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Garrett Thomas Formula 1. Present your magic as a gift to share
2. Plan ahead - be prepared for next time
3. Keep a positive attitude and go with the situation while remaining in control of the magic
Garrett Thomas Presenting the Art of Magic 2
Garrett Thomas The Usual Suspects About being prepared for the most common audience types 4
Garrett Thomas Rare and Unusual Suspects Unusual audience types 5
Garrett Thomas The Texter / Thumbs How to deal with distracted audience membersRelated to 6
Garrett Thomas GT's Workers Card at Any Number Card freely named, person on the other side of the phone names a number, card is found at that number, used to grab attention of people on the phoneRelated to 7
Garrett Thomas The Hands / The Shuffler How to deal with people who want to shuffle the cards in performance 9
Garrett Thomas The French Dropper / Take That! How to deal with audiences who want to be the center of attention by heckling 10
Garrett Thomas The Forgetter / Absent Minded Spectator How to deal with audiences that forget their selected card 12
Garrett Thomas Pinocchio / Mr. Pants on Fire How to deal with audiences that lie about their selected card when asked 13
Garrett Thomas The Bogart / Play it Again Sam How to deal with audiences that keep asking you to repeat the trick 15
Garrett Thomas The Einstein / The Know-it-All How to deal with audiences that keep saying "I know how you did it" 16
Garrett Thomas The Copycat / Anything you can do I can do better... How to deal with audiences who want to do a trick 16
Garrett Thomas The Wrap Up 19