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73 pages (Paperback), published by Raw-Press
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Chris Rawlins Introduction 9
Chris Rawlins In This Order three chair test with prediction 11
Chris Rawlins Credit Guard borrowed credit card in envelope, second envelope with dummy, spectator finds his card, performer divines last digits 25
Chris Rawlins, Luke Jermay Psychological Position Force one of twoRelated to
  • Poker trick in "3510" (Luke Jermay)
Chris Rawlins Hack newspaper page chosen, torn up, piece selected, content divinedInspired by
  • Al Koran's binary newspaper test
Chris Rawlins Drop Card spectator with eyes closed locates a selection with elimination process, stopping over tabled spread multiple times
- Another Approach (gaffed method)
Also published here
  • "Drop Card" (Mind Experiments, Chris Rawlins, 2010)
Chris Rawlins A Bonus (Pseudo Memory) three phase memory demonstration, first red black, then suits, then naming missing cardAlso published here 63