Written by Karl Fulves

Work of Karl Fulves

47 pages (Paperback), published by Dover Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Karl Fulves Introduction 5
Karl Fulves Hands Off spectator remembers card, cuts off a packet, down-under deal, spreads card face-up, performer names selection 11
Bob Hummer Infallible Also published here 12
Karl Fulves This Is It! with sixteen cards and two deals into four rows 12
Karl Fulves Fingerprints fingerprint presentation for key card location 14
Karl Fulves The Gambler weird stacking procedure, then two hands dealt and performer has four-of-a-kind 15
Karl Fulves Nerve performer touches spectators forehead with both first fingers while he has his eyes closed and divines a selection, over the head situation 16
Karl Fulves Bermuda Triangle three packets made, a card chosen, it is the originally third card from top and can be divined 17
Unknown Antigravity card rises from handkerchief-covered deck 18
Karl Fulves The Magic Spell spelling through Ace through Seven in packet 20
Karl Fulves Love Match two picture cards look away from each other and then towards each other 21
Karl Fulves Twenty-Twenty spectator deal pile into three packets and pockets top cards, they are divined 23
Karl Fulves Mind Over Matter 24
Karl Fulves The Message Deck message in deck on piece of paper, dealing procedure to locate card, tantalizer type but one pile always dealt face-upRelated to 24
Karl Fulves Gambler's Dream five red and black cards, one chosen from each, open stacking procedure, two hands dealt and the selections are exchanged 26
Karl Fulves A Fortune spectator cuts off packet and then counts down to make a selection (10-20 handling), value is looked up on chart and spectator loses 27
Unknown Lucky Seven a Seven turns over and is used to count to selection 28
Unknown Dr. Q 29
Karl Fulves The Joker Thinks Joker apparently divines the top two cards of two cut-off packets 31
Karl Fulves Crazy Colors partial color separation shown after one riffle shuffle 32
Karl Fulves Astral Mind 34
Karl Fulves, Eddie Fields Flyaway card to case, miscallingRelated to 35
Karl Fulves The Secret twelve-card packet, spectator remembers a card and its position and moves cards around, performer is able to restore original order 36
Karl Fulves Surprise Reverse spectator places card in reversed deck with cover card 37
Karl Fulves Magnetic Fingers spectator cannot lift finger off chosen card 38
Unknown Easy Aces no-touch, little bit of dealing involvedAlso published here 39
Unknown Atomic Aces simple assembly by gathering packets and dealing them out again 40
Karl Fulves Levitation card floats behind fingersRelated to 41
Karl Fulves Triple Mystery three cards mated via re-dealing packet 43
Karl Fulves Fast Find double Hofzinser Toss to find four-of-a-kind 44
Karl Fulves Hidden Diamonds Diamonds, Jacks and Queens found with story presentation 46