Written by Jason Ladanye

Work of Jason Ladanye

350 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Michael Vincent Foreword 7
Jason Ladanye Introduction 11
Jason Ladanye The Pinky Count explanation 15
Jason Ladanye Standing Out handling without tableInspired by 23
Simon Aronson Under-the-Spread Force Handling 25
Frederick Braue Braue Addition and Switch 30
Ken Krenzel Pressure Hideout Fan 33
Jason Ladanye Game Changer fusion with spectator and performer signed cards, presented as "whose card hits the table first during the deal wins" betInspired byRelated to 37
Unknown Case as Holdeout under cellophane 37
Michael Close MC Spread Double Lift 39
Larry Jennings LJ Move 45
Jason Ladanye Catch Me if You Can three sucker game phases (spectator has to catch falling card, spectator has to cover card faster than performer), ending with spectator's card to wallet 57
Jason Ladanye Nick of Time performer locates four selection one by one, they change into Aces, timed bet presentation, faro 69
Neal Elias, Darwin Ortiz Neal Elias Multiple Shift Handling 70
Unknown Step Glimpse pointing wrist turn cover 70
Unknown Thumb Drag-Out Production 81
Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter Change brief 82
Jason Ladanye Lucky Charms die, coin and odd-backed folded card in box, card chosen and signed, die and coin fail to find it but folded card turns out to be signed selectionInspired by 89
John Scarne Mercury Card Fold into fourth under deck 106
Jason Ladanye The Wire four signed cards under the spectator's palm transpose with a card that's on the face of the deck, duplicateInspired by 113
Unknown Erdnase First Transformation 123
Jason Ladanye Ladanye's Ultimate Triumph handling of Marlo's faro triumph, four selections, no creditsRelated to 131
Jason Ladanye Elaborated Triumph Cutting Display Inspired by 137
Jason Ladanye Liar Liar card chosen, performer claims that deck is put in new deck order so he can see the missing card, but it is not shown the first few times, then it is shown after all, faros 147
Jason Ladanye Royal Exchange spectator's poker hand transposes with performer's, Royal Flush ending, faroInspired by 163
Jason Ladanye Dead Center multiple phase center deal demonstration with an Ace, then a signed named card, has ambitious card feeling to it, matching values produced as finale 169
Edward Marlo Convincing Control 173
Howard Schwarzman Tilt Poke Finesse 177
Wesley James, Tom Ellis Loading Move 183
Unknown Gambler's Cop table edge cover during hold-out 185
Jason Ladanye A Numbers Game (Ladanye's ACAAN) shuffle tracking demonstration, then ACAAN all in the hands of the performer as skill demo 191
Jason Ladanye Hold 'em Hustle two cards shuffled to named player, performer wins with four Aces, pairs of pseudo duplicates, faro 203
Darwin Ortiz Corner Crimp bottom leftRelated to 207
Unknown Corner Crimp Removal 221
Jason Ladanye Cheaters Aces are apparently marked, special glasses presentation, Aces stacked and during deal change back color, then change back, red/blue double backers, faros 223
Jason Ladanye Fast Track shuffle tracking demonstration with selection, other cards of that value show up as climax, farosInspired by 245
Jason Ladanye Aces Anonymous Aces removed and put in envelope in Himber wallet, performer still receives those Aces in poker game, duplicates, farosInspired by 251
Jason Ladanye High-Card Hustle multi-phase cutting the high card, set-up reachable via faros from new deck order, faros 263
Jason Ladanye, Edward Marlo Strip-Out with Block Transfer Handling building four packetsInspired by 277
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo KM Move 281
Jason Ladanye Power Play two effects, from shuffled deck, first sets up second
- card divined by apparently reading tells, many cards removed and selection found from those
- demonstration of different false deals (bottom, second, greek, center), culminating in five four-of-a-kinds
Inspired by
  • "The Ultimate False Deal" (Jack Carpenter, All In, DVD)
  • "Johnny Mnemonic" (Andrew Wimhurst, The Card Artistry of Andrew Wimhurst, video)
Related to
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Glimpse of Top Card 289
Unknown Dribbling with Jog onto table 293
Juan Tamariz, Jason Ladanye Openly Arranging Cards as demonstration what spectator should do with his packet, "it should only take about twenty seconds to rearrange these cards (...) No one will care what you're doing"Related to 295
Unknown Bubble Peek see also p. 323 300
Unknown Three as Ace Display 313
Howard Albright Howard Albright Crimp bridging deck one-handed 315
Jason Ladanye The Art of War spectator and performer each turn over cards, higher card wins, spectator loses throughout whole deck, faros 325
Dr. Jacob Daley, Jason Ladanye Daley's Delight Handling back-to-front handling 333
Jason Ladanye Acknowledgements 349