Written by Rick Johnsson

Work of Rick Johnsson

108 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Ann Johnsson.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Ellison Poland The Universal Solution i
Stewart James Introduction - Pick Rick Capers v
Rick Johnsson Catharsis vii
Rick Johnsson Dedicated ix
Rick Johnsson The Gestalt Prayer xi
Rick Johnsson The Basic Position sitting position for perfect angles using the Tenkai Palm 3
Rick Johnsson The Tenkai Palm thorough description 5
Rick Johnsson The Kick Technique isolated card is lapped as a vanish 11
Rick Johnsson The Kick Change card on table is covered with both handsRelated to 15
Rick Johnsson As Small As This? card shrinks and vanishes, tabled 16
Rick Johnsson Just for Kicks Chinese coin changes into two quarters then into big nickle which eventually disappears, using the Kick Change 17
Rick Johnsson Delayed Lap Technique card hidden behind forearm 23
Rick Johnsson Keel Haul bringing card behind forearm while shifting the deck on the table, preparation for Delayed Lap Technique 24
Rick Johnsson Block Party after tabled riffle shuffle, preparation for Delayed Lap Technique 25
Rick Johnsson Armchair Travelers Aces travel to pockets and change back color, seated 25
Rick Johnsson The Walking Man's Lap ditching cards into pocket 27
Rick Johnsson Half a Lap card reverse, hiding card behind forearm, seated 28
Rick Johnsson Cardus Interruptus card apparently placed in center of deck ends up in Tenkai palm, tabled 31
Rick Johnsson Impossible Dream 33
Rick Johnsson Fly Now - Pay Later credit card of spectator vanishes, pretending to do the boomerang card, ends up in wallet 33
Rick Johnsson Transportus Interruptus two card transpo, one in pocket and one in center of the deck, signed 35
Rick Johnsson Repro - 74 credit card vanishes from book and appears in wallet / envelope 37
Rick Johnsson Tenkai Vanish from a Book while riffling pages of book and inserting the card 37
Paul Curry Letter to Rick Johnsson 42
Rick Johnsson The IBGTH Switch while turning card over on table, based in The Kick Technique 43
Rick Johnsson Ten-Boy-Curry using the IBGTH Switch 45
Rick Johnsson Sub-Versions card to envelope, envelope on table, using the IBGTH Switch 46
Rick Johnsson Bank Shot three coins penetrate table and fall into a glass, uses The Kick Technique 48
Rick Johnsson Brain Trust impromptu Brainwave, seated, using the IBGTH Switch 51
Rick Johnsson, Ellison Poland Penny --- For His Thoughts more ideas with the IBGTH Switch, with bills, paper clips, billets, dice, coins, sponge balls, combs, business cards 52
Rick Johnsson Lift-Off palming one tabled card into Tenkai palm, as a vanish 59
Rick Johnsson The Byrd Acquitment adjusting card in Tenkai palm, or moving it to gambler's flat palm 59
Dan Tong Lazy Tong's card from bottom of the deck to Tenkai palm 60
Rick Johnsson Curb Service palming card into Tenkai from flat surface 61
Rick Johnsson Japanese Two-Step two cards in Tenkai palm, held with a break 62
Rick Johnsson Feedback replacing card from Tenkai palm on the deck 62
Rick Johnsson Silent Running starts as a DPS, but card ends up in Tenkai palm of right hand 64
Rick Johnsson Can You See Yourself??..... object turns into mirror, pun, using The Kick Change 69
Rick Johnsson, Jerry Mentzer Ersatz prediction of selection in wallet, using The Kick Change 71
Rick Johnsson Universal Card - N.F.A. using The Kick Change three times 73
Rick Johnsson Raisin' Rabbits sponge rabbit vanishes and only leaves some dung in form of raisinsRelated to 75
Rick Johnsson Holy Moses origami turtle changes into real one, using The Kick Change 77
Rick Johnsson You Bet Your Aspirin string in small aspirin box restores 79
Rick Johnsson Sub-Gum close-up sub-trunk, two coins change places, one coin in a matchbox and one outside, held in place with rubber bands, using The Kick Change 81
Rick Johnsson Felonious Assault card sticking out of the deck is switch, IBGTH Switch in the hands 85
Rick Johnsson Instant Re-Right single card reverse, using Felonious Assault 86
Rick Johnsson Practically Single Handed tabled deck with card sticking out, card is switched while being removed and turned-over 87
Rick Johnsson Kayo-Pectate mates, seated 88
Rick Johnsson Rape!! forcing a card with the Felonious Assault 89
Rick Johnsson ..... a la Grecque card is put in Tenkai palm while turning it over on the deck 91
Rick Johnsson Moussaka similar to the Miracle Card Change, on the deck 92
Rick Johnsson Inertial Guidance cards outjogged in deck are switched while spreaded 93
Rick Johnsson Raw Deal several phases, using Inertial Guidance 94
Rick Johnsson Charley's Aunt signed, tabled 97
Rick Johnsson "Safe your Confederate Money, Boys" spectator's credit card is broken and restored, seated 99
Dan Tong, Rick Johnsson The Japanese Aces quartet transformation, seated 103