magic cards with words printed, object is selected, performer holds it in handInspired by
  • "Synonymental" (Ed Mellon)
Patrick Page, Cliff Lount Chameleon Clown clown printed on paper, clothes change color when put in envelope, sucker element 242
Patrick Page The Invisible Chicken egg appears from banner, with hat 244
Patrick Page Topsy Turvey Candle burning candle in tube turns over 246
Patrick Page Money Bag coins travel to bag, saucer inside for noice 248
Patrick Page Clink Coins coins travel to bag formed with handkerchief, saucer inside for noice 249
Patrick Page Ooooorange? in the hands monte, with jumbo cards and pictures of two empty and one full glassRelated to 250
Patrick Page The Mini-Money Miracle rolled-up bill travels under cup, then stack of coin appears under cup 251
Patrick Page The Big Four four indifferent cards change into four corners of a jumbo card which matches selectionInspired by
  • Jack Hughes' "Four Wrongs Make a Right"
Patrick Page The Nobody Handkerchief gimmick for dancing handkerchief, in the hands 254
Patrick Page Funny Bunny in the hands monte, with jumbo cards and pictures of empty hats and rabbitsRelated to 256
Patrick Page The Hanky Panky Cloth handkerchief to make objects disappearRelated to 257
Patrick Page Ringstick Related to 260
Patrick Page The Brainbuster Deck odd-colored back 262
Patrick Page Cash Catch bills are produced from midair, folded bills are forced to unfold one by oneInspired by 264
Patrick Page Topit - Topit Technique
- The Left Arm
- The Right Arm
- The Right Arm, Part Two
- The Toss
- The Visible Switch
- The Hidden Switch
- The Deck Switch (1)
- The Deck Switch (2)
- The Card Stab Switch
- And One More Switch
- Another Version
- Other Applications of a Handkerchief
Related to 268
Patrick Page To Vanish a Wine Glass with handkerchiefAlso published here 276
Patrick Page Vanishing Cane in Newspaper Also published here 278
Patrick Page Comedy Magic essay on topic and chapter intro 282
Patrick Page The Magic Box glass of beer in box, without bottom 284
Patrick Page The Vanishing Birdcage instead of birdcage, trousers disappear 284
Patrick Page The Vanishing Apple apple disappears under handkerchief, with assistant 284
Val Andrews Val's Opener rubber chicken and egg from hat 284
Patrick Page Tearing It Up tearing up pieces and putting them under leg of table, gag 284
Patrick Page An Alternative bill folded up and placed under leg of table, changes to paper 284
George Blake The Handyman gag with false hand 284
Patrick Page Meeeoooow wet handkerchief is produced from a canister, wet cat joke 284
Patrick Page Arrivederci Magic coins produced and put in a can, then water spurts from can, joke 284
Patrick Page Colour Blind? three different colored silks change order, joker 285
Patrick Page A Colour Change color changing handkerchief gagAlso published here 285
Patrick Page The Electric Deck 285
Peter Newcombe A Flashy Gag flash in the pan joke 285
Peter Newcombe Sharp as a Knife trouser crease is sharp as a knife, cuts rope 285
Patrick Page A Flaming Candle fake candle gag 285
Pete Biro Whipcrackaway rope cracks like a whip, joke 285
Patrick Page Bang Bang gag with a gun, shooting member of the audienceAlso published here 285
Patrick Page, David Nixon Attraction object fall on the floor and jumps up when large magnet is held next above it, gag 286
Patrick Page A Prediction yes / no prediction, envelope 286
Bob Ostin Windy small windmill starts to spin when performer blows into sleeve 286
Unknown Smoke Gets Everywhere cigarette smoke is blown into sleeve and comes out from other sleeve 286
Patrick Page From Down Under boomerang wand, gag 286
Patrick Page The Portable Cow milking a rubber glove, gag 286
Patrick Page The Shot Knot cut and restored rope, knot falls off with pistol, gag 286
Patrick Page Smoke Smoke Smoke cigarette smoke gag 286
Patrick Page A Cigarette Twist cigarette smoke gag 287
Patrick Page Expensive Prop dishwashing liquid gag 287
Milbourne Christopher No Smoking rope from cigarette packet 287
Patrick Page The Buttonhole flower appears on buttonhole 287
Patrick Page The Vanishing Handkerchief cane disappears, comedy presentation 287
Patrick Page Sock It handkerchief changes to sock 287
Patrick Page The Legend gag prediction, picture of celebrity in a frame 287
Patrick Page The Acrobatic Glove glove floats from floor to the hand 287
Patrick Page The Flash Box handkerchief in box, box burns and explodes and handkerchief is shown burnt, gag 288
Patrick Page The Egg Trick bottomless glass is held by spectator, egg is cracked, gag 288
Patrick Page Missing missing with cards and a gun, gag 288
Patrick Page H.G. Wells Outdone invisible handkerchief travels knotted between two other handkerchiefs, empty space between silks can be seen, gag 288
Patrick Page Striking It Lucky collected cigarettes from audience vanish in cone, gag 288
Patrick Page God Bless Cardini gag to strike a match on the shoe 288
Patrick Page A Tissue of...? gag for torn and restored tissue paper 288
Tommy Cooper Tale of a Fish production of fish skeleton 289
Jay Marshall Jay's Tale appearing and vanishing bowl of goldfish gag 289
Patrick Page A Con Trick milk transforms into confetti, gag 289
Patrick Page The Vanishing (?) object can be seen hanging on performer's back, gag 289
Patrick Page Another T&R with mouth 289
Patrick Page The Breakaway Wand 289
Roy Benson See the Pretty Thing candle changes to feather, feather thrown on floor and lands with loud clang 289
Patrick Page Those Blinking Rings linking rings gag 290
Patrick Page The Electric Deck, Again with extra thread, deck closes by itself 290
Patrick Page, Mike Caldwell A Feat of Magic pair of shoes appear on stage, gag 290
Patrick Page Spots Off comedy presentation for Sitta's Leopard Silk 290
Patrick Page A Sticky Moment gag with hat and table 290
Patrick Page A Hat Trick tennis ball appears on bowler hat 290
Billy McComb, Patrick Page Billy's Thimble while doing a thimble routine, an extra finger appearsInspired by 291
Patrick Page Up Up Up Up Up knob of stick travels to other side of stick, gag 291
Patrick Page Cue for Magic gag with wand, chalking end 291
Patrick Page That Rope Trick rope gag 291
Patrick Page And Another rope gag 291
Patrick Page The Indian Rope Trick gag with a rope 292
Patrick Page Wanderful black part of wand is removed 292
Patrick Page Home James handkerchief jumps up back in outer breast pocket 292
Patrick Page Half and Half cutting filled plastic glass in half 292
Patrick Page The Eye Card Trick card revelation, spectator sits on card and performer looks into his mouthRelated to 292
Patrick Page Wrong Card Right Card comedy prediction, corner torn off 292
Patrick Page A Table Tip comedy sequence with a table and a box 292
Patrick Page OOOOOOOHH! candle and flash paper, gag 293
Ken Brooke Another OOOOOOOHH! gag, bundle of matches are ignited at once 293
Ken Brooke A Plate plate changes into plastic 293
Ken Brooke The Boomerang Card with blindfold with a hole, gag 293
Ken Brooke Name a Card 1 "wrong" gag 293
Ken Brooke Ditto 2 "correct" gag 293
Ken Brooke Ditto 3 named card, gag 294
Patrick Page The Card Is? chosen card gag 294
Patrick Page The Windbag blown up paper bag jumps off table 294
Patrick Page The Diminishing Handkerchief gag, with handkerchief to compare 294
Patrick Page A Dodgy Rope rope moves by itself, turns away from scissors, gag 294
Patrick Page Dodgy Rope 2 rope moves by itself, turns away from scissors, gag 294
Patrick Page The Cannonball Illusion comedy vanishing cannonball under handkerchief 294
Patrick Page All Seeing Blindfold blindfold gag 294
Patrick Page Baby Baby baby clothes and baby bottle are produced from spectator's jacket 294
Patrick Page Bloomer? gag for torn and restores tissue paper, with two different colors 295
Patrick Page Milk? beer comes from milk bottle 295
Patrick Page Smoke Signals packet is ignited and flash and smoke appears 295
Patrick Page Breakaway Props on breakaway comedy props 295
Patrick Page Breakaway Wand 295
Patrick Page Breakaway Gun 295
Patrick Page Breakaway Fan 295
Patrick Page Breakaway Box 296
Patrick Page Breakaway Scissors 296
Patrick Page (reviewer) Just a Thought Roy Baker's breakaway act 296
Roy Baker Breakaway Breakaway breakaway wand sequence 296
Patrick Page It's My Turn Now using a breakaway wand for a kids show 296
Patrick Page Rabbit, Where Art Thou? comedy routine, performer tries to make a rabbit appear behind a cloth 296
Patrick Page Card in Wallet fake wallet, nylon shopping bag, gag 297
Patrick Page A Green Pair? socks change into fruit, trick based on a pun 297
Patrick Page Obedient Cards gag with cards 297
Patrick Page The Flat Rabbit production of a flat rabbit, joke 297
Robert Orben, Terry Herbert The Baby Gag classic baby gag 298
Patrick Page Hanky Panky 1 silk jumps in box 298
Patrick Page Hanky Panky 2 silk jumps around 298
Arthur Dowler Dowler's Rings gag for linking rings, stooge 298
Patrick Page A Coin Trick "they must be mine" joke 298
Patrick Page It's Handy comedy bit for card manipulation, hand in hat throws cards out again 298
Patrick Page Good Evening words on silk change 299
Patrick Page Pocket Magic gag with handkerchief 299
Patrick Page A Hole in One gag for handkerchief with a holeAlso published here 299
Patrick Page Blank Him gag with a gun, shooting member of the audienceAlso published here 299
Patrick Page Sleightly Different vanishing cigarette gag 299
Patrick Page, Milbourne Christopher Bigger? jumbo card as a gag, similar to the Dr. Jaks routineRelated to 299
Patrick Page Smaller? miniature card as a gag 299
Patrick Page Comedy Props 19 comedy props 300
Patrick Page Misdirection on Misdirection, story of Mike Skinner, Bobby Wonder, David Berglas, Channing Pollock, CardiniRelated to 305
Patrick Page A Ball Vanish applying misdirection to the drop vanish 306
Patrick Page The Big Steal misdirection for final production in a manipulation actAlso published here 306
Patrick Page, Heba Haba Al Card under the Ashtray 307
Patrick Page Now They See It on effects everybody can see how it is done except the spectator on stage 310
Patrick Page The Vanishing and Reappearing Saucer spectator on stage, saucer disappears and appears, rest of audience can see how it works 311
Patrick Page The Early Version spectator on stage, saucer disappears and appears, rest of audience can see how it works 312
Patrick Page Card on Forehead 312
Clayton Rawson, Patrick Page Clayton Rawson egg beater mind reading, with different variationsRelated to
  • Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 2, July 1947, p. 331
Patrick Page Which Hand is it in? with handkerchief for one spectator, rest of audience can see how it works 315
Patrick Page Ditto with handkerchief for one spectator, rest of audience can see how it works 315
Patrick Page On the Back wand vanishes and appears on assistant's back 316
Patrick Page Bonus Genus object vanishes and appears on performer's back, Wandering Willie 317
Patrick Page Another Version handkerchief vanishes and appears on spectator's back 317
Patrick Page With a Balloon balloon travels to back of spectator 317
Patrick Page Dr. Giovanni's Card on Back 317
Patrick Page Paper Balls Over the Head 317
Patrick Page The Egg Bag gag sequence 318
Patrick Page The Vanishing Liquid over head of spectator 318
Patrick Page Variation 1 318
Patrick Page Variation 2 318
Patrick Page The Pitchman Routine intro for pitchman / Katterfelto routines 319
Patrick Page Six Inches More child grows on stage 319
Patrick Page The Eye Chart child can't read letters on a board 319
Patrick Page This is the Big Time spectator makes assistant appear, door frame illusion 319
Patrick Page The Coin Vanish coin placed on head, vanish for child, rest of audience can see how it works 320
Patrick Page, Charlie Edwards The Knotted Handkercheifs Slydini silks 320
Matthew Field, Patrick Page "I've enjoyed every minute." Patrick Page interviewed by Matthew FieldAlso published here
  • "The Magic Circular" in 2007