Written by Stephen Minch

Work of Various

168 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by Sandy Kort.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Lisa Menna The Cinderella Card-Stab two selections, one stabbed with shoe, other in shoe 3
Stephen Minch On Lisa Menna short biography 3
Lisa Menna Half Fold secretly folding card in half on pack 5
Rudy Coby, Unknown The Tsunami Card Rise relativity principle, based on a Jack McMillen idea 9
Stephen Minch On Rudy Coby short biography 9
Geoffrey Latta Deadlier Than The Male three very visual sandwich phases, featuring a visual ambitious card riseVariations 15
Stephen Minch On Geoff Latta short biography 15
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Spread Pass for single card 17
Geoffrey Latta Covinous Color Change Variation 18
Ellis Stanyon, Larry Jennings Top-Card Cover Pass 23
David Regal Baby Face flip book of baby photographs as "prediction" 27
Stephen Minch On David Regal short biography 27
Jay Sankey The Face-Up Rub-A-Dub-Dub Vanish 31
Stephen Minch On Jay Sankey 31
Louis Falanga Color (Re)Set faces the same, backs different, cards on table have green backs as climax 35
Stephen Minch On Louis Falanga short biography 35
Brother John Hamman, Daryl Martinez Two-as-Four Count / DM Count 36
Charles T. Jordan Wedge Break 37
Ray Kosby Never The Twain Shall Mix 4&4, spectator and performer mix cards together 41
Stephen Minch On Ray Kosby short biography 41
Ray Kosby The Coffin Change visual change, used to make a card visibly vanish from case and reappear inside 45
Edward Marlo, Matt Schulien False Withdrawal 47
Ray Kosby False Shake-Out 48
William Goodwin A Case of Mistaken Identity selection put in case, four Kings outside, transposition 51
Stephen Minch On Bill Goodwin short biography 51
Cardini Snap Color Change performed on card case 53
Richard Kaufman The Double-Lift Pass card is controlled to near-top via herrmann style pass while top and bottom cards are displayedRelated to 55
Stephen Minch On Richard Kaufman short biography 55
David Solomon Economy Flight slow motion assembly using seven cardsInspired by
  • "7-Card Assembly (3rd Method)" (Ed Marlo & Bert Fenn, Ibidem #23)
Stephen Minch On David Solomon short biography 59
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo K.M. Move 60
Paul Cummins On Call magician cuts pack in four piles with aces on its faces 63
Stephen Minch On Paul Cummins short biography 63
Paul Cummins, Martin A. Nash Honest Aces Shuffle Variation 64
Tommy Wonder Counterfeiter's Spellbound two coins are changed to copper and back 71
Stephen Minch On Tommy Wonder short biography 71
Geoffrey Latta From the Elfin Hoard vanishing an reproducing three coins in clean way, shellVariations 77
Geoffrey Latta One-Handed Turnover Switch 78
Geoffrey Latta Retention Pass brief 79
Geoffrey Latta, David Roth Empty Shuttle Pass 80
Max Malini Malini Subtlety 81
Daryl Martinez Elbow, Knee and Neck three dollars at body parts 85
Stephen Minch On Daryl Martinez 85
Larry Jennings Pop-Up Move brief 86
David Roth Limbo in China chinese coins "float"/hang threaded on chop stick Also published here 89
Stephen Minch On David Roth short biography 89
Peter Samelson Spinning Silver imaginary silver thread is transformed into silver dollar 95
Stephen Minch on Peter Samelson short biography 95
Unknown Back Palm 96
Unknown Front Edge Grip 98
Mike Montgomery Confessions of a Bubble-Gum Addict hand is used as puppet that chews gums and blows bubbles 103
Stephen Minch On Mike Montgomery short biography 103
Jeff McBride Carbon Copy using spectator's credit card carbon copies 109
Stephen Minch On Jeff McBride short biography 109
Finn Jon The New Theory Chop Cup 111
Stephen Minch On Finn Jon short biography 111
Rocco Silano The Sicilian Defense plastic cap from toy pistol is stabbed with knife and explodes (skill demo) 115
Stephen Minch On Rocco Silano short biography 115
Michael Rubinstein Firefly matchbox passed through hand, cover vanishes, later cover penetrates hand 119
Stephen Minch On Michael Rubinstein short biography 119
Jay Sankey Lingering Illusion post card in envelope are punched with holes, post card inside restored 127
Ray Grismer The Janus Prediction three phases, two-sided coin 135
Stephen Minch On Ray Grismer short biography 135
Gary Lee Williams Hitchhiker cutting strip of newspaper, new method 139
Stephen Minch On Gary Lee Williams short biography 139
Jay Sankey Lasting Impression impression in play-doh appears on "prediction play-doh" in can 145
Jonathan Pendragon The Hand that Speaks eight white and 1 black marble, spectators choose one each unseen, a puppet hand finds out who has the black one 149
Stephen Minch On Jonathan Pendragon short biography 149
James Dimmare The Astaire Change white scarf visibly changes to green, cane produced from it 157
Stephen Minch On James Dimmare short biography 157
Rick Anderson Solid-State Salt Pour off-beat lang salt pour method 165
Stephen Minch On Rick Anderson short biography 165