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202 pages (Hardcover), published by Squash Publishing
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
David Solomon Solomon's Mind ix
Jon Racherbaumer Introduction xi
David Solomon The Finger-Print Trick away from deckInspired by 3
David Solomon Poker with Aces four Aces taken from deck, two turn over and are put away, remaining two change into Royal FlushInspired by 7
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller Addition 7
David Solomon Bottom Deal Spread Count spreading more cards as four 9
David Solomon Ambitious Card Related to 12
Edward Marlo Direct Cop for quick repeat card to pocket 16
David Solomon Blank Thought Revisited with two selections, sandwiched blank card changes into named selectionInspired by 18
David Solomon Scarne's Switchcraft (Revised) with glass, three phases (Buffalo'd, KM Phase, KM Phase) 23
Edward Marlo K.M. Move Illogical Double Lift 25
David Solomon Primitive Shuffle-Bored after shuffling procedure with spectator a named number of cards is reversed 28
David Solomon Folded Discovery 4x4 matrix layout, folding tapestry, all of one color end up reversed except selectionInspired by 31
Don May Slop-Shuffle Cull Separation 32
David Solomon Magnetic Cards ten cards 36
Luis H. Trueba Substitution Move see also p. 41 36
David Solomon Simple Refined Oil and Water 4&4Inspired by 41
Unknown Olram Variation 44
David Solomon Marlo/Gardner/Britland Poker Deal - Phase One: Dealing Four-of-a-Kind from Different Parts of the Deck
- Phase Two: The Double Duke
- Phase Three: The Britland Switch of Hands
Also published here 48
David Solomon Revised Gilbreath Poker Straight Flush finale 52
David Solomon, Jeff Siegfried Jamesway Poker reverse faro mixing, good hands are the result, two phasesAlso published here 55
David Solomon, Tomas Blomberg Gilbreath Ten-Card Poker Deal doing the Ten Card Poker Deal after a riffle shuffle 58
David Solomon Ten-Hand Poker Deal Aces on top, two shufflesInspired by 60
David Solomon Revised Mexican Poker + Richard Vollmer Inspired by 64
David Solomon Colorful Mates spectator selects to cards from red deck, performer inserts them into blue deck next to their mates 68
Unknown Double Faced Christ Force 69
David Solomon Gemini Match two cards chosen by counting to numbers and Gemini Twins procedure, one decided upon, added numbers counted down to find mateInspired by
  • "Four Sided Gemini" (John Bannon, Destination Zero)
David Solomon Matcho From a Shuffled Deck two cards chosen by Christ cutting procedure, predicted 75
John Bannon, David Solomon A Christ Session four Sixes produced, starting with a Christ force 77
Jack Avis Spin-Cut Flourish dragged out by left thumb after swing cutAlso published here
  • Pentagram, Oct. 1953
David Solomon Ramón Riobóo's Inverse Compensation some cards removed, spectator choses three red cards of those and a black card, the red cards are added to count down to mate of black cardInspired by 79
David Solomon Holiday Thought one of five cardsInspired by 82
David Solomon Swivel Cut Elias Shift 83
Alex Elmsley Faro Fan 85
David Solomon, Jordan Cotler Dually Noted two cards predicted on post-it note on back of odd-backed Joker, red/blue double backerInspired by 88
David Solomon Impromptu Invisible Toss biddle trick, card found in deck at position of other four cards addedInspired by 91
David Solomon Free-Cut Thought Kings cut into deck, Kings come together and Aces appear reversed in deck as well, faro
- A Cool Discovery (variations with Queens)
Inspired by
  • "Free Cut Marriages" (Nick Trost, Subtle Card Creations - Volume 4)
David Solomon, David Finkelstein Vacation Decision states written on back of cards, two persons chose a card by counting a packet and remembering card at total's position, they're the sameInspired by 100
David Solomon Down the Magic Square Path game presentation, number of cut-off cards is total of one routine in 4x4 square, other twelve cards shown blankInspired by
  • "The Total Package" (Simon Aronson, Art Decko)
David Solomon Suited Double Deal two spectators cut off a pile, piles dealt into six packets each, all top cards are one suit, prediction is missing card, re-deal force 107
Jon Racherbaumer Tracking the Double-Deal Force Idea credit information 108
David Solomon Numerology & You after some calculation with a starting number, a number is formed, the starting number is the only odd-backed value in the deck and the resulting number is written on its backInspired by 110
David Solomon Perfect Spelling card chosen from a list of playing cards is spelled to, progressive spelling set-up 113
David Solomon What's in a Name? spelling name of spectator is used to locate a card and a predicted card 115
David Solomon, Michael Powers 21 Card Trick with PM Power Also published here
  • "21 Again" (Linking Ring, Feb. 2009)
David Solomon Simplex 21 Card Trick 123
David Solomon Reading the Tea Leaves sixteen-card packet riffle shuffled and dealt into four piles, top cards used to divine selection and find it by adding total 125
David Solomon A Blah-Day Clock clock layout dealt at the start, blank card finaleInspired by
  • "The Fateful Month" (Ramón Riobóo, Thinking the Impossible)
David Solomon Totally Fooling Sans Shuffle four piles cut to, top cards of three piles total to number of fourth pile, selection on bottom of this pile, then the three numbers used to count to three mates of selectionInspired by
  • "Totally Fooling" (Simon Aronson, Art Decko)
David Solomon Reverse Count Lie-Speller Inspired by 135
David Solomon, Gene Castillon Solomon's Math Challenge sixteenth card principle variation
- Solomon's Variation
Inspired by 139
David Solomon Smaltzy Penelope card chosen and lost, number of cut-off cards used to count to selection, faroInspired by 142
Edward Marlo Marlo's Throw-Off Faro 143
David Solomon Ace Sandwich - Circa 2015 selection transposes with sandwiched Ace in deckInspired by 146
David Solomon Party of Two selection lost, four Queens between two Jokers, thought-of Queen divined by eliminating the other three, selection then sandwich, other Queens change to match selectionInspired by
  • "Party of One" (John Bannon, Duplicity DVD)
John Bannon Touch Force as Multiple Out Inspired by 154
David Solomon A Great Effect four cards on table, chosen one changes into signed selection, using five JokersInspired by
  • "The Affable Aces" (Jacob Daley, Genii, August 1941)
Jerry K. Hartman Pop-Out Production Ovette style 158
David Solomon Four-Card Switcheroo & Effect four Jacks transpose with Aces in a glass one by one, duplicateInspired by
  • "Twist in a Glass" (Paul Hallas, Magic from the Overground)
David Solomon Seven-Card Assembly - Circa 2013 Inspired by 166
David Solomon A Sophisticated Conclusion four Sevens and four Threes change to Ace through Ten of heartsInspired by 170
David Solomon Spectator Cuts U Count - Circa 2014 variation of "Spectator Cuts And Counts To The Aces"Inspired by 173
David Solomon Succession Aces 2017 176
Edward Marlo Unit Upjog Addition 176
David Solomon Hof Aces Again involving spelling to the selection 185
David Solomon Vanish, Name & Recover card vanishes and is shown missing from deck, thrown back reversedInspired by 189
David Solomon Jazz A-2-3-4, Updated Inspired by 193
David Solomon Action Bottom Palm 198
David Solomon Thoughts on a Location one of five chosen cards selected, all shuffled back and selection found 200