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216 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by R. Paul Wilson, Chris Powers.
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Steven Hamilton Coins to Glass four coins, different grip on glassRelated toAlso published here 1 1
Unknown Mid-Air Han Ping Chien into glass 1 2
Lewis Ganson All Four at Once four coins apparently poured into hand from glass 1 3
Steven Hamilton Editorial "Pro-File" 1 5
Douglas Cameron (reviewer) Carney Knowledge by John Carney 1 6
Steven Hamilton Professional Close-Up - Part 1 "Making it Happen" 1 7
Steven Hamilton Lightning Aces Aces vanish one by one from hand and reappear face-up in center of deck, shown one-by one, deck of double backersInspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 1 8
Unknown Packet Cut Force 1 8
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Dan Garret - Mixed Routines by Dan Garrett 1 9
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Richard Kaufman - Cards by Richard Kaufman 1 9
Ken Hawes Something Afoot gag with small hand and foot 1 10
Unknown Gag File lines 1 10
Steven Hamilton Ken Hawes in Profile 1 11
Jackie McClements The Move "An ace cutting display", as John McClements, optionally with "Turnover Palm Addition Move" (Roy Walton)Also published here 2 1
Unknown Gag File lines 2 2
Steven Hamilton Editorial on Jackie McClements, Chap's Scrapbook, tip for Gary Kurtz's "Cigar"Related to 2 3
Steven Hamilton Nocturnal Gambler Aces vanish one by one and reappear together reversed in centerInspired byAlso published here 2 4
Steven Hamilton Competition on the Genii competition about the ten best close-up tricksRelated to 2 5
Steven Hamilton Dave Campbell in profile 2 6
Steven Hamilton Professional Close-Up - Part 2 "The First Night" 2 7
Steven Hamilton Lightning Aces (The cleanup) twisting sequenceRelated toAlso published here 2 8
Peter Duffie (reviewer) The Devil's Playthings by Roy Walton 2 9
Steven Hamilton Clearly Vanished signed card in clear plastic envelope which is sandwiched between Aces, card vanishes and is found in walletInspired byVariationsAlso published here 2 10
Roy Walton The Plot Thickens selection appears at sum of three values after dealing piles, faroInspired byVariations 3 1
Steven Hamilton, Scott Nelson Competition Update Scott Nelson's list of top ten close-up tricksRelated to 3 2
Steven Hamilton Editorial on wands by Harold Voit's ZZM, David Williamson, Gary Kurtz, Arthur Day silhouette 3 3
R. Paul Wilson (reviewer) The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings by Larry Jennings (written by Mike Maxwell) 3 4
Steven Hamilton Scotland's First Close-Up Convention convention report, Magic Bob, Mark Leveridge, Patrick Page, Gordon Bruce, Bob Read 3 5
Peter Duffie Centrepoint pseudo explanation/teaching, card in center of packet rises to top after counting the packet, pass and false dealsInspired byVariationsAlso published here 3 8
Peter Duffie Cardtell Inspired byAlso published here 3 9
Steven Hamilton Professional Close-Up - Part 3 "The Effect and Structure" 3 10
Steven Hamilton Gary Kurtz in Profile 3 11
Steven Hamilton A 4 Coin Production Also published here 3 12
Unknown Gag File lines 3 12
Jerry Sadowitz Trick Three three cards cut to and remembered, they end up together after a faro, inspired by Finnell's Free Cut Principle 4 1
Unknown Gag File (Openers) 4 2
Dave Robertson Top Ten Close-up Tricks Related to 4 2
Steven Hamilton Editorial "Robert and his magic world" on tv, BBC 4 3
Neil Smith Oscillation red Aces find selected King, another one found and Aces change into Kings 4 4
Steven Hamilton Professional Close-Up - Part 4 "Lines, Gags and all the rest" 4 5
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) video video by Dai Vernon
review of the thirteen Vernon Revelation tapes
4 6
Steven Hamilton Six Card Repeat Climax last cards produced with backhand production 4 6
R. Paul Wilson Randall Flag calculation with three cards used to count to selectionInspired byAlso published here 4 7
Lawrence Frame (reviewer) The Close Up Magician by Bert Allerton (written by Robert Parrish) 4 9
Douglas Cameron Check It Out mentioning lost tricks in the literatureRelated to 4 10
Douglas Cameron (reviewer) Laughter and Legerdemain by Fred Culpitt 4 10
Paul Brignall Another Card to Wallet (And do we really need one) 4 11
Arthur Day Johnny Paul 1912-1991 4 12
Roy Walton School Daze two cards chosen, sum and difference of those values, number of cards as predictionInspired by
  • Henry Christ's "Sum & Difference"
5 1
Steven Hamilton Editorial Peter Duffie, Arthur Day, Ed Marlo's death 5 2
Jackie McClements (reviewer) The New Modern Coin Magic by J. B. Bobo 5 3
Unknown Gag File lines 5 4
George McBride Blending Bullets Four and Six spot become Ten spot in sandwichInspired by 5 5
Steven Hamilton Professional Close-Up - Part 5 "Q&A Session" 5 6
Peter Duffie The Lucky Ten two piles dealt, top card of one pile is thought-of number, top card of other pile selectionRelated to
  • Henry Christ's "Sum & Difference"
Also published here
5 7
Douglas Cameron Check It Out mentioning lost tricks in the literatureRelated to 5 8
Douglas Cameron (reviewer) Square One by Philip T. Goldstein
5 8
Arthur Day Paper Magic about magic with paper and some ideas 5 9
Jon Tremaine Torn Wallpaper Gag apparently a corner is torn off wallpaper 5 10
Unknown A Paper Fold 5 10
Toshie Takahama Shirt Fold folding a shirt out of a bill 5 11
Gary Kurtz Smoker routine with cigarettes and a lighter, cigarette rises from pack, lighter appears and changes into squirting lighter, finally lit cigarette turns into chewing gumAlso published here 6 1
Steven Hamilton Editorial on Richard Kaufman, exposure and Jerry Sadowitz, Paul Daniels live show, 6 3
George McBride In Case You Visit card travel from sandwich to cased sandwich 6 4
Unknown Gag File lines 6 4
Steven Hamilton Professional Close-Up - Part 6 6 5
Douglas Cameron Check It Out mentioning lost tricks in the literatureRelated to 6 5
Neil Smith Quicksilver coin penetrates into balloon, can be handed out 6 6
Steven Hamilton Richard Kaufman in Profile 6 7
Steven Hamilton Think of a Card spectator looks at fan and thinks of a cardAlso published here 6 9
Steven Hamilton An Open Letter to All Magicians from W. Hoisch-Eating parody complaint about exposure in Open Travelers 6 10
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) The Card Magic of Le Paul by Paul LePaul 6 11
Jerry Sadowitz Addendum to Think of a Card verbal force for Three of Clubs or at least a Three or Club 6 12
Douglas Cameron The State of the Art of Magic on Television 6 12
Andrew Galloway Reflected Thoughts card thought of in fan, its value used to select another card, both found, interlocking chain principleInspired byVariationsAlso published here 7 1
Andrew Galloway Suit Fishing 7 2
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Tom Mullica (Stevens Emporium) by Tom Mullica 7 3
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Revelations Vol. 1 by Dai Vernon 7 3
Bill "Dusty" Miller (reviewer) The Magic of Michael Ammar by Michael Ammar 7 4
Roy Walton Doppelganger spectator counts to any position and remembers next card, card found and position divinedInspired byVariations 7 5
Ian Keable-Elliott Starting Out in Cabaret - How Do I Practice Cabaret Tricks
- How Do I Get My Lines
- How Do I Find Original Presentations For My Tricks
- How Can I Persuade People to Help Me
- How Do I Handle My Helpers
- How Do I Dal With Heckling
- How Do I Learn To Use A Microphone
- How Much PA Equipment Do I Have To Buy
- How Do I Get Work
- Ho do I Learn To Be Funny
- And Finally
7 6
Peter Duffie Deliberation card thought of, another one selected by counting down value of thought-of card, both foundInspired by 7 9
Steven Hamilton A Card Problem deck faced and spread on table, face-up and face-down card pushed out of spread, they are mates, posed as problemVariations 7 9
Douglas Cameron Check It Out 7 10
Hubert T. Brill The Spirit's Right borrowed business card in envelope, writing of selected card appears on it, stamp on card caseAlso published here
  • Genii, Feb. 1939
7 10
Steven Hamilton Professional Routines - Wild Card author unclear 7 11
Steven Hamilton Editorial 7 12
Peter Kane Full Circle full deck version, twenty-six double facersInspired by
  • "Watch the Ace!" (Peter Kane, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Vol. 19 No. 8)
8 1
Bert Allerton The Allerton Turnover wild card move, Hofzinser 8 2
Steven Hamilton Editorial on Douglas Cameron, Glasgow, The Crimp magazine, The New Sorcerer 8 3
Gavin Ross Self Portrait business card appears in deck, name on it spelled to locate selection, selection also predicted on back of business cardVariations 8 4
Peter Duffie Variation "or Savings" two cards found by using the value and spelling the name of the performer's lucky card (Seven of Diamonds)Inspired byAlso published here 8 4
Neil Smith (reviewer) "But Not To Play" by Wilfrid Jonson 8 5
Douglas Cameron Check It Out 8 6
Philip T. Goldstein Some Indifference two cards chosen, sum and difference of those values, number of cards as prediction, Henry Christ's "The Difference and the Sum"Inspired byVariations 8 7
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Vernon Revelations Vol. 2 by Dai Vernon 8 8
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Tommy Wonder Lecture Video by Tommy Wonder 8 9
Douglas Cameron Ring of Fire "Professional Routines"
ring appears on chain, with flash paper
Inspired by 8 10
Gene Lawton Cheaters Solution to "A Card Problem" deck faced and spread on table, face-up and face-down card pushed out of spread, they are mates, mate SBSInspired by 8 12
Unknown Gag File lines 8 12
Roy Walton, Peter Duffie, Steven Hamilton Dai Vernon three short articles 9 1
Peter Duffie Problematic Offshoot one card chosen from face-up half and one from face-down half, they matchInspired by 9 3
W. P. James Paul Brignall's Second Close Up and Comedy Convention convention report 9 4
Steven Hamilton Silk and Sponge "Professional Routines"
silk vanishes, appear in rolled-up bill, changes into sponge ball which splits in two, sponge routine
Also published here 9 5
Steven Hamilton Editorial 9 7
Roger Curzon Miracle Card in Envelope window envelope, clean extractionRelated to 9 8
Bob Ostin The Lucifer Load dice stacking with match box cover, here only final load of many matchesAlso published here 9 10
Lewis Jones Sweeter Cider Inspired byAlso published here 9 11
R. Paul Wilson (reviewer) The Card Clip about Joe Porper's card clip and one by The Mississippi Card Company 9 12
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) A Life Among Secrets by Eddie Fields (written by Stephen Minch) 9 12
Dominic Twose The Ghost Jacks four Aces and Jacks used, one quartet on top of the other, two hands dealt and a quartet shown in each hand, repeat, Three Jacks DealVariations 10 1
Roy Walton A Note from Roy Walton ideaInspired by 10 2
Steven Hamilton Editorial on stealing lines, Gordon BruceRelated to 10 3
Jerry Sadowitz Magic Hands four Kings transpose with four indifferent cards, two pairs of pseudo duplicatesInspired by 10 4
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Vernon Vol. 3 by Dai Vernon
Revelations series
10 5
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) "He Fooled Houdini" by Dai Vernon (written by Keith Burns)
Vernon Chronicles Vol. 4, see also p. 7
10 5
Neil Smith Mental Resistance five ESP cards, one chosen, predicted as sponge ball, another one chosen, ball changes into cube 10 6
Douglas Cameron Check It Out Related to
  • "Ultimate Phone Miracle" (Norman Gilbreath, Linking Ring Vol. 46 No. 6)
10 7
Douglas Cameron (reviewer) A Life Among Secrets by Eddie Fields (written by Stephen Minch) 10 7
Douglas Cameron Wax Steal from Shoe 10 7
David Carré Sympathetic Reverse selection turns over three times, then full suit of selection as well 10 8
Unknown Delayed Braue Reverse 10 8
David Carré Carreverse card in spread apparently rightened again, sleight not named in description 10 9
Steven Hamilton Thoughts and Reflections introduction to anonymously contributed article, see next item 10 11
Unknown ID by "D.T.A."
strengthening effects by enhancing the "mental image" that the spectator has of the initial situation
10 11
Aldo Colombini Crazy Horse two cards chosen from twenty-card packet, two packets eventually formed, one all red with black selection and vice versaInspired by
  • Ron Ferris
Also published here
  • Spaghetti Magic lecture notes
11 1
Steven Hamilton Editorial Bit on Annemann credits in Daley's Notebooks (according to Dai Vernon), publishing too soon 11 3
Kuniyasu Fujiwara The Appearing Deck flat empty case is removed from wallet and folded in case shape, deck is removedAlso published here 11 4
Amrik Sandhu ATFUS and a Stranger mental reverse type effect with color-changing back kicker 11 7
George McBride Must Be Middles fake center dealInspired byVariations 11 8
Davide Costi A Click Pass Also published here 11 9
Davide Costi Coins Through Table Phase using click pass 11 10
Richard James A Problem Solved? deck faced and spread on table, face-up and face-down card pushed out of spread, they are matesInspired by 11 11
Val Le-Val Torn Card Revealed card "thought of" from a few, all torn into quarters and put in paper bag, four pieces removed, they match and make up selected cardRelated to 11 12
David Avadon Avadon vs. the Gambler 12 1
Unknown The Giovanni False Cut top stock, overhand shuffle positionVariations 12 2
David Avadon The Giovanni-Avadon Slip Cut Inspired by 12 2
Steven Hamilton Editors Bit on Bill Miller, The Crimp, next volume 12 5
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Card-Toon by Dan Harlan 12 5
Stephen Tucker The Penultimate Truth Inspired by 12 6
Noel Stanton 1-2-3-4-5 original, credit informationVariationsAlso published here
  • The Gen, 1965
12 7
Peter Duffie Additional Comments Inspired by 12 8
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Vol. 4 by Dai Vernon
Revelations series
12 8
Douglas Cameron Check It Out on Albert Goshman, Dan Garret, Michael Weber, Joe Givan 12 9
Jack Carpenter No Table Aces Aces face up at different positions, all travel to top one by one, then distribute back to original positionsAlso published here 12 10
Unknown Bluff Spacing Fan Distribution 12 10
Jerry K. Hartman Odd End two packets shuffled, two suits spelled out and last card is of that suit, packets themselves are all from another suit in both casesInspired by
  • "Chain Lightning" (Roy Walton, Complete Walton Vol. 1, p. 215)
13 1
Jerry K. Hartman Drop Transfer from right-hand end grip packet onto left hand packet 13 2
Jerry K. Hartman The Covered Cop Transfer two packets exchanged openly, card(s) transferred by copping them temporarily 13 3
Steven Hamilton Editors Bit on Milton Kort, Pallbearers Review reprint, Dave Campbell, Peter Duffie 13 4
Iain Girdwood Con-Sequence cards change suit in second phaseInspired by 13 5
Roy Walton Dominic Twose - Two four Jacks and four other cards used, Jacks on top of the other, two hands dealt and Jacks shown in one hand, Aces in other, Three Jacks DealInspired by 13 7
Peter Duffie (reviewer) Endless Possibilities by Steve Pressley 13 8
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Dai Vernon Vol. 5 by Dai Vernon
Revelations series
13 9
Philip T. Goldstein Jacket a Jack is located, it travels from bottom to top, cut reversed in center, now all Jacks are face up with selection betweenInspired by
  • "Directly Between" (Peter Duffie, Obsession, 1992)
13 10
Peter Duffie Principles and Deceptions "An Easy Look Through The Arithmetical Principles Of Card Magic - Part 1"
- The Gilbreath Principle
- Gilbreath's "Second" Principle
Related toVariations 13 11
Steven Hamilton Special Issue - Dave Campbell 14 1
Dave Campbell Auto-Matic Speller three cards cut into packets and spelled to, banks of cards with the same number of lettersAlso published here 14 2
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Dai Vernon Vol. 6 by Dai Vernon
Revelations series
14 3
Dave Campbell Fred 14 4
Peter Duffie Fred - Credit Information 14 4
Peter Duffie Principles and Deceptions "An Easy Look Through The Arithmetical Principles Of Card Magic - Part 2"
- The Gilbreath Principle (Continued)
- Gilbreath Without the Shuffle
Related to 14 6
Peter Duffie Straight Shuffle Variation twenty-card packet, spectator cuts and removes five cards from top or bottom as he pleases, repeated two more times, all have royal flushesInspired by 14 7
Dave Campbell The Defectors four Jokers "whisper" three selections and transpose with themInspired byAlso published here 14 8
Simon Dixon (reviewer) Kane by Peter Kane 14 9
Dave Campbell Reversomatic card reverses five times, color-changing back kickerInspired byAlso published here 14 10
Dave Campbell Houdini Escapes card to wallet, using card with Houdini figure on itAlso published here 14 11
Mike Rogers Card to Pocket Notebook with repeatInspired by
  • "Simplex Card to Wallet" (Mike Rogers, Genii)
15 1
Mike Rogers Some Brief Opinions list of bullet pointsAlso published here
  • "Opinions" lecture notes
15 2
Steven Hamilton Editor's Bit on Jerry Sadowitz, new publications and books 15 3
R. Paul Wilson Wild With The Ladies four Jokers change one by one into chosen card, then into Queens, ungaffedAlso published here 15 4
Peter Duffie Principles and Deceptions "An Easy Trip Through The Arithmetical Principles Of Card Magic - Part 3"
- The Rusduck Stay Stack Principle
15 6
David Worthington Self Centered three-handed deal, pseudo centersInspired by 15 7
Steven Hamilton Paul Brignall's Third Comedy and Magic Convention convention report 15 8
Jerry Sadowitz (reviewer) The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard (written by Frederick Braue) 15 9
Ernest Earick A Little Bit Patter presentation for restacking the deck when a player leavesAlso published here 15 10
Robert E. Neale Soul Survivor all cards eliminated except the "right" one, epidemic story presentation, using Roy Baker's PATEO Force 16 1
Steven Hamilton Editor's Bit on Piet Forton, The Crimp #17, new books, Ray Grismer 16 3
Bill "Dusty" Miller The Watch sponge routine cover for watch stealInspired by
  • Johnny Paul performance at Blackpool 1991
16 4
Steven Hamilton A Poker Problem spectator deals five hands and turns all face up, takes any five cards for a strong hand, rest dealt out again into four hands, every hand beats the spectator's choice, posed as a problem 16 5
Peter Duffie Principles and Deceptions "An Easy Trip Through The Arithmetical Principles Of Card Magic - Part 4"
- Two Unique Principles of Bob Hummer
- Principle One
- Principle Two (CATO)
16 6
Peter Duffie Card Count-Down card thought-of from twelve-card packet, suit spelled, pairs dealt, value counted down in rest of the deck to find mate 16 6
Peter Duffie Hummer of a Trick Variation some cards mixed face-up/face-down by spectator, performer takes one section under the table briefly, in the end there are the same number of face-up cards in two pilesInspired by 16 6
Graham Richards A Safe Bet five envelopes, one with question mark, after instructions with performer's back turned only the marked one remains and contains the moneyInspired by 16 8
Paul Hallas Pointed combination padlock and number cardsInspired by
  • "Pointers" (Ray Piatt, Magick)
Also published here
  • Mental Mix, 1989
16 10
Walter "Sonny" Day Imagination three-card trick ends with three examinable blank cards 16 11
Philip T. Goldstein Spellastic Aces lost, one thought-of, Jack of Clubs appears reversed in deck and thought-of Ace is spelled from there 17 1
Steven Hamilton Editor's Bit 17 3
Steven Hamilton Gags for Cut & Restored Rope 17 3
Steven Hamilton Clippo Presentation 17 3
Stephen Tucker Limitations cards chosen from two piles, one for suit and one for value, resulting card predicted, sucker elementAlso published here 17 4
Peter Duffie Principles and Deceptions "An Easy Trip Through The Arithmetical Principles Of Card Magic - Part 5"
- The Free Cut Principle
17 5
Peter Duffie Card Prediction face-up cards after CATO mixing added, card at that position in rest of deck predicted 17 5
Peter Duffie Everything under Control color separation climaxInspired by 17 6
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Trick-a-Tape No. 3 (Original Magic Routines) by Patrick Page 17 7
Walt Lees A Spectator Cuts the Aces 17 8
Paul Weir Collision Course Aces in envelopes with hole in themInspired by 17 9
Jack Avis Eight Bites is Enough thought card revealed with eight-card-packet as computerInspired byAlso published here 17 11
Keith Bennett Express Triumph 17 12
Keith Bennett Zarrow Action Reverse half the deck during riffle shuffleRelated to 17 12
Melvin Lehair The Gloving Touch card values and indices on glove, ideas with this prop like using it for the free selection of a card 18 1
Steven Hamilton (reviewer) Alan Shaxon, Routine Magic, Vol. 1 by Alan Shaxon 18 2
Steven Hamilton The Editor's Bit on Dave Campbell's death, old magazines, next issue (which never appeared) 18 3
Jerry K. Hartman Made to Order two four-card packets end up in the same order 18 4
Ray Grismer Focal Point spectator removes odd number of cards and remembers center one, packet replaced, performer can name card 18 6
Unknown Push-Over Glimpse second face-up card glimpsed by pushing top card over with thumb 18 7
Aldo Colombini Las Vegas three cards end up reversed, suit, value and card itselfAlso published here
  • Colombini's "Top Ten" lecture notes
18 8
Unknown Dance With The Devil "Profile Extra" (no creator given)
in the end, all pairs add up to fourteen
Inspired by 18 9
Roy Walton Suitcase four-card groups made after shuffling procedure, they all contain one of each suitInspired by 18 10
Peter Duffie Principles and Deceptions "An Easy Trip Through The Arithmetical Principles Of Card Magic - Part 6"
additions and corrections by Jeff Busby and Max Maven on previous columns, idea of cutting between a red or black pair in Gilbreath tricks
18 11
Roy Walton Some Useful Information calculating which card ends up after down-under deal 18 12