Written by Patrick Page

Work of Various

64 pages (Stapled), published by Wolfe Publishing Limited
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

(27 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Patrick Page Transpo Handkerchief two different colored handkerchiefs are wrapped into newspaper and change places 3
Unknown The Broken Match Restored classic, with handkerchief 6
Unknown Balancing a Handkerchief on the chin 8
Unknown The Egg Laying Handkerchief eggs produced from folded handkerchief, with top hat, classic 10
Patrick Page Dyeing a Handkerchief in paper tubeRelated to 15
Patrick Page The Shower of Sweets sweets are produced from handkerchief 18
Patrick Page Stretching a Handkerchief 22
Patrick Page A Production Effect wand or pencil appear under handkerchief 24
Patrick Page The Handkerchief Vanisher 26
Patrick Page A Comedy Illusion invisible hair and handkerchief, gag 29
Unknown A Bare Hand Production classic, ellbow 32
Unknown The Devil's Handkerchief 34
Unknown Another Double Handkerchief sewn in cardboard disc 37
Patrick Page The Cut and Restored Handkerchief classic 40
Patrick Page The Handkerchief Puppet with a handkerchief and rubber bandsRelated to 43
Unknown The Rabbit Puppet from handkerchiefRelated to 44
Unknown Fatima the Dancer Related to 46
Unknown The Magic Mouse Related to 48
Unknown The Knot that Will Knot 53
Unknown A One-Handed Knot 54
Unknown A Knotty Problem tying knot without letting go of the ends 54
Unknown How to Make a Parachute 56
Patrick Page A Comedy Interlude handkerchief floats up in hand 58
Patrick Page Another Amusing Little Item gag for handkerchief with a holeAlso published here 59
Patrick Page The Appearing Knot 61
Patrick Page The Changing Bag handkerchiefs turn into flag 62
Patrick Page The Twentieth-Century Handkerchief with change bag 64