Written by Douglas Cameron, Peter Duffie, Walt Lees

Work of Steven Hamilton

174 pages (Hardcover), published by International Magic
Illustrated with drawings by Alexander Allen.
Language: English

(112 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Douglas Cameron Author's Preface about Steven Hamilton i
Peter Duffie Introduction iii
Walt Lees Editor's Foreword vii
Steven Hamilton Nocturnal Gambler Aces vanish one by one and reappear together reversed in centerAlso published here 3
Dai Vernon Strip-out Addition 5
Unknown Buckle single or double 6
Arthur Finley Tent Vanish 6
Unknown Rub-A-Dub-Dub Vanish 6
Unknown Turnover Pass 7
Steven Hamilton Rocky does a Card Trick spring raccoon supposed to find the card, deck suddenly strung together, raccoon finds card, name of card written across other side 8
Steven Hamilton Thinking of a Card spectator looks at fan and thinks of a card, strategiesAlso published here 10
Unknown All Around Square Up Glimpse 11
Unknown Pressure Fan 12
Unknown Riffle Pass 13
Steven Hamilton, Peter Duffie Trans-Collectors three cards travel, collecters typeAlso published here 15
Steven Hamilton Hofzinser... for a Change Aces, first Ace of same suit as selection changes into selection, then other Aces into mates 18
Dai Vernon Buckle Count 19
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio Spread 20
Steven Hamilton Thinking Out Loud card built from two consecutive cards in the deck by taking suit of one and value of the other, that card turns over, then Triumph with four cards reversed at finale, the constructed card and its matesAlso published here 22
Larry Jennings Larreverse 24
Henry Christ Henry Christ Reverse similar to LarreverseAlso published here 25
Steven Hamilton A New Twist Inspired by 27
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Count 29
Unknown Half Pass 30
Dai Vernon Twist Flourish as used in Twisting the Aces 31
Steven Hamilton Entrapment fast sandwich with repeat 32
Steven Hamilton Center Cut Loading 32
Steven Hamilton Top-Change Style Switch similar to Bilis Switch 33
Steven Hamilton A Welcome Return Nine of Hearts selected, Aces trap three Threes, those Threes then a Five and Four of Hearts, and between those appears the selection, diminishing collectorsAlso published here 35
Steven Hamilton Reverse Plunger Addition outjogged cards removed, cards in between secretly kept 37
Steven Hamilton A Welcome Return 2 non-gaffed version, diminishing collectorsInspired by 40
Dai Vernon, Edward Marlo The Tilt (Depth Illusion) 43
Steven Hamilton Knee Jerk spectator names card, optional use of double backer 44
Steven Hamilton Discard Aces starts like progressive Ace assembly, first three packets combined, then last pile becomes all the indifferent card and discard pile consists of four Aces 46
Steven Hamilton Tough Travellers ambidextrous travelers in which spectator has jacket on and removes cards as finaleInspired by 49
Unknown Palmed Card from Inside Pocket Related to 51
Unknown Gambler's Cop 52
Dai Vernon Multiple Shift hindu shuffle 53
Unknown Double Deal Turnover straddle grip 54
Unknown Palming Two or More Cards Erdnase style 54
Morris Loewy Loewy Palm 55
Unknown One-hand Top Palm 55
Steven Hamilton Descrepancy 2 four Kings and three black spot cardsInspired by
  • "Discrepancy Assembly" (George McBride, Assembly Time)
Unknown Stud Bottom Deal over front end 59
Unknown E-Y-E Count to show two as three 60
Steven Hamilton Uprising first Ace rises, then Ace and Two together, then Ace to Three 61
Steven Hamilton End Grip Transfer Handling 62
Steven Hamilton Flash Transpo two cards chosen, one card rises and is placed on table, second card rises and visibly transposes with the other, one is torn up and they transpose again, duplicate 64
Unknown Drag Addition outjogged card pulled out and put face-up on top, top card loaded on its back 65
Unknown Top Change 66
Steven Hamilton Breakdown a Four chosen, an Ace pulled off and a Three remains, repeated until four Aces are producedInspired by
  • "Aces from the Fore" (Stephen Tucker, marketed)
Related to
Lin Searles Auto-Break 68
Steven Hamilton Stressed-out Card in-the hands, deck changes into rainbow deck, red/blue double backerInspired by 70
Steven Hamilton Lightning Aces Aces vanish one by one from hand and reappear face-up in center of deck, shown one-by one, deck of double backersAlso published here 72
Steven Hamilton Twisting Aces Also published here 75
Charles T. Jordan Jordan Count 76
Steven Hamilton In the Hands Wild Card three double facersAlso published here 77
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count 80
Steven Hamilton The Getaway flap gaff, card vanishes from between Jokes with holes and reappears anywhereInspired by 82
Gerald Kosky Kosky Switch Handling 84
Steven Hamilton Clearly Vanished signed card in clear plastic envelope which is sandwiched between Aces, card vanishes and is found in walletAlso published here 87
Steven Hamilton Turn of a Friendly Card Aces change to Royal Flush and backVariations 90
Steven Hamilton What Goes On Aces change to Royal Flush, then backs change colorInspired by 92
Steven Hamilton Mixing with Royalty one packet changes into QueensAlso published here 93
Steven Hamilton Dupli-Temps Switch two packets are apparently exchangedAlso published here 93
Steven Hamilton Altered Images four selections on table, two put between red Aces, they change to black Aces, repeated, red Aces travel from middle of deck to top, selections/Aces change into KingsInspired by 95
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Switch see also p. 16 95
Jerry K. Hartman Displacement Count 96
Unknown Small Packet Strip-Out Addition 96
Steven Hamilton The Envelope Thing prediction taken from envelope, envelope torn, prediction says "look in envelope", envelope is restored and signed selection taken from itAlso published here 98
Steven Hamilton, Vic Allen Blank Jaks card chosen and signed, four double-blank cards, on one appears a 52-on-1 card, the signed selection on another, whole deck blank-faced thenInspired by 102
Steven Hamilton Simply Stapled two Jokers stapled back-to-back, signed card becomes a Joker and selection is stapled to JokerInspired by 105
Francis Carlyle Francis Carlyle Turnover 107
Steven Hamilton Mexican Travellers Also published here 108
Unknown Mexican Turnover 110
Steven Hamilton Countdown to Dunbury with four Ace kickerAlso published here 112
Unknown Backslip 113
Unknown Swing Cut 114
Steven Hamilton Jazzed-up O. Henry jazz Aces, with transposition of Aces and four spot cards as kickerAlso published here 115
Unknown End Grip Top Change with packet 117
Steven Hamilton Going...Going...Gone (Almost) two selections shrinkAlso published here 118
Roy Walton The Paint Brush Change 120
Steven Hamilton Thanks to Collins card torn in quarters, one piece freely chosen, other quarters burnt, card restored in nest of envelopesRelated to 122
Steven Hamilton Headshrinkers King placed on table, four Aces put on top, when removed it is seen that the King shrunk to half its sizeInspired by 125
Steven Hamilton Waterfall Transpo card from between red Queens in middle of deck to black Queens 126
Charlie Miller Cascade Control 126
Unknown Necktie Second Deal 127
Steven Hamilton Double Take blue-backed card pocketed as prediction, card chosen, performer finds Eight of Hearts and pocketed card is also Eight of Hearts, it's not the selection, both cards transform 128
Steven Hamilton Throw Switch Handling without throw 129
Steven Hamilton Vienese Variation 130
Steven Hamilton VIC (Vernon-inspired Countdown) card fairly chosen and replaced, later counted down toInspired by 132
Steven Hamilton Easy Departure card vanishes from amongst Aces, appears in case 134
Unknown Card from Case from underneath 135
Steven Hamilton S-T-A-F-F deck shuffled by spectator, Aces immediately spelled outAlso published here 136
Steven Hamilton Fleeting Images blank card becomes three selections one after the other 139
Steven Hamilton Double Deal two cards chosen, they multiply to a number that matches their number, then one packet becomes the four-of-a-kind to match selection, the other packet the full suitInspired by
  • "Big Deal" (Roy Walton, Abra #1881)
Steven Hamilton Don't Look Back 144
Steven Hamilton Transpo Triumph transposition add-on to Triumph 145
Steven Hamilton Watergate pass covered by top card being turned overRelated to 147
Steven Hamilton Spot On three cards with spots shown, three spectators should interpret the pattern, one always sees "naked women", they change into selections, a pin-up girl is briefly seen 150
Steven Hamilton Silk & Sponge silk vanishes, appear in rolled-up bill, changes into sponge ball which splits in two, sponge routineAlso published here 154
Steven Hamilton Coins to Glass four coins, different grip on glassAlso published here 159
Unknown Mid-Air Han Ping Chien into glass 160
Frank Garcia All Four at Once four coins apparently poured into hand from glass 161
Steven Hamilton 4 Coin Production Also published here 162
Steven Hamilton On 3 Fly tackling the ending 163
Steven Hamilton, Peter Duffie 3 under 1 three coins vanish one by one with card used as magic wand, they reappear under the cardInspired by 166
Edward Marlo Tip Move coin slides from card into hand apparently 166
Steven Hamilton Coin Assembly coins assemble under one card, jumbo coin appears as finale 169
Al Schneider, Derek Dingle Schneider Pick-up 170
Steven Hamilton Boxed In four coins to box one at a time 172
Lyndsey Hamilton Epilogue by daughter 174