Written by Robert Albo, Marvin Burger, Patrick Page

Work of Various

210 pages (Hardcover), published by Charlsen + Johansen & Others
Illustrated with photographs and drawings.
Language: English

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Robert Albo Foreword xi
Robert Albo, Patrick Page, Marvin Burger Magic Craftsman Past and Present - England
- Germany
- United States of America
Robert Albo, Patrick Page, Marvin Burger Die Box and Chimney Vanishes exploration of various models and methods
- Apparatus: Dies, Die Shell and Die Boxes
- Apparatus: Chimneys
Related to 9
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Phantom Die Cabinet big die vanishes from a box and appears in a hat, including variations by Thayer (Phantom Die Cabinet), Lloyd (Jewel Chest of Ching See), Beckman (Beckman Die Box ) and the Crystal Die Box 22
Oswald Williams Die Flyto handkerchief in a box transposes with big die on a tray, visible transformation of die into handkerchief 26
Unknown Block Transposition two different colored blocks in two boxes change places 28
Floyd G. Thayer Mysterious Die, Flag and Casket die in crystal casket transposes with a flag in a hat 30
Unknown, Floyd G. Thayer Block-Go block penetrates glass, with two tubes 32
Len Sewell Vanishing and Reappearing Block jumbo die vanishes from a box and appears in other box on a rod
- Tip-Over Die Vanish
- Norman Die Vanish
- Block-on-Rod Reappearance
Unknown Block Box different colored blocks appear and disappear in a box, similar to a die box 40
Unknown Die Drawer Box die in drawer box appears or disappears 43
Unknown Appearing Die in Crystal Casket jumbo die 44
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Baffling Blocks (ABC Blocks) three blocks on a stand, center one vanishes and appears in a hat, with a tube
- Alternate Block Vanish
Floyd G. Thayer Passe, Passe Jumbo Dies jumbo die travels from one tube to another, then it disappears and can be found in a hat 49
Unknown Goblin Die large die vanishes from skeleton frame and appears in a hat 50
Unknown Block and Ribbon Release block in a frame penetrates ribbon 52
Unknown Block and Cage Transposition three blocks on a stand, center one transposes with a bird cage, under handkerchief and bird cage in small box 54
Unknown Die to Canary a large die is placed in a crystal casket and transforms into a bird, under handkerchief 56
Eric C. Lewis Eric Lewis' Miraculous Blocks blocks in a box form chosen animals, then they change into a live rabbit 59
Unknown Confusing Blocks blocks in a box form to selected card 62
Unknown Find-the-Lady Cubes three blocks with cards printed on them in a tube with three doors, find the lady 64
Edward Massey Squeeze-Away Block block vanishes in a cabinet which has no front or back 66
Floyd G. Thayer Vanishing Three Blocks three blocks vanish from a tube, well table 68
Unknown Die, Cage and Canary cage vanishes and die changes into a canary 71
Jack Hughes Block Penetration a large die with a hole is threaded with ropes on a stand, penetration 74
Unknown Vanishing Die in Mirror Box large dieRelated to 76
Unknown Block Release block threaded on a rope is released 78
Louis Histed Histead Block Release block threaded on a ribbon is released, block in a container 80
Jack Hughes Rod and Block Release block with a hole penetrates a rod 82
Jack Hughes Visible Penetrating Block (Vampire Block) block in a tube penetrates a rod 84
Oscar Oswald Visible Block Release large die in a tube penetrates a rod 86
Len Belcher Cube of Confucius large die on stand vanishes behind a screen 88
Eddie Taytelbaum Miniature Visible Block Penetration block in a tube penetrates a solid bar 90
Len Belcher Altar of Allah large die on stand / altar vanishes behind a screen 92
Len Belcher House of Chin Lee large die appears in a box which is designed like a house 94
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster, P. T. Selbit Bewildering Blocks (Cube Libre) 96
Unknown Blue Phantom pile of checkers, bottom checker travels to the top and back, with a tube 99
Unknown Architect's Nightmare Blue Phantom with square blocks 102
Unknown Mysterious Blocks blocks in a box penetrate needle 104
Unknown Standard Drawer Box 109
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin Reversible Drawer Box 112
Unknown Double-Load Drawer Box 114
Unknown Dissecting Double-Load Drawer Box 116
Unknown, Carl Owen Ultimate Drawer Box 118
Unknown Removable Drawer Box 120
Unknown Changing Coin Slide small drawer with a hole, coin appears, box 122
Unknown Enchanted Bells bells appear in a drawer with holes, box, similar to the coin slide 124
Unknown Watch-Vanish Drawer Box similar mechanism than the Changing Coin Slide 126
Unknown Double-Coin Drawer Box coins appear in drawer of a small box 128
Unknown Exchange Drawer Box 130
Unknown Egyptian Cabinet cabinet with drawer to switch objects 132
Unknown Production Drawer Cabinet objects appear in drawers 134
Unknown Davenport Cabinet cabinet with a drawer, to vanish an object 136
Unknown Mirror Glasses and Vases different designs 141
Unknown Mirror Casket 143
Unknown, Floyd G. Thayer Mirror Glass Turntable apparatus to turn the glass 144
Unknown Enchanted Hand Mirror card appears in mirror 146
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Rose Mirror (Hofzinser) image of a rose appears in a mirror 148
Unknown Magic Looking-Glass magician shoots at mirror and in the glass shatters the spectator's watch is discoveredRelated to 150
Unknown Flash Handkerchief Vanish mirror glass and sort of pull 153
Unknown Mirror Boxes four different models 154
Unknown Utility Tube mirror tube 156
Unknown Miraculous Glass Cylinder mirror tube on a stand 156
John Martin Martin Bird Cage large bird cage vanishes and reappears 161
Unknown Cage Transposition in a frame under handkerchief, table 164
Unknown Bird Production: Cage I 167
Unknown Bird Production: Cage II two canaries 169
Unknown Bird Production: Cage III 170
Unknown Bird Production: Cage IV 172
Unknown Dove Cage Vanish and Reappearance 174
Unknown Vanishing Cage on Stand in a frame, under handkerchief 176
Theo "Okito" Bamberg Magical Incubator brief, bird in a cage appears in canisterRelated to 179
Unknown Balloon to Rabbit Cage 180
Unknown Vanishing Bird Cage (Non-Rigid) 182
Unknown Vanishing Bird Cage (Rigid) 182
Unknown Giant Vanishing Cage big cage vanishes on a tray, under handkerchief 184
Unknown Phoenix (Target to Cage) a target changes into a bird cage 186
Unknown Appearing Cage (ireland) large bird cage appears, with table 188
Unknown Marvelous Incubator Cage egg changes into bird, in a cage 190
Yen Soo "Kuma" Kim Kuma Tubes bowl vanishes on a stand, with two tubes 195
Unknown Pyramid Production rabbit appearance under pyramid prop 200
Unknown Rabbit Transposition two buckets on a big wooden balance, rabbit travels from bucket to bucket 202
Floyd G. Thayer Expanding Ball ball visibly expands, on a stand 206