Written by Jerry Mentzer

Work of Various

237 pages (Hardcover), published by Magic Methods
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Bartram, Jr..
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jerry Mentzer Introduction 1
Jerry Mentzer Coincidence one of three cards chosen, another card chosen and put reversed in deck, they are mates, two handlings 5
Larry Jennings Third Reverse Also published here 6
Randy Tanner Reset Finale after Reset routine the packets are put on top of each other and cards are suddenly alternated in pairs 8
Paul Swinford Stay Stack Finale one card is mated after faro shuffle, then two cards 12
Richard Bartram, Jr. Torn and Reborn Card torn quarters held in hand, card fan waved of them and card restores, duplicate 16
Richard Bartram, Jr. Torn and Reborn Color Change one-handed fan waved over card in other hand, it changes, bottom deal load under fan 20
David Harkey Chromacon fine incomplete faro shuffle, deck cased, deck taken out and shown all red (or black) except a selection 22
David Harkey Chromacon Plus fine incomplete faro shuffle, deck cased, deck taken out and shown all red and then all black except a selection 24
Bob Farmer Jazz Pieces/Body and Soul two giant card cut into four pieces, two pieces transpose, then oil and water phase with the 4&4, Jazz Aces with the piecesInspired by 25
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Delight Switch "must be executed very slowly" 33
Mike Bornstein Two Card Reverse with two selection 35
Mike Bornstein Bornstein's Shift bottom block transfer, deck on edge 36
Rick Johnsson Small Packet Vanish with injogged push-in color change
A. Odd Colored Back
B. With an Extra Card
C. Split Face Card
Jerry Mentzer, Bill Okal Card Change sandwiched card changes, ladder change 44
Dan Tong Fan Reverse using one-handed fan 47
Jerry Mentzer Fan Reverse Revelation Inspired by 49
George Vaughn Scorpio's Triple triple change 50
Rick Johnsson Larreverse - Ambitious Card Inspired by 54
Unknown Card at Any Position uncredited Slap TrickRelated to 54
Jerry Mentzer Reverse Faro Substitute slop shuffle as reverse faro 55
Bev Bergeron Another Rising Card from cased deck, hole in case 57
Bev Bergeron No Card Case Version card rises from center of deck, block with cut-out 60
Unknown Rubber-Tipped Wand Rising Card 61
Randy Tanner Elimination Prediction deck dealt into four piles, one chosen, some more dealing and choosing until one card remains, predicted 65
Al Thatcher Super-Duper Poker Deal Zens stackVariations 67
Jerry Mentzer A Poker Plot spectator deals poker hands, one from the bottom with the performer's back turned, he identified the bottom-dealt hand, also it's a royal flushInspired by 70
Unknown Basic Hummer four cards, selection is only one reversed after some procedureInspired by
  • "Baby Hummer" (Charles Hudson, Linking Ring)
Persi Diaconis Beyond Hummer four cards, selection is only one reversed after some procedure 74
Jerry Mentzer Gag Hummer four cards, after some under-the-table procedure only chosen card is reversed, does not use CATO 76
Karl Fulves, Jerry Mentzer Out of this World Variation (Even Money Proposition) spectator is given pairs of red and black cards, he guesses all colors correctly, with transposition finale by MentzerInspired by 78
Stephen Tucker The Choice of Six cards chosen from two piles, one for suit and one for value, resulting card predicted, sucker element
- Self Working Version
Also published here 82
Aldo Colombini A Kick Out Of It Christ force, Six-spot cut to, counting down to selection, the five counted cards are a Royal Flush 89
Edward Marlo Cover-Up Card 89
Aldo Colombini Aldo's "Clean" Parade of the Kings one of four court cards thought of, it's odd-backed and other cards blankInspired by
  • Mark Leveridge handling
Aldo Colombini I'm a Joker color-changing back kicker 93
Jerry Mentzer The Joker Blushes four Jokers, one changes to red on both sidesInspired by
  • "Blushing Joker" (Brother John Hamman, marketed)
Jerry Mentzer One Hand Spread three as two 98
Unknown Partial Ascanio Spread four as three 99
Jerry Mentzer Rainbow Prediction mini rainbow cards, one chosen, predicted, either face or back (two-way out) 100
Unknown The Switch Big Deal type, under envelope 104
Philip T. Goldstein Prink four blank cards printed with Jokers one by one 109
Philip T. Goldstein Prink II four blank cards printed with Jokers one by one 110
Philip T. Goldstein The Jorback Count concealing one face and two backs, back count meets Jordan 112
Philip T. Goldstein Chaback Count concealing one face and two backsAlso published here
  • The Linking Ring, April 1992
Dan Block Second Card Palm Aces Aces appear one by one on top of deck 115
Harry Lorayne Second-Card Palm one-handed Palm of second from top cardAlso published here 116
Dan Block Second Card Palm Sandwich two Kings jump from center to top with card sandwiched between them 118
Jerry Mentzer Signed Selection Changes Color back changes visually using following color change
- Alternate Version
Herb Zarrow The "Color Change" Inspired byAlso published here
  • MUM, March 1969
Paul Swinford P.S. Card to Wallet two selections, one in wallet as gag jumbo card prediction, other one found in envelope in wallet 124
Unknown Riffle Force to break 127
Paul Swinford Duo Control Variant two card controlInspired by 128
Ian Baxter That Favorite "Last Trick" 131
Rick Johnsson Five Foot Card Trick out-of-hand selection, shuffling with key card 135
Rick Johnsson Face-up Stop Fan Force 137
William P. Miesel Modern Warfare Inspired by
  • "Foursee and Four Don't" (Peter Duffie, Ulterior Motifs)
Edward Marlo The Spade Multiple Shift Related to 140
Jerry Mentzer Flourish Ace Surprise black Aces change to red Aces, then to QueensInspired by 145
Hank Wocjik Flourish Aces Switch 146
Aldo Colombini Ace-mbly Kings assemble and change to Aces 149
Mike Bornstein Band-It rubber band diagonally around deck vanishes and reappears around selectionVariationsAlso published here
  • Backstage - A Journal for Magicians (Chuck Windley)
Ray Mertz Card on Window Surprise with helperAlso published here
  • Magic Menu
Tony Binarelli Voodoo X on selection appears on duplicate in second deck, also circle on face, involved voodoo doll and movement under handkerchief, glorpy 157
Jerry Mentzer The Breather Crimp some information, chapter "Breather Crimp Mysteries"
- How to Crimp the Card
- Basic Handling (cutting to the crimp)
Al Thatcher Al's Masterpiece spectator shuffles packet, puts some in pocket, remembers bottom cards of rest and puts it back on the deck, located with some dealing, breather crimpAlso published here
  • Precursor #37
Bob King Impossible Location spectator cuts deck into three piles, remembers top card of any pile and loses it, breather crimpAlso published here 170
Bob King Far Out of Sight OOSOOM, breather crimpAlso published here 171
Al Thatcher Breather Crimp Application for last Ace in Cutting the AcesRelated to 174
Jerry Mentzer Challenge Aces Aces cut to from shuffled, sealed deck, breather crimps 176
Unknown Resealing the Deck 176
Gary Plants Quick Transpo breather crimpInspired by 178
Unknown Matchbook Easel 179
Bob King Supreme Control Aces shuffled into deck, back on top, top stock control with a breather crimpAlso published here 180
Jerry Mentzer No Deck Omni Deck handling
- Shuffle one
- Shuffle two
Unknown Tilt 188
Jim Krenz Triumph deck roughed on back 190
Tony Binarelli Gamma Effect deck shown back and front, card named, it's the only card signed by performer on face and with odd back 194
Jerry Mentzer Color Change Deck Routine Triumph with four Aces, deck changes back color 197
Richard Bartram, Jr. Point of Thought spectator thinks of a card and removes this with two others from a deck, performer removes card with arrow from second deck, it points to thought-of card and matches itVariationsAlso published here
  • Mystification
Jerry Mentzer Another Point of Thought same effectInspired by 203
Unknown Bottom Peek bubble type 205
Eddie Fechter Fechter's Changing Aces (Snapover Aces) red Aces on top of tabled deck, when turned over again they are black AcesRelated to
  • Precursor #33
VariationsAlso published here
  • Fechter - The Magic of Eddie Fechter
Eddie Fechter Tabled Double Lift snap-over 209
Mike Gallo Changing Aces black Aces produced, they change into red AcesInspired by 211
Mike Gallo Bubble Glimpse Get-Ready 212
Mike Gallo Snap Push-Off 214
Eddie Fechter Spring Card Revelation card flipped off deck in other hand or on deckAlso published here
  • "Magician Nitely"
Dan Block Changing Aces black Aces found, change into red AcesInspired by 216
Unknown Card Flipping into other hand onto deck 218
John Murray One Hand Bottom Deal tossed out the front
- To Learn the Move
- The Fair Deal
- Freeing the Bottom Card
- The Bottom Deal
- Tips
Related to 223
Dai Vernon, John Murray, Jerry Mentzer One Hand Bottom - Applications 227
Dan Block Palm Cut flourishy cut to cover top palm, action palm 229
Dan Block Palm Cut Revelation 231
Karl Fulves Stop on a Dime spectator stops during face-up deal, then a coin vanishes and appears next to the card, Erdnase bottom deal with a coinInspired by 232
Karl Fulves Side Jogged Aces four packets shuffled by spectator, Ace on bottom of each, featuring bottom deal as transfer to another packetRelated to 233
Karl Fulves Bottom Steal Inspired by 234
S. W. Erdnase Bottom Dealing abbreviated descriptionAlso published here 235