Written by Arturo de Ascanio

Work of Arturo de Ascanio

132 pages (Hardcover), published by Páginas
Illustrated with drawings by José Antonio Vega.
Language: English

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David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg Foreword as Fu Manchu 10
Antonio Romero Introduction 14
Pablo Luis López Mendizábal Preliminary Note from first edition in 1958 16
Arturo de Ascanio Introduction - A few Words about Knives - Terminology
- What Type of Knife Should be Used?
- The "Fairly Complete" Set
Arturo de Ascanio The Paddle Move - A Modern Take on the Classic Handling 26
Arturo de Ascanio A. The Ring and Little Finger Grip 28
Arturo de Ascanio B. The Knife Held between the Left Index Finger and Thumb 29
Arturo de Ascanio C. The Hand-To-Hand Toss 30
Arturo de Ascanio D. The Classic Handling Performed with Two Knives. The V Turn 31
Arturo de Ascanio Through-The-Fist Turn 32
Arturo de Ascanio The Third-Finger Turn 33
Arturo de Ascanio The Ultra-Fast Turn 34
Arturo de Ascanio The Ultra-Fast Turn with Two Knife 38
Arturo de Ascanio The Psychology of the Paddle Move 38
Arturo de Ascanio Two Psychological Procedures reasons for the paddle move
1. The Sharp Knife
2. "Breathing on the Knife"
Arturo de Ascanio Color Changes - The Classic Color Change 41
Arturo de Ascanio Insertion Reverse knife color change 42
Mariano Bringas A Color Change 43
Lewis Ganson A Color Change in the Hands of a Spectator knife color change 44
Unknown One-Handed Color Change knife color change 45
Arturo de Ascanio, Roy Walton Color Changes with Two Knives 48
Arturo de Ascanio A Color Change Using Regular Knives 50
Minar Minar's Visual Color Change 3/4 knife 52
Arturo de Ascanio The Psychology of the Color Change 54
Arturo de Ascanio Handling the Knife as a Cigarette 57
Arturo de Ascanio The Sliding Vanish 57
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg Two Vanishes from Fu Manchu A. Holding the Knife by One End
B. Holding the Knife by Both Ends
Arturo de Ascanio How to Tell the Sides of Knife apart by Feel 61
Arturo de Ascanio Telling Two Knives apart by Feel 62
Arturo de Ascanio The Quick Switch with jacket 63
Lewis Ganson A. Switching two dissimilar Knives 68
Arturo de Ascanio, David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg B. Switching Two Knives with One Matching Side a) Switching a Gimmicked Knife or an Ordinary One
I. The Pick and Drop Switch (Fu Manchu)
II. Sleeving into the Left Sleeve (Fu Manchu)
III. Propelling the Knife inside the Right Sleeve
b) Switching an Ordinary Knife for a Gimmicked One
Arturo de Ascanio Preliminary Note chapter intro 75
Fred Kaps A Routine by Fred Kaps color changing knife routine, with handkerchief 76
Lewis Ganson A Routine by Lewis Ganson color changing knife routine, with handkerchief 82
Arnaldo Curia A Routine by Arnaldo Curiá color changing knife routine, with handkerchief 86
Arturo de Ascanio "Knives and Color-Blindness" miniature knives climax, with alternative handlings 91
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg Two Presentations by Fu Manchu idea for color changing knife 103
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg An Idea for a Shell for knife 104
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg A Pull Vanish for knife 104
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg A Psychological Turn for knife 105
Arturo de Ascanio Holdouts for knives 106
Eddie Joseph A Good Clean-Up transposition of knives 107
Arturo de Ascanio A Subtle Idea for color changing knife 107
Arturo de Ascanio An Opening Effect idea to start color changing knife routine 108
Arturo de Ascanio The Knife in the Garter gag idea for color changing knife routine 108
Arturo de Ascanio A Holder for Miniature Knives 108
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg A Pretty Color Change 110
Arturo de Ascanio A Knife Holder 110
Arturo de Ascanio A Justification chapter intro 115
José Paytubí Olius A Chapter by José Paytubí A. A Psychological Turn
B. The Propeller (A Color Change)
C. A Routine
José Eugenio Martínez Muro A Routine by Martínez Muro aka Joe Burk, knife routine 125
Arturo de Ascanio Farewell 131
Arturo de Ascanio A Big Thank You 132