Written by Adam Fleischer, Stephen Minch

Work of Various

135 pages (Hardcover), published by The New York Magic Symposium
Illustrated with drawings by Tom Gagnon.
Language: English

(73 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Adam Fleischer The Symposium Story ix
Unknown Schedule of Events San Francisco & New York City xvi
Adam Fleischer The State-Of-The-Art In Magic 1984 xxi
Max Maven Compared to What? on Sturgeon's Law xxii
Harry Lorayne My View xxiii
Michael Ammar A Look At Magic, 1984 And Beyond xxiv
Jay Sankey State-Of-The-Art, 1984 xxvi
Jeff McBride In My Own Words: Jeff McBride, Mime Magician xxviii
Adam Fleischer Introduction 9
Brother John Hamman The Lie Detector Case thought-of card to card case 12
Unknown Automatic Placement Variation 12
Brother John Hamman The Phoenix Four four selections vanish, are named and reappear face up via spellingVariations 16
Gene Finnell Free-Cut Principle for spelling routine 17
David Roth Ringing The Change coin makes ringing sound, hidden bell 19
David Roth Revised Chop Cup Routine seated 21
David Roth, Charlie Miller Cup Penetration Variation with chop cup 23
Jeff McBride Cigarette Tear thumb tip, visual 25
Jeff McBride Cigarette Extravaganza production and vanish of two cigarettes using thumb tip, matches, flash paper 31
Derek Dingle The Rainbow Deck 36
Derek Dingle Swing Cut Display for color changing deck 37
Larry Jennings Pinky Pulldown with flesh 37
Edward Marlo Misdirection Palm multiple cards 38
Unknown Bold Dribble Force 39
Derek Dingle Hands Off small rubber hand appears in hands and takes a coin which vanishes 40
Derek Dingle, ? Olson, John V. Hope Bounce Change Sleeving variation on Hope and Olson's "Flick Change" 41
Tom Mullica Egg Bag Finale glass and bottle of beer appearance 42
Tom Mullica One-O-One routine with transposition, transformation, finger-through-coin, jumbo coin 43
Unknown Palm Throw Switch 43
L'Homme Masqué Fist Load 44
Michael Weber Buster pencil visibly breaks in two halves 46
Martin A. Nash Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas three selections are produced skillfully from shuffled deck 47
Martin A. Nash The Triple Clip Steal to near bottom 47
Martin A. Nash Disarming Hide-Out fanning deck while cards are in Gambler's Cop 48
Unknown One-Handed Second Deal 50
Martin A. Nash Gambler's Slap Second 50
Richard Kaufman The Face-Up Incredible Card Tunnel two cards change 52
Jerry K. Hartman Secret Subtraction 53
Richard Kaufman, Piet Forton Pinched Again two-deck variationInspired by 58
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer From Center 59
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move 59
Bob Read Handkerchief Through Glass through handle of mug, also with tie 61
John Ferrentino Topsy Turvy Finely Finished finale for U.F. Grant's "Topsy-Turvy Bottles" 64
Harry Lorayne Poker Challenge controlling single card in certain poker hand, it fills a Royal Flush, redealing principle 67
Jay Sankey RemarkerAble production of three magic markers, sleeve 70
Tom Ogden 1984 Ace, Nine, Eight, Four of Clubs transform to Hearts one by one and back 74
Jerry K. Hartman Secret Subtraction 74
Dai Vernon Through-the-Fist Flourish 76
Unknown Snap-Over Change 77
Tom Ogden, Gerald Kosky Kosky Switch Variation 77
Father Cyprian Cyprian's Snap-Over Change 79
Doug Bennett Triple Whammy joker has torn corner off, finds selection, now joker is intact and selection has corner torn off 81
Tom Gagnon The Scoop-Displacement Coin Vanish coin is scooped up with card and put in left hand, vanishes, empty hands, using Ed Marlo's "Scoop Move" 83
Unknown Goshman Pinch while holding a playing card 86
Tom Gagnon The Scoop-Displacement Coin Change coin is scooped up with playing card and put in left hand where it changes, back clip 88
Steve Dusheck, Thomas Alan Waters Coin-Nection chosen coin is predicted in a box, another chosen coin vanishes and reappears in box, magnets 90
Terry LaGerould Piano Concerto piano card trick variation with 4 queen kicker 93
Philip T. Goldstein Sans Fronds without palmingInspired byAlso published here 96
Philip T. Goldstein Simulated Placement of Card in Pocket left outside pocket, stolen back to deck 96
Philip T. Goldstein Simplified Empty Kosky Switch stealing card from sandwich onto deckInspired by 97
Unknown Pocket Ditch from Deck left side pocket during body turn 99
Ben Harris Alloy Division borrowed coin is broken, both halves become hole coins 100
Ray Kosby Cooking With Oil & Water 4&4, separation and mixing phase 103
Ken Krenzel Post Hoc Miracle thought from half the deck, a bit strange procedure, miscallingInspired by 106
Fabian Han Ping Cup Move 109
Joe Safuto The Trick That Never Was cigarette from new pack is broken in four pieces, matrix effect, restoration, pack resealed, time travel presentation 111
Sol Stone The Laced Coin china coin with hole penetrates shoelace, sleeving 115
Sol Stone Soft Sleeve brief 116
Jerry K. Hartman A Suit With A Future joker transposes with selected value in straight, effect similar to DCDInspired by 118
Tom Mullica The Future Spread tabled card changes visibly as spread is scooped up, see also Eidetic Change 120
Michael J. Gerhardt Hoover Cards card to toy shop vacuum cleaner, folded 121
Fantasio Any Reel - Locking Reel how to make a locking reel out of a non-locking reel 123
Roger Klause Full Value two coins from bill 125
Paul Cummins Counting On It number named, this many cards are rapidly produced, with selectionRelated toVariations 132