Written by Ben Harris, Woody Meltcher

Work of Ben Harris

130 pages (Spiralbound), published by Ben Harris Magic Publications
Illustrated with drawings by Sue Mayo.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Steve Dusheck Foreword "I don't really know Ben Harris. We are not close friends." 4
Woody Meltcher Introduction 8
Ben Harris Rundown of Effects summary of each effect 10
Ben Harris Silverdust Production production of single coin in empty hands, drop from classic palm in other hand 12
Ben Harris Four Coin Fantasy four coins produced one by one 17
Ben Harris Production Move coin held between fingertips doubles, brought forward from classic palm 23
Ben Harris Washout Wonder routine for Dusheck's props, coin from washer, coin through hole of washer becomes small coin and vanishesInspired by
  • "Washout" (Steve Dusheck, marketed item)
Ben Harris Twist and Shout Aces turn over one by one and then change into four selections 33
Edward Marlo ATFUS 34
Unknown The Basic Count card drawn into left hand one by one, last card is thick block 36
Unknown Variation on Vernon's Push Through through-the-fist flourish variation 38
Unknown Alignment Move 38
Ben Harris Free-Fall-Aces Aces appear on tableInspired by 45
Piet Forton Pop-Out Production 46
Ben Harris Images two Aces, they change to the two missing suits in various ways, then selection appears 54
Ben Harris Stuck-Up small round stick stuck onto palm penetrates hand to back 67
Ben Harris Round the Ben-d spoon bending, it breaks and is restoredInspired by 73
Ben Harris Housing Loan four cards are put in square card castle formation, a coin appears inside, it vanishes and reappears insideInspired by 82
Ben Harris Twilight Visit coin multiplies with mirror, multiple phasesInspired by 88
Ben Harris Super Shift four coins vanish one by one from hand an appear under tabled cardInspired by 102
Unknown Matrix Load as card is removed from one coin another is loaded 105
Ben Harris Han Ping Chien with Scooped Coins two coins scooped up with a card and tossed back on table 105
Ben Harris, Woody Meltcher Twin Boomerang two cards "rise"/wiggle out of the deck in a hands-on handling 111
Ben Harris, Woody Meltcher Aroma Cards spectator shuffles, makes three piles and follows a selection procedure, card apparently found by smell 117
Unknown Spectator Shuffles with Key Card 119
Ben Harris, Woody Meltcher Magnetic Aces three cards made into triangle card castle configuration, three of four Aces lost in deck, castle collapses and consists of other three AcesRelated to 121
Unknown Bluff Fan Multiple Shift bluff spacing, all go to the bottom 125
Ben Harris Author's Final Word 129
Woody Meltcher Afterword 130