Written by Eugene Burger

Work of David Solomon

233 pages (Hardcover), published by Pro Print
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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David Solomon Acknowledgements 6
David Solomon Foreword 9
Eugene Burger Introduction 13
David Solomon Steinmeyer's Nine Card Problem with Seven Cards Inspired by
  • "Nine Card Problem" (Jim Steinmeyer, MAGIC, May 1993)
Related to
  • "Remote Control" (Jim Steinmeyer, New Invocation #43, Feb. 1988)
David Solomon A Telephone Mystery telephone version 21
Bob Brown Bob Brown's Addition a follow-up phase, spelling comedy phrasesInspired byAlso published here
  • "Magical Miscellany II" (Bob Brown, 1995)
David Solomon Four The Hard Way Ace, Two, Three turn face up one by one, the Four doesn't turn face up, then change to Four Aces, the Four is found in the deckAlso published here 23
Edward Marlo Deep Face Up Switch 24
David Solomon Bottom Deal Spread Count 25
David Solomon Cutting Ten packets cut off deck by spectators who should aim for ten cards, top cards turn out to be the TensAlso published here 27
Edward Marlo Thumb Across Palm Also published here 28
Edward Marlo Spider Replacement 29
Ken Simmons Cut Force spectator cuts into breakRelated to
  • "Guarded Secrets Revealed" (Ken Simmons, 1988)
David Solomon No Palm Cards Across 30
Edward Marlo The Sail Count from deck to table 31
Edward Marlo Covered False Count 32
Edward Marlo, David Solomon Under-the-Spread Force Handling see also p. 35 32
David Solomon Three Indicators three unknown cards on table and two selections, when selection is added to cards, they're shown to be four-of-a-kind, repeated with second selectionVariationsAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Feb. 1993
David Solomon A, 2, 3, 4 Through Kings Ace through Four penetrate Kings packetInspired by 38
Dai Vernon Wedge Cull Displacement 38
David Solomon Diamond Cut Diamond with two selectionsAlso published here 42
Edward Marlo Flexible Crimping Technique bottom left corner 42
David Solomon, Eugene Burger On David Bendix short interview 45
David Solomon Dunbury Delusion Revisited Also published here 48
Edward Marlo Buffaloed bluff display of top two cards 50
David Solomon Four For Four Squared Ace, Two, Three and Four rise to top of packet after distributed among the cards, repeat in spectator's handsAlso published here 53
David Solomon Wedge Addition 54
David Solomon Cannibals only two cannibal cardsAlso published here 58
David Solomon Jacks In The Box black Jacks put in case, they transpose with red Jacks outside box and a previous selection appears between the now red Jacks in boxInspired by
  • early version in MUM, August 1977
David Solomon Slider Card to facilitate culling next card 65
Edward Marlo Drop Addition from deck to tabled packetAlso published here
  • New Tops, Jan. 1967
John Bannon Discrepancy City Display 66
David Solomon Miscall Collectors 69
David Solomon Poker Pair Aces on top and Deal, repeat with Royal Flush kickerInspired by 73
Edward Marlo Unit Upjog Addition 73
David Solomon, Eugene Burger, Danny Orleans Cigarette Or Pencil Through Signed Card using Solomon/England gaff
- Eugene Burger's Presentation
- David Solomon's Routine
- Danny Orleans' Presentation
David Solomon Business Card Prediction prediction printed on business card, "trick that cannot be explained" type procedure for the forceAlso published here 87
Eugene Burger Solomon's Oil And Water Routines "An Introduction" 90
David Solomon Million Dollar Oil and Water 4&4, three phasesAlso published here 93
David Solomon A Small Color Collision 4&4, one gaffed card 98
David Solomon Technicolor Oil And Water 4&4, gaffed card with divided face 101
Eugene Burger "Is Seeing Believing?" presentation for Oil & Water plot 105
David Solomon Unhappy Student (A, 2, 3, 4 Exchange) with Travelers kicker, three double facersAlso published here 107
David Solomon Double Surprise Rising Card dental dam between cards gaffVariations 116
Gary Plants An Alternate Handling dental dam between cards gaff, faro loadingInspired by 119
David Solomon Full-Face Universal Card Joker changes into three selections one after the other 121
David Solomon Switching Envelope with window cut out 121
David Solomon Odd Backed Aces To The Fourth Power every Ace has a different back, red/blue double backerInspired by 128
David Solomon Open Travelers with Ace through Four, divided cardAlso published here 132
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 132
David Solomon, Steve Draun S/D Location key starts 20th from top, quarter cut off and shuffled, top card remembered, another packet cut off and put on top, this packet examined by performerVariations 137
David Solomon, Eugene Burger On Steve Draun 137
David Solomon Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn using six cards, story presentationAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Dec. 1991
Richard Kaufman Hotel Mystery Credit Information Also published here
  • MAGIC, Dec. 1991
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Spread 142
David Solomon Right-Handed Triumph faced deck, biased pressure fanAlso published here 145
David Solomon Immediate Ace Assembly And Climax Ace Assembly, then Ace of Spades cut in deck and other three Aces put with the piles, Aces all gather in deck 148
David Solomon Deep Block Addition 148
David Solomon Sandwich Trilogy routine of three sandwichesAlso published here 152
Edward Marlo Dribble Clip Steal covered side steal during dribble 152
David Solomon A Simple Toss biddle trick, card found in deck at position of other four cards addedInspired by 156
Edward Marlo Deep Face Up Switch 157
David Solomon Devilish Deuces Wild Sandwich wrong card appears between two Jokers, it vanishes and reappears in deck and correct card is now sandwichedInspired byVariations 159
Edward Marlo Crimp and Faro Control Also published here
  • MUM, 1957, part of "Dunbury Delusion"
David Solomon The Hotel Put-On spoof version of Hotel Trick with four quartets 163
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal brief, small packet 164
David Solomon Double-Cross Departure Also published here 167
Edward Marlo, David Solomon The Trick That Fooled Solomon four Aces put in different parts of the deck, deck spread and Aces are reversed together in center, two methods (Marlo and Solomon) 170
David Solomon On Ed Marlo 170
Edward Marlo, David Solomon Push-In Shift Handling Also published here 175
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Multiple Shift 177
David Solomon Succession Aces ungaffedInspired by
  • "Strolling Cow Aces" (Dr. Sawa's Library of Magic, 1988)
Ernest Earick Little Finger Break Transfer as a packet is turned over, see also p. 191 179
David Solomon The More You Know, The Harder You Fall spectator cuts off pile, remembers bottom card, shuffles pile and puts it in center of rest, two Jokers shuffled in deck and sandwich selectionVariations 185
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Exchange as sandwich is placed on table one by one 186
David Solomon Reverse Assembly With A, 2, 3, 4 Inspired by 190
David Solomon Post-it Prediction prediction on post-it note on red-backed Joker, put in blue-backed card by performer next to the prediction, red/blue double backerInspired byVariationsAlso published here
  • Linking Ring, Sept. 1992
David Solomon One Gaff Makes The Observation Test 198
Edward Marlo Covered Bottom Deal brief 200
David Solomon Breaking Up Ad-Jacent spectator stabs odd-backed card next to two selections one by oneInspired by 203
David Solomon, Eugene Burger On Simon Aronson 204
David Solomon, Edward Marlo Stripped Cheek To Cheek 207
David Solomon Second Power Poker & Lead-In Aces travel to top, odd-backed Aces stacked in deck, transform into Royal Flush (that now has odd backs) and others get good hands (Power Poker originally Talisman 1/11)Also published here 210
David Solomon Card To Case Ace through Eight, chosen value travels to case, duplicateInspired by 214
David Solomon, Eugene Burger A Final Conversation on Ed Marlo and other things 218
David Solomon About David Solomon 232